When Revenge isn’t really that sweet

I just finished reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  She is one of my new favorite fiction writers, her books are all page turners (although most of them have to do in one way or another with court cases).  Other books that I read by her were Salem Falls, Vanishing Acts, The Pact, The Tenth Circle.

What I say next might ruin the book for you! So stop reading if you don’t want to find out.

What I am going to say next is just the climax of the novel, although it might ruin a part of it, you could still read the book and its a page turner.
Nineteen Minutes talks about highschools and popularity, and how it could become so hard to fit in as a teen that it leads people off the edge .. basically school shootings.

With everypage that talked about bullying and harrasement of one of the characters I felt the characters pain.  The way she wrote was so increadible that you could just imagine what he is going through.

All of us have been bullyed or known someone who is being bullyed or been the bullier themselves.  So you could relate alot to what the book is talking about.  There is always that one person who gets the most bullying because he or she is such an easy target.    But then I try to think about what the bulliers are thinking when they are harrasing the person, or if they are even thinking.  I mean somethings are funny and could be taken as a joke by everyone involved but there are other things that really are just mean!

For example, this is soemthing I remember for some reason, I mean I don’t consider it bullying because it was funny, bas in one way or another it could be considered bullying.  It was my senior year in high school, I was sitting on one of the benches copying someones Arabic homework and my feet didn’t reach the ground.  One of the guys stole my shoe and they put it on top of the A/C so I wouldn’t be able to reach it.  I got it back at the end, and I must admit it was a funny joke.  But there are other things that I hear about that don’t end up with people laughing.

Another issue that the book talked about is “popularity” there is that one “popular” group in highschool and if you didn’t fit in then well you got picked on.  I noticed we didn’t really have that in our highschool, ya3ni there wasn’t a popularity heirachy like they do in high schools in the US.
I remember when I first met one of my sorority sisters she was a freshman in college and still thought the way a high schooler did about “popularity” and being mean to others.  She was HORRIBLE  I couldn’t beleive it.
We’d be out and she would just randomly say something mean to someone (and we’d have to apologize for her).  I remember one time we were hanging out on the porch of a house and a couple of girls came to hang out with the group we were with.  Then I hear the my friend saying something rude, and the girls replying to her, then all of a sudden I see my friend FLYING towards the other girl, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her head into the door (which was basically glass and wood) she kept on hitting the girl AND LAUGHING while doing it.
I couldn’t do anything because the girl (“my friend”) was larger in size than me, so no matter what I tried to do I would not help.  So the guys had to break up the fight between them.  I later asked her what the hell was she thinking! She’s the one that started it, and shes like yeah but she replied and shes basically nothing compared to me. 
She then went on telling me about how she was part of the “popular crowd” in highschool and she is not taking no crap from anyone.
So i told her to get off her high horse, we’re not in high school any more and this whole “popularity” thing is BS.
She looks at me and is like, “Chirp, there has to be people who are more superior than others, thats how the world is made, there are rich there are poor, there are ppl who are popular there are ppl who are not and if your not then you have to understand that you are a pariah and you will get picked on by those more superior.”
My jaw dropped at what she said, after that incident, and some other incidents that took place, I kind of dropped her as a friend.  I had tried to hammer some sense into her, to make her understand that is NOT how the world works, but I couldn’t and truthfully I could not STAND her anymore.  She was one of the most materialistic (3ad madry 3ala shino half the stuff she believed were lies), she was shallow (and she thought being shallow was amazing), she was just a total fake.  At times we would see her real personality bas she quickly covered it up with her fake persona and I just could not stand it anymore.

Okay so I think I totally went of on a tangent.  Basically what I am trying to say is, do you think that a person who is always bullyed will always hold something against the bulliers? (for example ya3ni  in the book it was the jocks)  Would it make a person more prone to becoming an angry person?
Why do people bully?  Do they have deep issues that they need to deal with or is it just teen stupidity that they grow out of?
When I was really young, my mother had a friend with two daughters, and how I hated those two girls.  They were the roughest girls I had ever met, seriously they did things that were psychotic, trying to drown us in the pool, playing stupid games that got us hurt etc.  I dreaded the day when my mother tells me they are coming over.  I would try to get ouf of  being home, but no can do.  I still don’t like them I dont think I ever will.   I talked to one of the sisters up until a couple of months ago when I finally quit her.
Although not a “bully” any more, she still has some negativity inside her.  We used to be a group of girls that hung out once in a while, but she kept on ruining the friendships between the girls in the group.  Well I noticed that she would call me, diss one girl A LOT and two weeks later she’d be out with the girl she was talking bad about.  She did that between me and two of the girls and finally when she tried with the 3rd one I just comepletly ignored her. 

Anyways, we all remember the Columbine School shootings and the Virginia Tech shootings, what made them tick? What was the straw that broke the camels back that made them do what they did?
Was one of the boys in Columbine really on anti-depressents taht made him do that? 
Did something happen in their childhood?  Did all the mockery build up until one day it just avalanched down?  What could be going through their minds?!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shosh
    Jul 29, 2007 @ 08:43:07

    i hear about bully alot but at hig school i wasnt that popelur nor was i the loser i was some where in between so 7imdillah i didnt get to get to see how harrasement felt like but some of the girls did…and yeah there where some bad reactions of the ones that did get ….. maby becuse they reach a point where enoph is enoph u never know 4 sure until u live there lifes


  2. yourbattlefield
    Jul 29, 2007 @ 11:23:53

    i recommend you read a sister’s keeper by jodi picoult. there are no words to describe it.


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