Story of a Broken Heart (Part 2)

Read Part 1 HERE 


No matter how much Sara tried, she couldn’t stop thinking about Bader and his new fiance.  She pretended she didn’t care but deep down inside she felt like someone was ripping her heart to pieces.

She called her friend Nada, her only close connection to Baders fiance to see what the story was.

Sara: Hey babe shloonich? 3indy lich khabar!
Nada: Halaw ana zaina entay?  Shino il khabar?! inshala khair?
Sara: Bader kha6ab FLANA!
Nada: 7ilfay! how are you feeling? are you okay? do you remember her? yat ma3a omha 3azeemat omich il 9aif ili 6af!
Sara: DUUUUDE kint a3arifha ayam high school! her cousins kanaw my friends!
Nada: Haw ma kent adrrrryyyy! waaaih yala allah kareeeem 7abeeebti what can we do.  Bas i’ll keep you updated with the news.

As Sara’s life became more busy, she stopped thinking about Bader and what he did to her, it all seemed like a whole different lifetime.  She was having fun, going out with her friends and getting the hang of work.

To change the weekly boring routine she decided to have some girls over to chill, watch a movie and pig out.  Even though Sara tried hard to keep away from the subject of boys, marriage and the such, in a girls gathering that HAD to be brought up, and ofcourse it had to do with Bader.

3alya : You guys, I have been keeping this quiet til we all met, and you know how hard it is for me, and Swair I talked to you so many times and I didn’t break down and tell you, you guys aren’t you proud of me

All of us: yeah sure, what do you to say?

3alya: Okay, this might make you happy, or give you closure, or probably ma ra7 ihizich il khabar, bas yala sim3aw.  Badoor hal athwal gal 7ag kha6eeebta ina kan i7ib wa7da gabilha, oo wayed kan i3izha oo lay al7een ma nisaha, bas tawa bida yit3alag ib kha6eebta oo ga3id yinsa the other girl.  Awalan, SHAKO yakh6ib hal bint itha still i7ibich, oo thaniyan SHAKO IGOOLAHA.

Sara: Ehya il ghabiya ili galat 7ag rabi3ha! I’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone!  What ever he’s an idiot, ma yadri shino yabee, bas allah iwafga inshala.  Khalas I don’t care i’m moving on and moving up baby!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tooomz
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 05:12:51

    Best thing for Sara..move on and up.


  2. Chirp
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 05:13:38

    Toooomz – Wait ako continuation … its a trilogy .. like Lord of the Rings.


  3. chikapappi
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 06:09:32

    🙂 yup SARA has to move on, since he did the same too LA o with another girl… what ! is he playinga round! I don’t think the finacee was happy when she was telling her friends though…. akeed id she meets this SARA, she’d probably kill her…


  4. Prophet
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 08:23:24

    Nobody had died in an explosion, there is no sex, and there are automatic machinegun fights. Where is the action? I expect the next part to have some blood somewhere okay? Come on Chirp I have high expectations for your writing, don’t disappoint me! Loool

    The beautiful thing that I’ve discovered about this world (which sara should realize) s that there are literally billions of people out there. If your friends suck and your boyfriend is a retard it really not that hard to find a replacement. And you never deserve to be in emotional pain unless you are a retard like them. My policy to people who annoy or hurt me is I’m not even going to bother to find out what the hell is wrong with them and try and fix it I just yell “NEXT!” and find and test the next batch.

    Its called Quality Control: Reject the defective products and keep the good ones. I’s be putting my edumakashun to good use!


  5. Chirp
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 08:40:16

    Prophet – Quality control is almost what I do at work, except what I do is kind of different ;p theres the word quality in it somewhere ;p

    its easier said than done, forgetting or saying NEXT. I just did with a friend though … I think u know who ;p

    I dont like blood. Its disgustting

    Chika – hehehe yeah moving on is the best 😉 but moving up is even better ;p


  6. N.
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 09:18:33

    That’s all!? Where is the rest! Something isn’t right here. She’s pregnant isn’t she! *dum dum duuum*


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