Wednesday Night @ the Avenooooz

I really wanted to go to Ikea, I needed some shelves/storage places etc for my room that is overflowing with stuff, so me and 4 of my friends decieded to head over to the Avenues yesterday to have chocolate bar and also to look around at Ikea.

Most of the people there were dressed normally, ya3ni I am not one to REALLY comment about people unless they over do something.  Even if they dress up way too much for something, its up to them, because well we buy all these nice clothes with not a lot of places to wear them!

There are the over dressed people, then there were the girls we saw yesterday. 

It was around 9:30 PM and we were walking towards Ikea.  F+N were walking right infront of Prophet and I, and ofcourse I was harrassing prophet, or attempting to.  When I hear her say “Oh dear God no!”

I took a step forward and SAW what she was talking about. 

There were two girls, I will not attempt to guess their age though.  One was thin and the other was kind of chubby, both bleach blonde.  I don’t know if they looked like the girls from Zdistricts post.  They were not a sight to be seen I swear!

The skinnier girl was wearing short short shorts, with black fishnet stockings, and a black tank top.  the other girl was dressed a little bit less revealing, but her clothes were extremly tight and not fit for her body.  Their make up was horrendous! It was like a little kid went and played with their moms make up! And their hair HAD TO GO, not only was it too big but the blonde was just tackey!!!!

The three girls and I were in SHOCK, I mean its just ugly, and your going to the avenues at 9:30 PM dressed like that, what were you thinking?!  Even if you were going anywhere dressed like that!! LOL Had they been standing on a street corner anywhere else in the world dressed like that, they would have been asked “How much?!”

We went into Ikea and then the other friend that was with us came later, she had gone to another store to get something.  When she walked in she asked us if we saw the “blonde girls” she was telling us how some guys were making fun of them, oo some people were taping them with blue tooth.  (This blue tooth phase is just crazy).


PLEAAAAASE give me a site to download shows.  I have Azeureus but I went to the site I was given by Tooomz and its not there anymore! 😦   


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chika
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 06:08:09

    OFFFF!! Tell me about it! When we go dressed up casual- which is jeans, we get stares & looks!! WTF!! It’s only a mall!!!


  2. K.TheKuwaiti
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 07:18:20

    The blonde duo strikes again .. stuff like this makes me want to interact with the public again. Does anyone have pictures .. I would much rather sit at home, and laugh from the confines of the Diwaniya.


  3. Enigma
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 07:52:53

    thats disgusting bs kaifhom everyone can dress the way they like. everyone knows the 3agad at the avenues and what kind of attention they might get.

    go to for shows


  4. Chirp
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 08:22:35

    Chika – Those were in a class of their own!

    K – I dont have pictures, but i’m pretty sure that the pics will be circulating soon.
    I wouldn’t DARE take my phone out, akhaaf an6ag 😛

    Engima – Yeah i know! wai3 wai3 u should have seen them! thanks for the site!!


  5. Swair
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 12:39:42

    now i wish i was with u guys lol i would’ve taken a sneaky photo or two, blurred the faces and posted about them lol

    oo ma artha a7ad e6egech :p


  6. Jacqui
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 19:18:54 or hehehe both are good to download shows but I recommend

    And yekh!


  7. Chirp
    Nov 10, 2007 @ 07:57:43

    Swair – LOL!! Ikhar3oon!!!

    Jacqui – Merciii my darling!


  8. Rashisha
    Nov 10, 2007 @ 19:48:26

    OMG…. just a few days ao my friend called me and she was freaking out telling me about these 2 whores walking in Marina mall dressed like hookers walking all over the mall in SHort shors and boobs hanging everwhere…..

    whats up with the hooker look? is this what Kuwait is coming to

    even in the states ur not allowed in places dressed in a ceratin way


  9. Chirp
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 09:27:30

    Rashisha – I don’t know whats wrong with them, maybe they’re acting out? Bas I think at their age its kind of a “late blooming” acting out!
    Adry! Thats why I said if they were on a street corner in any country they would be asked “How much!!”
    They looked skanky!

    il7imdila wil shikir!


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