My Sanctuary

I love going to the shalaih with Mrm, her sisters and the rest of the group.  Its my sanctuary from all the craziness, annoyances, drama and losers in the City.  When I’m there I feel like i’m secluded, its as if I have left the country. 

People always wonder why I am so in love with the shalaih, I was never like that as a kid, the shalaih wasn’t my life.  I think its the group that always goes, love you girls!!! Drama free zone.  From the minute I walk in all I do is laugh (thats what I always do, bas its x10 there).  Seriously when I used to go to the shalaih with my family, I used to get so bored I would rather peel grapes and count grains of sand.  But when I go to shalaih banat S, its so different, everyone is in their own little world, bas madry its just so amazing. 

Our routine is eat, sleep, sing karoake, play wii, if the weather is nice ba7ar, if we feel like it Kout or Manshar for dinner.  Oh yeah there is a ping pong table there, but i dont like ping pong much.  Mrm is the ping pong champion.  Sometimes boocmarc/emaciaty/hair brings her dog.  I tell him to get the hell away from me all the time.  But for some reason he thinks I like him, and tends to sleep next to me, and I wake up freaking out. 

Early in the morning …


 My favorite place .. the pool … music on, laying on a floateee for hours .. then chilling by the pool talking for hours .. allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Drove my american friend to see the sign 😛


When my american friend Lil D came to visit in May, we took her to the shalaih for the weekend, and part of the experience was crab catching “tigimber” at night, I lasted about 6 minutes before I started to freak out.  Lil D, Nunu and Duu3 stayed a long time, and they caught a couple of small crabs.  They cooked them, and ate them.  Now don’t ask me how they tasted I was sleeping when they did that.  I don’t know what the hell the tea bag is doing there.



19 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chikapappi
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 17:27:50



  2. Nwair
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 20:10:15

    ifffff ur blog is gona make me cry 😦 i love shalaih jad jad drama free zone, no fakeness, no worries, AWAY from it all, laughing nonstop, EATING and more eating, being couch potatoes, sibziga, kareoke with our nasty ass voices, gezzing with mazzejing, buying nail removers LOL, exorcist that made u hungry, hardees that FORGOT MY SANDWICH WHY ME!? , boyfraaaaiiiiiinddd .. and the list goes on and on


  3. Chirp
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 20:14:28

    Chika – the pics do it no justice! its gorgeous in real life

    Nwair – LoooooL “boyfraaaind enta goolha 9a7 awal” LOL our “adventures” hahahahahah il hirin HAHAHAHAHA now im laughing ALONE LLLOOOL!!!!!!


  4. Jenna
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 21:05:05

    iffffff dont remind me walla ur gonna make me cry too… a7ib halmokaaaaaan…9ij 9ij its our escape! bs jad SIBZIGAAAA loool nwaaairr ;*


  5. Mrm
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 21:57:49

    awal shay nice thoughts and shots

    thani shay fith7eeenaaaa akthar ya3ni maboga shay magilteh 3ani t7i6ay soorti ba3ad lool idiot chirp

    thalith shay the chalet aint the same wthwt u..seriously. crab dance 4 liFe

    rabi3 shay i was entertained yet slightly violated by this post. but love. reallyf.


  6. Mrm
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 21:59:09

    and what is this boyfraaaind business i dont know about? i want a detailed explanation. now here on this blog.


  7. Outkasty
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 01:26:59


    ya rabby feeh min-se7nat shalaih a7ad a3arfah LOL


  8. readmyblog
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 05:04:06

    Chirp! I have no idea why your post didn’t show on my but i know bout it from my inbox so Thanx for the T-shirt Website 🙂

    and Enjoy the Holiday Season.


  9. rashisha
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 05:55:36

    Sounds like Fun!!!!!!!


  10. Talal
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 06:04:01

    In normal countries they call these “chalets” MANSIONS lol

    Bas wallah it looks/sounds like tons of fun–reminds me of Marina in Egypt!


  11. Fast Lane
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 08:36:45

    The pool is so beautiful wana dive in…


  12. ::: ShoSho :::
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 14:22:39

    So, what was the tea bag for? LooooL!
    I haven’t been to a shaleih since i was like 17 can you believe that!! I miss it! 😦


  13. Outkasty
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 18:16:08

    Shayouma, mashallah shloon sheftay il-tea bag LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


  14. This Lady
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 19:58:00

    tea-fried crab? it doesn’t look tasty ilsara7a.

    Allah ikhaleekum 7ag ba3ath inshallah.. 🙂


  15. Nwair
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 21:06:40

    lool mrm .. these 2 3agad la7geena uw wa7ed feehum yabey kuki .. so lafayt 3alaih uw getla g6ee3a shtabey !! chan rfeeja eguul yuba bas imsh ymkn 3ndaha boyfraaaiiiinndd ! chan af9el eb wayha wagula BOYFRAIND?! ENTA GUULHA 3ADEL AWAL ! lool it was funny


  16. kaileena
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 12:48:19

    These sanctuaries are simply it a chalet, a farm, a villa in a european countryside or even a tent in the desert..when you’re with the right people it can be the best thing in the world!


  17. ::: ShoSho :::
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 23:11:34

    Outkasty: LoL I saw the tiny smiley, how can I not see the tea bag looool!!!


  18. abused
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 07:06:09

    there is nothing like waking up oo jedamich el ba7ar
    god sooo relaxing!!


  19. eshda3wa
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 07:07:24

    the shalaih holds nothing but happy memories for me!

    glad u had such a great time!!


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