Friends & Enemies (Kind of a confession)

I have met a lot of people in my (almost) 23 years of life.  Many of them I have forgotten, some have left lasting impressions, a few have taught me important lessons, and a handful I always wished I had never crossed paths with.  Then theres the other handful that I love and wish to never lose.

There are two people I have met who were so evil, that even now when I think of them I get disgusted by their evilness.  They are the most selfish and self centered people I have ever met in my life.  They want everything their way and they don’t care who they ruin while they are trying to get what they want.

The girl does not know the meaning of friends, she still has friends, but they should be warned that in no way should they ever trust her.  I learned my lesson early in life, I’m very stubborn so I never really put up with her crap, then we drifted apart.  Other people learned the hard way, and some didn’t learn at all.  Allah isa3idha in her life, I don’t know where all the evilness came from. 

The guy, where can I start about him.  I think he smoked so many cigarettes that his heart turned black.  When he talks to the majority of people it is in this very mocking “i am better than you” attitude, and I always wanted to slap him when he talked to me that way.  He thinks he’s the best there is, and everyone else is there to serve him.  He has played so many girls, thinking its just a joke, and when I tell him that what hes doing is wrong, that all of this will one day come back to him he replies “shes the one that wanted it to happen”

I try not to hate, because truthfully it does feel like carrying a bag of rocks on your back.  The girl I forgot about a long time ago, because even though she’s cold hearted shes not as bad as this guy.  I have never felt so much hatred for someone in my life, I try to think that maybe one day he will change and become a better person, but I highly doubt it. 

Then come the people who I thank God everyday I have as friends.  You guys know your selves (Mirim (and Co.), Tooomz, F, Y).  I swear I don’t know where I would be without all of you.  Each one of my friends taught me something different, and I keep on learning from them everyday.  Thank you so much for everything, and for putting up with my weirdness and craziness. (and ofcourse anytime you guys want cupcakes/brownies or cookies i’m ready 😉 )

There is one person who I thought I wouldn’t learn much from, but from the minute we became close I started to think things from a different prespective.  I wasn’t “Changing” but they helped me grow, I was opening up to things I have just closed off with out even considering (nothing bad, all good).  I have never met someone as understanding, forgiving, accepting, nice and caring as this person and towards anyone.   I was actually surprised at how much of an impact they had on my life.   I cannot express what I want to in words, I don’t know how to explain everything that I learned and went through.
 T you seriously are my anchor, my security and my stablitiy.  Your friendship means the world to me, thank you for everything, I don’t know what I would do without you. 

I love all of you guys

 And that dear readers is the end of a very corny post, I promise I won’t write one this corny for a while 🙂


Totally random and weird

Okay so I was drinking Turkish coffee at work yesterday, i took a couple of sips from the cup and when I put it down this is what I saw.



This is a close up of it


Lets take it one step at a time

A while ago, I wrote that I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and I still don’t.  After a conversation with my manager I realized I am only looking at the present and not even considering the future (in terms of my career).

I really like my job and what I am doing, completly opposite of how I felt at my previous job.  But still the thought of going to continue my education is still badgering me.  I need to focus and put all my effort into this application process. 

There are three schools I really want to get into
1. Instituto De Empressa

If I get into IE or IESE I will be in heaven, I really would.  Those two are my dream graduate schools.

Now all I have to do is take the GMAT, fill the application out and send it, that is not as easy as it sounds since I am so scared of taking the GMAT, I don’t want to get low scores and get discouraged. 

The worst thing that can happen to a person is discouragement and doubt, and the more I doubt my self the less likely it is for me to get accepted.  I don’t know do you guys believe in “energies” do you think the more negative thoughts I think of will reflect on the outcome of my application?

My direct manager told me to continue my education, to not let it just stand at what I am doing right now, that the more I add to my name the better, so INSHALA YA RAB I get accepted into one of the schools I apply to from those three schools (hopefully IE or IESE).

Love thy neighbor, YEAH whaaaaatever

Okay, I have issues with our neighbors.  My mother and I are renting a floor in house 3ala ma our house is done being built, which means we have the owners of the house living on the floor under us, and other ppl living on top of us.  The ppl living on top of us are nice, I really like them, they are a somewhat young married couple with two adorable (but noisy) kids I think 5 and 6 or something years old.

The owners of the house are a completly different story.  I CANNOT STAND THEM,  they have three girls, and each one is ruder than they other, they’re not young either ya3ni all of them are over their 20’s.  What pisses me off the most is how inconsiderate they are.  Being the owners of the house, they have two enterances to their house, which means they have two places to park their cars, but they always park where the entrance for us is, which means a lot of times I come home from work, and have to park in the street under the sun, or I come back at night and park on the street also, not knowing if some idiot is going to drive by and scratch my car by a mistake.

Oooh and once they really pissed me off, I left my house, and found someone had parked right behind my car, so i rang the doorbell and told the maid to tell whoever parked behind me to please come out and move the car.  So the girl sends out her key (it was a friend of the girls).  I was fuming, but I was in a hurry so i moved the car, instead of putting a fight or doing something stupid.

