Dala3 zayed

What really pisses me off is how people are so in love with 7aleema and her kind, by her kind I mean her blind followers.   It also really iritates me how people say she is “so smart” for making it and marketing herself.
Okay I must admit she made a name for herself, bas not because she’s smart, but because she chose to use her sexual appeal to make it to where she is.  Tidli3ha oo temey3a and the way she speaks does not portray her smartness or education. 

Yeah yeah yeah say I’m jealous, say I’m hating because she made it, but I’m NOT jealous.  I am not using my sexuality to get my viewers.  I’m not going around pretending to be an airhead.  We all know that if a girl wants to get her way, or to get out of anything all she has to do is pout her lips and start streching her words, 7aleema style. Its a known fact.  Its cute to an extent but then it just gets out of hand.

When your at work and in a professional environment you can’t act like that.  Well you CAN if you really want to, but it won’t give you the respect that you want or should want.
I’m not saying I don’t want to be seen as pretty but I don’t want to be just a sexual object in peoples eyes, I am more than that and so are many other women out there.

While there are women in Kuwait working hard to make names for themselves in different important fields,  instead of boasting their beauty they boast their brains.  There are others who are trying to bring stupid back. 


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  1. N.
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 06:53:20

    With your last paragraph, I see a balance! Like you said, there are those who strive to make a name for themselves, and there are those who strive to become sexual objects. To each his own. She’s pretty and enjoyable to look at, to a degree. I think she’s okay when she presents shows, I don’t think she’s smart, but she’s all cheery and stuff, which is better than having someone totally serious as a host. I don’t think fawazeer are good, cause she can’t act, and she can’t sing. Pardon the long comment :p


  2. chikapappi
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 07:16:20

    7aleema is not smart , she just got lucky & people who use her know what they are doing …she’s an avarage jane doe – sorry was – till some weirdo decided to “adopt” her & make a “star” out of her & you are right, whenever we girls say those stuff about her they say we are jealous…. dimwits!

    ma6ara 6airon artafa3 ella kama 6ar waqa3 🙂


  3. Tooomz
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 07:21:54

    You know you want to be her.



  4. purgatory
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 09:55:50

    Yeah you know you want to be her.

    Just do it like Michael Nike says.


  5. Chirp
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 10:02:50

    N. – Yeah bas ako cheery 3an cheery ghair, madry to every one their own. But take Rachael Ray for example, shes cheery and “down to earth” bas 7ada not like 7aleema. And she shouldn’t copy Cherihan! ;p

    Chika – Yeah your right … 😉

    Tooomz- you STILL don’t know me! Gosh, I wanna be Lindsey Lohan!

    Purg – whos Michael Nike? and no I do not!


  6. K.TheKuwaiti
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 10:27:20

    I want a Mitsubishi Outlander – Haleema edition:



  7. Chirp
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 10:31:24

    K- for christmaS?


  8. Prophet
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 11:21:20

    You know what 7alima is? She’s the Kuwaiti Paris Hilton.

    Paris Hilton marketed herself and made it big too.

    Paris Hilton and 7aleema are one and the same. They both whore themselves out. Except in this case Paris Hilton is actually a whore, but that’s who she is. 7aleema is pretend whoring.

    I know people who know 7aleema and she doesn’t even talk like that in real life. Its all fake. Pretending to be a retard is way worse than just being one.


  9. Prophet
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 11:22:07

    K: Looooooool at the New Love ad. I would specifically not buy that car knowing 7alima likes it.


  10. This Lady Says
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 12:12:03

    Seriously, 7aleema is overdoing it this year. If you really think about it, she is sexually exploiting herself to get more viewers and higher ratings. And its no secret that its working!
    I mean costumes, and different characters? Plastered makeup and seductive/annoying babble.
    Talk about role-play! This show is adult (read: 18+) without the nudity!


  11. Vagabond
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 13:50:31

    Any publicity is good publicity.


  12. purgatory
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 14:50:06

    Michael Nike, the guy who used to be on TV driving that car that talks then later made a company for himself and sells shoes, its very popular.


  13. Jacqui
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 16:23:33

    Wait if Haleema is Paris Hilton does this mean we have to be on the lookout for her debut-ing sex tape? 😛


  14. purgatory
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 19:45:23



  15. eshda3wa
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 23:14:46

    <— BARF

    i wrote about that a few days ago

    etfashil oo etyeeb elma7e welyahad


  16. Chirp
    Sep 20, 2007 @ 06:34:08

    Prophet – LOL I laughed so hard when you yelled out “Outlander” yesterday

    This Lady – thats exactly what I was thinking.

    Vagabond – Not all publicity is good publicity 😉 Thats just a myth.

    Purg – Oh okay u just made me feel really stupid :p

    Jacqui – LOOOL would you even watch it?

    Eshda3wa – Yeah her annoying voicea nd ur post was my inspiration for this entry ;p


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