Mrm and the 3abaayaa

Mrm calls me today to tell me she was in jabriya and if I was home, I wasn’t, so she tells me I could come over later. 
I call her a little while later and told her I am outside and that I Want to go buy a new fone, so she comes out of her house and I was parked at the other entrance, so i drive up a little bit, and I see her dressed in jeans/top and a 3abaya and im thinking what the heck?  She gets into the car and Im still thinking “is this girl serious??”  Ofcourse I was laughing at her, and shes like “I knew it would make you laugh, I also didn’t have time to take it off before you came”

Anyways we drive walked around (back in jabriya) until we found the store that had the fone I wanted.  We enter the store and ask him about the fone, and I was really surprised they had it, the man tells me its selling for 115 KD, then he says its 125!!! So we go across the street to the other store, where he tells us its sold out! But they were selling it for 110 KD.

So we go back to the original store and told him its 110 KD across the street. 

Me: Haa enta ga9aait 3alaaaina! hathak rayal igool 110!

Him: Ee bas uhwa ma feeh, itha ana ma feeh telephone agdar abee3a ib 110!

Mrm: Enta shino ismik?

Him: 3abbas…

Me: My car’s name is 3abbas!

Him: isim ur driver 3abbas?


Him: Your guard??

Me; LAA Sayaarti!!!

Him: **Confusion**

Mrm: Shooof enta al7een, isim sayarat-ha 3abbas, 3a6na il fone ib 110.

Him: still *confused* …. Laa may9eer …………. Okay khalas ana a36eeekum ib 110.

So it was MUUUCH funnier when we were there, and mrm was in her 3abaya .. she looked .. wrong .. not kuwaiti at all.

After we get the fone and go back to my car she finds my cowboy hat in there, and she puts it on .. i’ll leave the imagination to you guys .. 🙂

I got the Sony Ericsson W880i in GOLD .. the Havana one!!!! (YaaaaY Jacqui!!!)


So yeah, Mrm aside .. there is NOOO therapy like retail therapy.  Friday morning we were supposed to meet “F” at starbucks adn then go to H&M in salmiya.  Me and Nia completly missed starbucks, and ended up just going to H&M.  I went in there with a mindset of NOT BUYING ANYTHING.  I left with 4 winter dresses and a sweater. 

If my mom knew she would kill me :s but shes out of the country so it was easy bringing them into the house.  They are still in the bag because i Have no place to put them in :p

I can’t wait til winter to come … I really REALLY want to wear my winter clothes ppl!


Good night ya’ll 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mrm
    Nov 10, 2007 @ 23:17:11

    winter is a sin


  2. Jacqui
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 03:50:44

    Yaaaay did they have W910 in Havanna or not yet? 😛


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