Pack Rat

I’m a pack rat.  I have always known I was a pack rat, I like saving everything, even ticket stubs to concerts (but I had to throw a lot of those stuff out).  I have never really found it to be much of a problem, because I always had space to store most of the things I packed.  Now I realized I am running out of space!! 

I have been trying to clean out my closet for months now.  Everyday I tell my self “Okay Chirp, today you will clean out your closet and give away clothes you don’t need.” 
Then I open my closet and see the amount of clothes in there and I get discouraged. 

The thing is, I always say I need this “just in case” but that “just in case” day never comes.  But then again it probably will when I throw it out 😛  I also have attachment issues to some of my cloths, even though I KNOW i won’t wear it again, I just cant help keeping it.

There was a show that was on TLC in the states, where they would go into a persons house and take out all the things they don’t need and throw them out (even though the house owners are resisting) and it makes the place neater.  Yeah I need that.  I need someone to tell me ” YOU DONT NEED THAT. NO YOU REALLY DONT. STOP IT. LET GO!” and then out the window it goes.

I need it to be someone strong, that won’t say “okay okay fineeee, you can keep it, stop giving me that cute look”



Thank God

Yesterday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, I looked at my phone and saw that it was 4:30something.  The first thought in my head was “Why the heck am I up at this hour!!!!”  The second though was something that was bothering me, something that I did not find on my phone.  Just as I was about to close my eyes again Fajer prayer started, there was my answer for my two questions.  This all happened within a minute, it freaked me out (for a lack of a better word).  I got up and prayed, then da3ayt for a couple of things, and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t.

I waited and waited and WAAAITED for something to happen yesterday but NOTHING, the whole time at work I was thinking about it.  After I finished the task I had, I prayed the thuhur prayer (and at the same time I prayed to God to show me a sign!)  I went back to my desk, checked my phone and it was there!!

This isn’t the first time this had happened to me, but I had not willed and wished for something so much in a while, I am not sure if it was the sign that I was looking for but it was something.   Il7imdila ya raby 3ala kilshay.


  • Why are we always in a hurry to get somewhere? 
    -Driving to/from the shalaih I always see people speeding so fast that when they pass me my car shakes from the wind (I have an SUV!).
    -Why don’t they learn from others mistakes?  If you want to die, kaifkum, but don’t hurt others while your at it!
    – I get SOO frustrated when someone is rear ending me wanting to pass me and right infront of us is a red light.  Ya3ni where are you going?!
  • Why don’t people respect cleanliness? 
    -Isn’t it “al-nathafa min al-eeman??” aren’t we a “Muslim” country that abides by muslim laws?  I HATE it when I see people throwing their trash into the streets.  I want to see what their homes look like if they didn’t hire a maid.
    -Kuwait is HOT, man created deoderant.  USE IT.
  • Why do some men lack respect for women?  Or are just plain disgusting?
    -I know a lot of people complain about the lack of respect that men show women in Kuwait, but there are some good guys out there.  BUT there are the few that make me want to slap them, and teach them respect that their mama never taught them. 
    I was out shopping with a friend in Fanar and there were these three men sitting at that “cafe” right near the enterance.  We walked passed them once and I could feel their eyes looking us up and down, I didn’t hear what they said though buy my friend did and I heard her mutter “araf!”
    -Why don’t men help women?  Once I was at the sultan center in salwa, and I was carrying a basket, when I lost my balance and dropped the basket because it was kind of heavy.  There were three men in the same aisle as me, they looked at me, looked at the basket and turned back around. 
    -At my old job, we shared the building with a different company.  Sometimes I would be going up the stairs to the main doors and a man would be walking infront of me, I see him rushing to go in before me and not even have the decency to hold the door open for me, he actually shuts it!
  • Why don’t people care that much about the environment?
    -We waste so SO much paper/plastic and metal that could easily be recycled instead of being buried in the non existing land we have! I wish there would be a huge awareness campaign for recycling AND easier ways to get everything recycled!
    -This summer when we filmed the movie for my friends project we went to the beach area that was outside of one of the beach front restaurants, I think it was Johnny Carinos, and the beach there was disgusting.   Between every grain of sand was a piece of litter!
  • Why are some women REALLY rude?
    -Some women give you nafsiya for NO reason! I dont know why?  They give you the “look” or treat you like you are less than them!
    -This lady that is some how related to me through marriage always says hi to me like I have the plague.   Her salam is so cold, its like some one forced her to say hi to me. 
    -Why do girls always see other girls as a threat?  Why can’t we all be nice and tolerant to each other?
    -Why do some girls feel they need to “ya7sidoon” other girls when they get engaged? “Waaaai g6ee3a jaikara/etc shloon yabaat rasah!?”  Maybe if you were not that negative you would get good things happening in your life! Be happy for others!
  • Why are designers becoming more and more expensive?
    -Each bag that I liked cost around 400KD or more!  I would feel really guilty about wasting that much on one bag.

