The Sleaze pt 1

I like to think I’m not a very judgemental person, I don’t like to pass judgement on people based on what other people say.  Sometimes I do, I mean I’m not perfect, but I try to stay unbiased as possible until I get to know the person.  Other times I judge a person from the first time I see them and conversate with them. 

There are people that from the first look you can tell there is something up with them.  That is what happened with the “sleaze”.  Oh god how I cannot stand him!  He tries to act all sweet and nice and all that, but I SO can see through that front.  Whatever!

We were sitting at our department one time, and this girl had come from another department and was talking to me, another co worker and the sleaze.  I had my back to them since I was working on my computer, but I was listening to their conversation.

Coworker1: wala ti9li7eeen momathila, 3abaly 9ij ga3da tabcheeen, roo7ay mathlay ib mosalsalaat irmothan

Her: Waai takhaayaaal oboy yithba7ni!

Coworker1: khalas 3ayal sawaaay aflam .. “sleaze” can be ur director

Sleaze: Shino?  Ana I direct aflamhaaaaa, la laa may9eer akeed ra7 ikoonoon imga6i3eeen, ma7ib hal siwalif

Her face turned very red, she didnt say anything, I was waiting for her to reply to that piece of crap.  When she didn’t after a couple of minutes I turned around and gave him a piece of my mind

Me: Ish hal 7achy, 3aib 3alaaik, mako i7teram!? Matshoof bintain jidamik ga3deen? La oo foog kil hatha irmothan! *mumbles underbreath* il7imdila wilshikir 3ala hal ashkal ;p

His face turned red some what, but he didn’t reply back but he was laughing a nervous laugh.

The girl got up and left and I put my ipod back on and went back to work.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mrm
    Nov 21, 2007 @ 20:43:26

    next time he says something stupid like that thinking hes the shit… stand up, clap VERY LOUDLY and yell BRAVOOOOOOOOO.

    i have done that. 2 rat looking 3agad on a jetski ended up crashing into a masana and damaged the rented jetski they came on as a result.


  2. N.
    Nov 21, 2007 @ 21:09:30

    Wow, yeah that’s very bad. What’s wrong with him? Does he think that they’re all guys there? Even so.. I honestly believe that some people don’t understand the concept of equality, they probably think yeah now its OK to be a total guy in front of a girl. Sick.


  3. eshda3wa
    Nov 21, 2007 @ 23:14:29

    zain etsaween feeh

    fee nas mat3arf e7doodha n u have to teach it to them!


  4. Chirp
    Nov 22, 2007 @ 05:06:07


    N – Yeah he doesn’t think before he speaks, or I dont know what is wrong with him actually.

    eshda3wa – eee adry! oo ma ithamen kalamah wala ifaker before he speaks


  5. Chika
    Nov 22, 2007 @ 06:35:12

    what the hell!! how could he say that! grrrr!! people who play innocent & full of virtue! yukh! I soo hate that!


  6. Jacqui
    Nov 22, 2007 @ 20:31:04

    Idiots but then again there are lots of them around!


  7. Swair
    Nov 22, 2007 @ 21:26:41

    Zaaaiiin etsaween feeh…
    There’s a group of girl-sleazes at my school oo kila they sit together and laugh that whore-ish laugh, a loud shreiking “Hahahahaaaayyyyyy!!!” laugh…

    I always happen to be walking by and giving them a warning like “Don’t you dare laugh like that in this school!” and a stern look..

    The other day, the department had the muwajih, and that group of sleazes had two girls with them who take off their hjab in school.. they sat right next to the english department door, KNOWING that we have a male inspector..

    The inspector left the dep. to supervise a teacher in one of the classes and the girls’ laughs started to get louder and sluttier, so i open the door faja’a and yell at them:
    “Shino hal thi7ik el ma9khara?! i7na b shuqa wela mazra3a!?!?! Goomaw fezaw 3ala 6oolkum ashoof… te7arekaw roo7aw el cafeteria!!”

    and they were pretty shooken up cos my face was seriously red, i was already on my last nerve, i was hating the inspector, now these idiots! and while they were walking away, i called the two mit’hajbeen girls and yelled at them for taking off the hjab when they knew that a guy was in the school… bs a7la shay in the staff was a bit shocked lol egooloon shakli ma yoo7ee ina i scream or get angry.. well i showed them :p

    Sorry for the long comment lol


  8. Chirp
    Nov 23, 2007 @ 21:17:47

    Chika – Ppl think that other can’t read them thats what

    Jacqui – too bad u missed him when u came to visit ;P

    Swair – LOL allah i3eeenich 3ala hal banat .. I think that age is the worst oo kha9ataan itha kanaw malaseeen bas zain itsaweeen feehum!!!


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