So the idiot doesn’t know to park on the other side of the street instead of behind the cars of the house? shes too lazy to walk those two steps?!

Everyday I tell my mom lets find somewhere new to live, because its enough I hate this area, I can’t stand the ppl we live next to.

Their parents are okay, eventhough they park where we are supposed to park, they actually say hello when they see me, unlike their daughters who turn their back if they could and pretend they didn’t hear me close my car door.  Bas 6ab3an being the better person, before I enter our gate I always say “il salam 3alaikom” to their backs.

Can’t wait til the day we move into our own house inshala!

August … just finish damnit!

I know I haven’t posted in a while.  I had nothing to write about.  This month is NOT ending!!! I feel as if august has been going on forever and its sucking the life out of me.  4 more days left of it and it feels like a life time.

I hope they give us thursday off, it would make this month probably pass faster. 

I’m at work, attempting to work, and waiting for my food because my brain stopped functioning.

Feelings, emotions and all that mumbo-jumbo

What is wrong with me?!  No seriously what in the world is wrong with me.  For the past couple of years I have learned to control my emotions, especially when it comes to real issues.  Well not ALL my emotions, just my sadness emotion.

I’d cry over stupid stuff like movies or books, but when it comes down to the real deal, stuff that slap you in the face, its really hard for me to show any emotions, or show that I am hurt/sad/etc.  I turn stoic, my face will just be straight my eyes might become a little narrow and the only way you could tell that I am REALLY hurt or angry is by the way I am breathing.  I can’t really explain it, but you could tell.

Two or three days ago I was annoying Tooomz, telling her she has no feelings and she should start looking deep inside her to find what she has kept inside.  That she should learn to embrace all these feelings and be able to express them freely.  I was semi kidding.  I was kind of being sarcastic, trying to be one of those “hippie” ppl giving her advice.  She just laughed at what I was saying ;p

The same day, my friend called me, and i’ve been missing them a lot, and as soon as they said “Aloo” the waterworks started. I WAS CRYING! What the heck! I seriously couldn’t stop! In between all the sniffling, snorting and blowing my nose I told them I was fine, nothing was wrong, I just really missed them.

Whatever, it was a one time thing right?!


Right after that phone call another friend called me and heard my voice and figured out I was crying, and he went and txted another friend and told her he was worried about me!! Whatever, anyways that other friend comes over and was asking me why I was crying ..

Me: “I was, I was crying ……” and i stared to cry again

Seriously! my friend was like Chiiirp!! Since when are you this emotional?! I never thought you were like this! Stop crying would yoU!

Anyways I stopped crying.  I have no idea why the HECK i was crying, I think the heat got to me.  Tharab fusat mokhyyyyy!

I have NOOOO problem showing my excited/lovey/happy emotion, bas crying, because I miss ppl! WAT THE HECK!


Also I am sitting here at work, trying to actually do work, but its so early, my coffee got cold bas i’m still drinking it.

I am remembering Mirim this weekend, HAHAHA, when me and her sister were singing kareoke, I turn around to look at her and I see her hands over her ears, I can’t get that image out of my head.

Also NFL pre-season started…can’t wait til college football.  Need to find out where they will air the Minnesota games.  I hope our team is better this year than last.  Too bad theres a red mark on it from the recent scandal.

What the heck!

So this long weekend is over 😥 Its back to work again.

It was a pretty relaxing weeking, nothing much done.  Went to the shalaih, lazed around by the pool cuz the ba7ar SUCKED, and watch TV the rest of the time.  Kind of caught up on needed sleep, but not REALLY.

Anyways, Saturday atfernoon, the girls and I were chilling by the pool, listening to music and talking.  All of a sudden I see the faces of the two girls infront of me change, the look on their face was one of utter shock.  I turn around and look, and there were three guys walking around like its their beach house.

The girl that owned the shalaih, or the oldest of the sisters got up after the initial shock of seeing them and asked them what the hell they were doing! They were like no no we just want to pass by! WHAT THE HECK!?  How the hell did they get in there, its not like you could see the beach house from the street or anything.  In order to get there you have to go up a 9a3da, a thing that looks like a little hill.

My friend was shaking from anger, i was in complete shock.  Two of the guys jumped across the wall and just ran down the sand hill.  The other one, the only one that was replying back, strutted down the stairs pretending like nothing was going on.

They guys looked about 18 maybe, from the quick look I got, but I’m not sure.  But how did they have the guts to walk onto the shalaih grounds.  Its not like it looked deserted, there was 4 cars parked outside!! Fa they couldn’t have thought there was no one there.  What would have happened to them if they saw a family?  A met7ajba lady with her husband?

We have no idea what the hell happened.  It was the weirdest thing that happened in a while, gave us some drama ;p


 OI! How could i forget! my friend came back from the states a couple of days ago (nawaaraat il q8 ;p) and she got me 2 books I asked for.  An R.Ray cook book and this book called “Crazy about cupcakes”.  The Crazy about cupcakes book is AMAZING! There are so many recipes and ideas and all that.  I made rich juicy chocolate cupckaes with chocolate frosting and i made chocolate chip cupcakes with marshmallow frosting.  Next week i’ll try something else! Wanasaaa

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