I think these are all the questions I have for now. 

I’m Back

So I went to the shalaih this weekend, and I was in a very VERY down mood.  So, as it is our tradition, we go to Kout almost everyweekend we are in the shalaih, either to eat or to pick up food.  So when we went, I told my friends that I am picking up hair dye and I am going to dye my hair. My hair was dyed dark brown with caramel/subtle highlights in it.  Now its BLACK!  Its So weird :S my hair has not been black in a couple of years. 

The reaction I got from the other girls (tooomz, F, n etc) was “its shiny”, I don’t know what that means :p


Where is the rest of my department?  Why am I the only one here?
I know 2 are on leave, but where are the three others?
The teaboy is not here and the room is locked, no coffee for today I guess.


Today I start spanish classes! I can have another alter ego!! I am Chirp from Chirpstan, Nandini from Goa, and I need to think of a spanish name, maybe Esperanza from Havana!

Golden Gophers suck!

I was really excited about the start of the new football season.  Our university had gotten a new coach, so I thought our team might be better this year.  I really thought wrong, we played 9 games so far, and only won ONE! The team we won against was not even a good team!

Our team has been making it to a bowl game for the past few years, but this year is IMPOSSIBLE! I am really really sad at the state of the football team. Thank GOD I am not  in the States or I would have really regreted shelling out the measly $60 for season tickets.  I would have rather spent them on thermals then watching our football team losing every game of the season.

We lost against North Dakota State University (NDSU), not only are they NOT a Division I team, we have not lost against them in more than 100 years!  The more I see the scores of the game the more pissed off I get.  They better shape themselves up for next season! I want to plan a trip to watch a football game (and visit my friends) and they better win it.


I’m feeling really crappy and down.  I know I won’t be updating my blog for a couple of days.  Don’t miss me.

Why we do the things we do

Do you ever go against everyone, and do what you want, and when you do it you think “Ummm what the heck did I do?” <– It could be in a good or bad way.

 Before I went to Minnesota, my mother, her friends and a lot of my relatives tried to talk me out of going.  They all told me that it was freezing there and that the winters were LONG and merciless.  I did not listen, I didn’t want to listen, who was going to live there you guys or me?! was my question to them all the time.

I had just finished my freshman year in the UAE, and I wanted to go somewhere far far far away from any khaleeji people for a while.  I wanted to go to a place where I did not know a single soul and see how that would turn out.

So I went, and when I finally got off the plane at MSP International Airport it hit me, in 10 days I was going to be ALONE!!! My mother was going to leave me and I don’t know anyone!  I started to panic at the airport, but whatever I was so tired that by the time we got to the hotel I washed up, changed and passed out. 

Thankfully we got to know some very friendly people when my mother were there who helped me out a lot.  My university was H U G E, always in the top 3 biggest universities in the US.  Theres around 53,000 students there and class sizes were huge.  It was really hard to make friends, you REALLY had to make an effort.  Then my 2nd semester there my friend joined me so she kind of eased the lonliness a little bit.

At the start of the next fall semester I was reading our college’s Daily newspaper when I saw the ad for Rush Week for sororities, I couldn’t make the Rush activities because I had work (yes I used to work at the bowling alley/restaurant/little store on campus) so I contacted some of the sororities and waited for them to call back.

I visited a couple of houses and met some girls and the one that I really enjoyed was Kappa Alpha Theta, and as I wrote in an earlier post, that was the sorority I joined.  It was interesting being in it and now that I think about it, thats where I met most of my friends.  In and through theta.  Most of the people I knew in the states were part of the Greek Community, but I also got to know others in my building and through classes, or by random chances.

Kappa Alpha Theta is the first womens sorority created! And guess who are Alumnae of theta?!

1. Laura Bush (Wife of George W. Bush)
2. Sheryl Crowe (Singer)
3. Kerri Strug (Olympic Gymnest)
4. Lynne Cheney (wife of Dick Cheney)
5. Melinda Gates (wife of Bill Gates)
6. Judith Miller (Journalist, NYT Reporter, you have to have read about her in the news couple of yrs back)
7. Kate Snow (Good Morning America)
8. Kate Millet (Feminist and Author, wrote “Sexual Politics”) She was in my chapter, the Upsilon Chapter at Minnesota!!!!!!
9. Jenna von Oy (Actress, from the show Blossom haha omg its SO old)

These are just a couple of names that I think many people might recognize.  Laura Bush is coming to Kuwait on Thursday, I wish I can pull the “sorority sisterhood” card and get to meet her, if not, I already told my mother if she got invited to meet her she HAS to tell her that I am a Theta.

A friend of mine, when she found out I had joined a sorority she jokingly said that “my friendship with her has been revoked”.  A lot of my friend (american and non american) made fun of me for joining a sorority, but I loved it, it seriously was an experience that I couldn’t get now.  Just like if I had not gone to Minnesota, I would not have experienced the whole “american college experience” as I wanted to experience it.

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