The Questionable Ministry of Higher Education

Okay so the rating system the Ministry of Higher Education uses for American colleges is really annoying me.  If you all don’t know, they use the US News ratings in order for them to deciede which colleges are “good” and which are not.  They use that especially for the merit scholarship.

A while ago I was reading about college rankings in the US and I found this article on CNN that talks about the US News rankings system.  They Colleges send in their own rankings or something like that, ya3ni 7ada its biased and it has no basis for a COUNTRY to set up their scholarships on it.  {LINK}

Anyways,  I went on a Merit Scholarship, and for a while I was the “student representative” for NUKS in my state, only because it was only Me, my brother and one other kuwaiti girl in the state.  My brother came to community college and when it was time for him to transfer into my university, the ministry of higher education rejected giving him a scholarship because they took off our university from the list! What really annoyed me is that they don’t inform the students that it had been removed, ya3ni since I was the rep, a short email should have been sent telling me an FYI if you know what I mean.

Anyways, after much arguing, their views were not changed.  Then during Ramadan, when I was in Kuwait I saw some body that worked in the cultural department of the embassy in DC and I asked her why they removed our university since it has a very good reputation and in the three years I have been there they eliminated things that had brought them down before making it an even stronger college.

She tells me that they removed it because in this years US News rankings my university had gone down a lot.  Then I told her thats not true, because in other rankings it is higher that half the universities on your list, and it is actually tied with one or two of other universities.  She answered me the same “US News rankings is what we look at”

So I asked her, how they could base it on US news rankings, not on what Kuwait needs?  Ya3ni some universities are more hands on while others have huge lectures.  Why don’t you set up a committee of people who know and understand american colleges and base it on that? The needs of kuwait might not be the same as the needs of others you know? 

So then I added some more of my complaints.  When I went to the states, I had done my freshman year in the UAE, but only 9 credits transfered, so basically I was still a freshman.  When I did my graduation plan, I was not going to graduate until Fall of 2006, and that was my plan, my advisor did not tell me anything when I sent her the study plan in fall of 2003.

I was really surprised when my advisor called me in the middle of Spring 2006 and told me “Chirp, you know you have to graduate at the end of this semester or summer, if you don’t we will be unable to renew your scholarship because you are on merit”
?!?!?! WHAAT?
Me: “But I have only spent three years in the US, and as you know only I only started with 9 credits when I came here! I thought I had the right for 4 years of college!”

Advisor: No you have to graduate in 4 years, whether you were on our payroll for all of those four years or not

Me: Then why didn’t you tell me earlier! How am I supposed to know this?!

Advisor: its on the website and in the booklet we sent you

Me:  well I read both and if it was there then it must be hidden really well! well I think I will be able to graduate in summer if they offer the class I need.

Thankfully they offered the class I needed and I was able to graduate during the summer.  My only problem was that they ruined my plans! I did not have time to apply for grad. school since all the deadlines have passed.  So I applied for schools in the UK.  I got accepted to a couple, and I faxed my mother my acceptances.

My mom then goes to the Ministry and starts doing my paperwork.  They drove my mother insane, no one knows what was going on, one lady tells her okay the other lady tells her to come back later.  After a couple of months I got a txt msg from my mother telling me “Everything Okay, your file has been signed”.

That got me to relax, and not to worry.  I finished off my summer semster, went to visit a friend in california, then came back to Kuwait.  One of my first stops here was M.of H.E, I went to ask ab out my file and scholarship, and of course they sent me running after 3 different ladies.  Then one of them tells me “Sorry but it has been rejected, you can’t transfer countries.  If you did your undergrad in the US you have to continue your masters there, etc”

WHAT KIND OF STUPID DUMB RULE IS THAT! ya3ni out of all the places in Kuwait the only place they follow the rules is in the MOHE? and mo ay rules, the dumbest most rigid rules ever created! SERIOUSLY!

So we try to get a hold of the lady who told us okay, but to no avail, the deadline to pay came and went, and school started and I was still in Kuwait.

Back to meeting with the lady from the embassy, I asked her about my issue, and she replied
“Well we signed an OK on your file to allow you to be able to continue in the UK”

I was so surprised, annoyed, and ofcourse angry.  I swear til now whenever I think of that minute I boil over with anger!  That just showed me how NO ONE knows what they are doing in that place!  I could not explode infront of her, my mom would have flipped out.  I controlled all my emotions as much as possible, which really took a lot of effort.  When I try to suppress any emotion I cry, no matter what emotion it is.  I could feel my eyes water and my contacts getting watery.  I got up and went to my room, paced around, mumbled to my self, felt the hot tears streaking down my face. I took a couple of deep deep deep  breaths.  Washed my face with cold water, and went back out to the living room.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Spikey
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 09:00:45

    well …first thing…you did your best and thats that

    secondly..we all know how bad the misitry is…when i studied in the UK…i had alot of problems with them…after graduating…it took 3 months to get the certificate that i graduated for work..

    it was agony..

    bas aham did your thing…


  2. Chirp
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 09:34:25

    Spikey – ee wala dealing with the ministry is agony. kil shay 6raara minhum! ;p


  3. Purgatory72
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 11:16:12

    am so happy I donot have to go through school again.


  4. Chirp
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 11:42:01

    Purg – I thought the same thing yesterday when my friend was studying for finals


  5. Tooomz
    Aug 12, 2007 @ 06:28:42

    The questionable Ministry was the cause of me starting college a semester late. They did the same to my brother. I’m glad I’m done with them 😛


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