My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

 This is what I want for Christmas.


The Carrera 4S, in this color.

Among other things.


A Laugh a Day

From the Arabtimes

4 crash chasing girl

Kuwait : Four youths driving luxurious vehicles ‘ a Hammer (LOOOOL), a Jaguar, a Mercedes and a Rolls Royce ‘ were involved in a collision on the Arabian Gulf Street, reports Al-Anba daily.
Without going into details the daily quoting eyewitness reports said the accident took place when some of the youths were chasing an unidentified female motorist. [LINK]


 Damn idiots, these fools follow anything with long hair. 

Gift Ideas – Need help please

My friend graduated from Uni in August and now shes back in Q8.  I still need to get her a graduation gift/birthday gift combined in one.  I was thinking of making a “Kuwait Survival Kit”, any good ideas on what to put there?  The more ideas the better! Thanks a lot!

Picture Post!

Little Treat Cupcakes … Love them. LOOK AT THE SHEEEP HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!


 My beautiful phone!! (My THETA kite is peeking in the background!


The bracelets I got from Uniquely Delicious
facebook group:


Clutch i got from Truth&Dare 


Elephant Necklace i got from Truth&Dare
(elephants with their trunks upwards are goodluck!) 



The End

Color of my BRAIN!

So i did the quiz MRM took, and I tried to paste the whole table on my blog but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

 The color of my brain is ……. ORANGE!!!!!

Of all the brain types, yours is the quickest.
You are usually thinking a mile a minute, and you could be thinking about anything at all.
Your thoughts are often scattered and random – but they’re also a lot of fun!
You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about esoteric subjects, the meaning of life, and pop culture.

That is SO TRUE!!!!!! LOL!



What’s the rush?

Before I start this post, I’d like to say I really REALLY feel like going clubbing! I was listening to songs that made me want to dance and I really want to go to Lebanon or back to the states!!!


Anyways, my mother has recruited troops to convince me that marriage is the next step in my life.  Not only is it the next step it has to happen NOW.  My response was HELL NO people.  The though of getting married now makes my heart beat so fast, my anxiety sky high, and to put it in simple words, I FREAK OUT.  Seriously, this is something forever, its a commitment for life, and with that comes a lot of responsibilities.  I’m not one to go into something when I’m not 100% sure I can handle it all without depending on anyone especially as something as big as this. 

Then one of my friends pointed out that we have not even lived a quarter of our lives yet, we’re still 23!  We haven’t really LIVED LIVED to know what we want from life, and they want me to make a lifetime decision NOW?!  Clearly if I need convincing on this subject I really am not ready. 

I was sitting in my room after a REALLY long and stressful day at work when her friend walked in and sat in y room.  Shes like

“Chirp, your 23 now and you should really think of getting married, this is the completion of your religion and its a must in everyones lives, opportunities come only ONCE, you need a man in your life, someone that you can lean on and depend on, he can keep you safe.  Someone you can be proud of to be your husband. “

Whatever! I have not depended on a man in my life for 23 years, why should I depend on one now?! So all these years of my mother trying to make me independent was BS? 

AND PLEASE opportunities do NOT come only once.  If everyone thought that way and gave in to the first opportunity that came to them the world would be a dull place.  ,,,,, Britney SPears is still fighting for a comeback :p

To Protect & Servce

From the ArabTimes:

Police officer on duty drives away with girl in bid to rape her

KUWAIT : Jahra securitymen arrested a police officer for allegedly trying to rape a girl while on duty.
Reportedly, the girl was going out with her boyfriend when the police officer stopped them to check their identities. Later, he allegedly returned the boy’s ID card and told him to leave the place. Under the pretext of dropping her home, he tried to take the girl to a secluded place and even misbehaved in the vehicle. In the meantime, her boyfriend informed securitymen and they managed to follow the police officer’s car and prevented a major crime from taking place.

The girl and her boyfriend were referred to a police station and the girl’s family is said to have gathered outside the police station to take revenge on the cop and the boyfriend. [Link]


You’ve seriously got to be kidding me, These are the people who we call when we’re in trouble or feeling “unsafe”.  It sucks that one or two crappy cops can ruin the image of the force.  I hope that no MP or any person with power uses his wasta to get this loser out of his punishment.

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