My Morning – Damn buses!

I woke up, semi feeling rejuvinated after a fun weekend.  Ready to head out for work.  I get ready, get into my car and start driving. 

On a daily basis I curse jabriya and those who did the planning for it. 

I reach the U Turn, and when its my turn, this bus decided that his father owns the U turn decides to try to turn before me.  Now before he did that I was half way out of the U turn.  So when he decieded to turn he hit my car!!! The front bumper of it on the passenger side! OMG I was fuming.  Not only do I love my car, but the bus was filled with children!

UGHHH well i couldnt get out of my car because it was so crowded, and I was in a huge rush, I came to work 20 minutes late!!!!! I left my house at 7 I reached work at 7:50!!! From 7 until about 7:35 I was in JABRIYA! can you believe it?! Just trying to get out of it!!

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  1. joud
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 11:39:16

    u live in jabriya ? i feel for u….


  2. Rashisha
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 13:59:25



  3. 3baid
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 14:09:10

    “his father owns the U turn”

    LOOOL, dontcha love Kuwaiti expressions? XD

    I’ll post something later that’ll make you feel better :]


  4. Chirp
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 14:30:37

    Joud – Yes i do! HATES IT! 😉

    Rashisha – ME TOOO!!! and the public transport buses and those god damn taxi’s!

    3baid – loool 😛 YAaay i’m excited !


  5. Jacqui
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 18:50:57

    I hate those big busses and water tanks they can’t see people.


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  7. N.
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 15:54:56

    A bus did that to me today! I managed to anticipate his IDIOCY and let the idiot pass! I don’t like to waste time, or I would have honestly spent a few minutes making his life hell on the road (the bus was empty, I think it would be ok:p)


  8. Chirp
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 16:07:55

    Jacqui – I KNOW!!! ur story made me laugh today 😛

    N. – LOL .. wai3 wai3 buses! ana it was too early in the morning for me to anticipate anything


  9. intlxpatr
    Nov 14, 2007 @ 07:47:41

    Makes you want to carry an automatic – or very very glad that you don’t!


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