I thought this song was good for the new year!

MWAAAAAAAAAAH :* Hope you all have a great one!


Money + Marriage

I was talking to a friend of mine a while ago regarding money issues during marriage.  I was telling her that I think its important to share financial responsibility during marriage, that a man shouldn’t have to bear all the burden of everything, especially since its much different now then when our parents got married. 

I can’t expect him to be able to pay for our kids tuitions, our travels, our house finances, while I just sit there and not give any money right?  Well she said NO that it was HIS job to “ya9rif” on the family, not the womans, and that even in Islam it said that if a woman worked and got money its her own, she doesn’t have to spend it on the family.  Okay so what?  Her excuse was that men in Kuwait were brought up to think that they were the sole bread winners of the house and I shouldn’t get him used to me spending my money.

Okay, its not like the world is getting any cheaper, 23 years ago, when our parents got married, I don’t think finances were as much as now.  Also in my head marriage is  a partnership, not sole ownership.  We are both in this together, I can’t sit back and expect him to be able to pay for everything!  Its enough that the private schools tuitions are increasing every year, colleges are so expensive, traveling costs so much, and seriously I do want to enjoy my married life.

She kept on telling me that we’re in kuwait and its different.  That our parents will help.  So I told her, instead of his parents helping our or my mother helping out.  WTH okay they can help out as long as I’m not sitting back and watching him trying to make ends meet. 

If I get married, I’m not marrying a 40 year old man, I’m going to marry someone close to my age.  And I think early on in the marriage its important for two people to start out knowing that they could depend on each other, not one person depends on the other.

She says im too western in my thinking, I think i’m just being realistic.  Everyone is different, what I wrote above is what I believe, I respect what she says, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it.

What do you guys think??

My weekend.

After getting up the courge I finally met up with some bloggerettes (you will know who from their respective blogs) .. yes i was shy at first but then I was fine.  They were all incredibly amazing, sweet, nice and everyting.  I am so happy that I went and finally met them! 🙂

I don’t remember what else I did.

My car smells like ..


At the begining of the week, my mother told me she is sending the driver with MY CAR to buy shrimps, ofcourse I had a hissy fit, and said no, but “7ukm il qawee 3ala il thi3eef” ;p my mother won the fight, and the driver took my car … My argument to her was my car has no trunk, its an SUV so the smell will stay there FOREVER! She said NO it wont.  So the driver dropped us off and then went to get the shrimps, dropped it home and then came to pick my mother and I up.

I get into the car and the smell literally SLAPPED ME in the face.  It was incredibly strong, I looked at my mom and her face was hilarious LOOL.  I gave her the “I Told you so” face and opened up the window. 

Its been almost 5 days or something and my car still smells like it.  Kill me now.

Everytime I drive I put all the windows+the sunroof down, I freeze until I reach my destination.  I think that maybe if I drive fast with the windows down the smell will escape.  No can do.  Bakhart my car, smell is WORSE.   So today, I am going to take it to get a scrub down from the inside.  Inshala that will work!

Dry Cleaning

My friend gave birth on Christmas, she had a little baby girl!

Anyways so my mother and I went to the hospital to visit her, I was sitting on the couch with her older sister (R)  and my mom and we were discussing R’s dress.  Then my mom was like “Eee that store in Arrayah has nice things and I think its having a sale”

Me: What store??

Mama: Hatha Dry Dry … shisma!

Me: Laundry?!

Mama: eee hatha uhwa (thats it)

R: YEah I find a lot of nice things there, its a nice place.

Mama: Ee wala, I stopped by Dry Cleaning (ya3ni Laundry) today oo i got a couple of things.

In a Nut Shell

Bonjour everyone!!!!!  I have been kind of out of touch from cyberspace for the holiday, felt good not to be attached to my computer.  How was your vacation?!  Very well needed I’m sure!  Wasn’t the hardest thing in the world waking up this morning and driving to work?! ;p

 It was a great GREAT holiday!  I had THE BEST machbooos la7am on the first day of 3eed at grandmothers house.  Seriously I ate so much I couldn’t breathe for a bit :p  I saw my cousin at gran’s, she doesn’t live in Kuwait so I don’t see her much.  She is looking gorgeous mashala!  My brother also arrived on the first day of Eid also, the best part was as soon as we pulled up to the door of the Airport he had walked out, LOL ya3ni we couldn’t have planned it better! (Smarty didn’t have a phone on him)!

2nd day of Eid, I met up with some friends for brunch, and met with the guys of Reminicing Kuwait to plan out the gift I am making T, I needed something unique, I hate giving meaningless gifts.  Anyways this Um Kalthoom piece was my favorite, so I decided on something like this, but PERSONALIZED ofcourse :p

I had really wanted to go to the shalaih that day but my mom made feel guilty, she told me that her blood pressure had been high, so I txted MRM and nwair and told them that my moms blood pressure has been high (thaq6 omi mirtifi3), so mrm txts me back “Is she angry or is she sick” LOOOOL.  BUT I ended up going to the shalaih. hehe

The RAIN WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to get dinner while it was raining, when I woke up and saw my car the next morning it looked like kent dasha baar feeha!

All in all it was a great holiday, except something that happened akher yoom.  Ya rab shafy 3amity inshala.

Personality Test

So I played the game on Outkastys blog, then she emailed me the results (Thanks babe!)

Anyways, here is what my “personality description” was based on the answers I gave…

 You’re feminine, you have a high self-confident, you’re full of passion, you
love to bring attention @@ you love the idea of being beautiful from the
inside and the outside, you love shopping, you like to look fresh! you’re
smart, you know what you want in your life. You believe in “live as if
you’re going to die tomorrow”. When you’re in a bad mood, you don’t show it
to people, yet it shows 😛 people think that you’re moody sometimes.
You’re loyal, you love “LOVE” but you’re afraid of being in a relationship,
you’re afraid from suffering.
You’re an easy going, you’re social, but your friends are limitied.

I’m not going to comment on it, if you know me, tell me what you think, does this describe me or no?

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