• Why are we always in a hurry to get somewhere? 
    -Driving to/from the shalaih I always see people speeding so fast that when they pass me my car shakes from the wind (I have an SUV!).
    -Why don’t they learn from others mistakes?  If you want to die, kaifkum, but don’t hurt others while your at it!
    – I get SOO frustrated when someone is rear ending me wanting to pass me and right infront of us is a red light.  Ya3ni where are you going?!
  • Why don’t people respect cleanliness? 
    -Isn’t it “al-nathafa min al-eeman??” aren’t we a “Muslim” country that abides by muslim laws?  I HATE it when I see people throwing their trash into the streets.  I want to see what their homes look like if they didn’t hire a maid.
    -Kuwait is HOT, man created deoderant.  USE IT.
  • Why do some men lack respect for women?  Or are just plain disgusting?
    -I know a lot of people complain about the lack of respect that men show women in Kuwait, but there are some good guys out there.  BUT there are the few that make me want to slap them, and teach them respect that their mama never taught them. 
    I was out shopping with a friend in Fanar and there were these three men sitting at that “cafe” right near the enterance.  We walked passed them once and I could feel their eyes looking us up and down, I didn’t hear what they said though buy my friend did and I heard her mutter “araf!”
    -Why don’t men help women?  Once I was at the sultan center in salwa, and I was carrying a basket, when I lost my balance and dropped the basket because it was kind of heavy.  There were three men in the same aisle as me, they looked at me, looked at the basket and turned back around. 
    -At my old job, we shared the building with a different company.  Sometimes I would be going up the stairs to the main doors and a man would be walking infront of me, I see him rushing to go in before me and not even have the decency to hold the door open for me, he actually shuts it!
  • Why don’t people care that much about the environment?
    -We waste so SO much paper/plastic and metal that could easily be recycled instead of being buried in the non existing land we have! I wish there would be a huge awareness campaign for recycling AND easier ways to get everything recycled!
    -This summer when we filmed the movie for my friends project we went to the beach area that was outside of one of the beach front restaurants, I think it was Johnny Carinos, and the beach there was disgusting.   Between every grain of sand was a piece of litter!
  • Why are some women REALLY rude?
    -Some women give you nafsiya for NO reason! I dont know why?  They give you the “look” or treat you like you are less than them!
    -This lady that is some how related to me through marriage always says hi to me like I have the plague.   Her salam is so cold, its like some one forced her to say hi to me. 
    -Why do girls always see other girls as a threat?  Why can’t we all be nice and tolerant to each other?
    -Why do some girls feel they need to “ya7sidoon” other girls when they get engaged? “Waaaai g6ee3a jaikara/etc shloon yabaat rasah!?”  Maybe if you were not that negative you would get good things happening in your life! Be happy for others!
  • Why are designers becoming more and more expensive?
    -Each bag that I liked cost around 400KD or more!  I would feel really guilty about wasting that much on one bag.

I think these are all the questions I have for now. 


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blue Dress
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 09:24:05

    Time: guilty! I enjoy the rush that comes from speeding; p
    Na`6afa: because they are lazy bums! No other explanation
    Mal 6aq!
    On Men: simply Not men; p

    3alla rude woman, when I get that attitude I always ask what’s wrong?!

    Some people respond with that’s how I talk we don’t mean anything by it

    Other simply smile, wa2 eva!

    Bags I have no say on that.


  2. 3baid
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 15:34:45

    *claps and cheers* 😀


  3. 3baid
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 15:35:36

    *claps and cheers* 😀


  4. Mrm
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 22:21:30

    the answer to ALLLLLLLLL those questions is:

    because everyone thinks they’re important.

    allow urself a few minutes to let that sink in, and u will realize that is the unholy answer.


  5. N.
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 10:21:48

    I wish I had a solution to the Why’s instead of answers!

    * I don’t know, I speed sometimes, If I need a reason I’d say it is because other people don’t value their time, when they drive 80 on a left lane on a highway.

    * I don’t know why they don’t respect cleanliness. They’re probably just sure someone would come and pick up after them, so they don’t care.

    * Cause some men are like that, can’t do much about it.

    * They don’t care because they don’t have any reason to!

    * Cause some women are like that, can’t do much about it either.

    * I have no idea, and I hate the fact that we have to spend so much money on something that isn’t worth that much.


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