Lets fly lets fly away Part 2.

I was going to write this reply as a comment, but I thought I would put it as another entry… 

Wow seriously I never thought I would get THESE comments, I thought the comments I’d get would be the complete opposite. I’m surprised at how many people feel the same way.

To Chimerical + Phoenix – At the rate Kuwait is doing, I don’t think anything we do will help it. Why should I stay in a place that doesn’t appreciate me or even wants me to become better? If I end up having children which school system will I put them in? There is so much more to what I wrote, and no matter how much I love Kuwait, I have to think of “What will it give me in the future” I know that is selfish of me, but it is survival of the fittest now.

 Kuwait has changed A LOT, half the people in the parliament do not care about the well being of the country, and these are the people that were CHOSEN by US to run the country. If those people don’t care mabalich the rest of the country.  Its “you pass the law I want passed and i’ll make anything you want from my ministry a piece of cake”. 

There are small things that people do in Kuwait that show you the lack of respect they have for their country, for example not following the rules and laws that are set out for their benefit.   Its enough that they think they are above the law in anything they do, kil shay was6a was6a was6a.  Or you see a huge nonsmoking sign at the airport, and an airport employee is smoking right infront of it.  These are just the smaller things.

The quality of peoples respect is also deteriorating.  Children are learning the wrong things from their parents and their caretakers.  The younger generations lack ANY sense of respect that any normal child would have. 

We didn’t just hit a roughpatch, the car we’re in gharizat in quicksand and its quickly sinking.  The majority of the kuwaiti population might not realize how bad it has gotten, or maybe I am being a drama queen.  Bas I think its really bad.  No one cares enough to do anything, or their being ostriches and have their heads in the sand “if we don’t see it its not happening!!!!”.  All their doing is building more and more malls so people could buy more and become in more debt.

People have become so materialistic that they are willing to take out loans for the stupidest most idiotic reasons!  I don’t deal with customers but for 3 days I had to study the loan process, and I realized that a lot of people are majorly in debt, and STILL come in to take more loans while they are barely making ends meet!  YOUNG people, still in their 20’s and 30’s are taking out loans, then they realize they have to pay it back PLUS interest, and believe me, it is a back breaker (you take out a loan, the interest is paid back is the amount of the loan almost). 

There is SO much potential for Kuwait but do you think it will happen?  Do you know how many projects have been presented to Kuwait but were just put away to collect dust?  That is when major corporations decided to look at other Gulf countries.  You could study a project, give the ministry an amazing study, no fail plan, a project that will make kuwait unique, and they will reject it.

Also a lot of Kuwaiti business people look at other countries to invest and build projects because Kuwait makes it SO HARD to do anything.  They will ask you for your arms, legs, eyes, a couple of hairs just to give you a conditional OKAY on a project, that they MIGHT unapprove later.

A lot of people argue that Kuwait gives its citizens a lot of free services.  Lets talk about the free services, such as hospitals and schools.  No disrespect to Kuwaiti doctors, but Public Hospitals in kuwait are not as good as people wish they were.  I went my mom the the Mustaw9if .. the Al Sager one in 3dailiya .. we sat next to an older man who was telling us that yesterday he came in to get the ventilator thing put on him, he was looking into the room and saw that a man was using it, when he was done, the nurse took the ventilator rinsed it out in WATER and then told this Kuwaiti man to sit down.  No seriously WTF, that is UNHYGENIC!!! Thats supposed to be a clinic! (More information about their crappiness, Farrago had a really good post)

My aunt who had two small strokes in december was told that she had to check her blood pressure on a daily basis.  Her daughters bought the BP monitor to check at home, but also to be “safe than sorry” she goes to Al-sager also to have a doctor check it for her.  The DR took it a couple of times and each time she would tell her something different .. Then she’s like “Wala 3amity madry al7een, go back home and come back tomorrow”.  My aunt tells her “I’m scared what if something happened to me?”  The doc replies ” La inshala may9eer feech shay il laila, fa riday bacher”

The Kuwaiti school system .. do I even need to talk?! The video on Marks blog says some things.

There is so much to reform where do we even start?!  Il deera malha raqeeb! Kil man isawee ili ibalah and knows that they could get out of any consequence that might come out of it. 


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blue Dress
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 09:56:18

    Chiiirrp, it just hit me… if everyone who cared about Kuwait that much but didn’t feel they have what it takes or enough passion to change it , then who will?!!!

    Sadly il people ili ma76oo6een to change the country don’t have passion what so ever They are just in it for the money (as you said) not all if I might add….even regular citizens can do changes if they were strong enough bes no one is taking that extra step! Everyone is leaving… again the country really belongs to its citizens not to the government or to the“ Supposedly” person in charge… Faa I think there could be a chance here…

    People think fighting is when you are rejected once then you try again and you get rejected then you stop.

    thats not fighting for change… fighting for change becomes a life style just like what many have done for years in other countries….


