Golden Gophers suck!

I was really excited about the start of the new football season.  Our university had gotten a new coach, so I thought our team might be better this year.  I really thought wrong, we played 9 games so far, and only won ONE! The team we won against was not even a good team!

Our team has been making it to a bowl game for the past few years, but this year is IMPOSSIBLE! I am really really sad at the state of the football team. Thank GOD I am not  in the States or I would have really regreted shelling out the measly $60 for season tickets.  I would have rather spent them on thermals then watching our football team losing every game of the season.

We lost against North Dakota State University (NDSU), not only are they NOT a Division I team, we have not lost against them in more than 100 years!  The more I see the scores of the game the more pissed off I get.  They better shape themselves up for next season! I want to plan a trip to watch a football game (and visit my friends) and they better win it.


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