  2. Zuzu
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 10:31:30

    Woooow, I never thought for a moment the situation in Kuwait is deteriorating this way!! Where are the leaders? Arent they willing to do the best for the Country and their Citizens.

    Your all young and highly educated Kuwaiti citizens, it should be up to you to serve your Country to high expectations of improvement and rapid developement but if you dont have the opportunity to do so, I would also search for other options for the sake of my future!!

    I should be grateful el7amdullilah for what my Country does for its Citizens and hence seeing the vast and major developement and opportunities errupting in my Nation.

    I wish u all the best Inshallah, dont doubt yourself with your decisions. Ive been reading your blog, if I was to judge your chracter your Intelligent and Courageous and im sure whatever you decide will be worth it. If it doesnt work out you can always have the options of going back home, everything is worth a try.


  3. Mrm
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 18:09:20

    Kuwait’s progress is very sluggish… its like a snail really. We r represented by imbeciles and socially, we all need to be bathed in gasoline and torched. Hathi bitseer my quote min kithir ma agolha.

    ultimately, however unpatriotic or selfish it may sound, ppl will resort to caring solely on themselves. We are a collective society, but obviously it is not working. U speak of the USA o how life is different there…its full of life and thats absolutely true. i think it is the way it is there because they have come to terms with being an individualist society… and i like it.

    i havent really given u any advice, just my insight.

    khanroo7 vegas


  4. Phoenix
    Jan 04, 2008 @ 01:56:47

    Chirp, I completely understand and respect your point of view, but like Blue Dress said we are being represented by people who don’t give a s@#$ about the country. who knows what the next generation will bring?. let’s not lose hope when we see school drop outs or greedy n rude kids. Look at the people with hope and potential. Tra liq8tyen mo hayneen…if they want something they can get it. Look at Dubai, and even Qatar..QATAR!!! It’s like a city just popped out of the desert! and their economy isn’t even as good as ours what with our oil industry, yet they managed to surpass us in every way possible. It doesn’t have to do with money o bas, it has to do with passion and how badly the people want it and i thnk there are enough kuwaities out there who are getting tired of the state of their country and have enough will power to change it. why not start with us? We have the money, the brains and the heart to make a difference. Government support? who needs it? how many great people and movements have been supported by governments? Bithn Alla kuwait will get our of this mess. Its always been a great country it just hit a bit of a snag, well maybe worse but once u get to the top theres no other way u can go but down. Then u pick yourslef back up again. And thats what we will do..i7na liq8tyen..will pick kuwait back up again and make it the leading gulf country like it was before inshalla


  5. Enigma
    Jan 04, 2008 @ 05:03:17

    i blame the rulers of kuwait.. but if the leaders aren’t doing their job properly then what do you expect from the country? We need people in charge who love the country, and TAKE CONTROL.

    Of course, the people also have some blame. As long as we have this fe2a min enas ily they don’t respect anyone and only think of their ma9ale7, how are we ever gonna improve? The lazy ass government employees- fix them! The traffic rules, now that’s a travesty. NOBODY follows them.

    Wasta, HELLO? Can you do ANYTHING without wasta? Even the simple things that should be services we are ENTITILED to as citizens need wasta. And don’t forget that you can get out of ANY problem with the law if you have a wasta.


  6. This Lady
    Jan 05, 2008 @ 20:35:20

    Aakh Aaaakh AAAAAAAAAkh!! I am in just as much a freakout mode as you are.

    what is happening in kuwait is indeed a CRISIS. And as much as we try to make it better, the bigger heads up there just beat us down.

    Allah Kareem..


  7. Chimerical
    Jan 09, 2008 @ 17:12:29

    Great Post Chirp, and all of what you said is so true, but I agree with Blue Dress and Phoenix. We have to fight. ANd seriously, nobody is fighting. None of us are fighting. Like u said, everyone is being an ostrich and that’s not right. This country is yours….you should fight for it and stick to it whether it be good or bad. The US wasn’t always this good….people had to fight for their rights…like Martin Luther King, like Malcom X…etc etc. They fought, they didn’t give up.

    Anyhow, I do totally understand how you feel, and I also sometimes feel like I just wanna pack and leave….if that’s what you believe will make you truly happy, then go ahead and do it…and if one day you feel that you made the wrong decision you can always come back, because your country will always be there for you 🙂 There is no harm in trying, right?:)


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    Dec 13, 2010 @ 02:48:04

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