I know I complain a lot about my maid, but yesterday was seriously the icing on the huge 7 tiered layer cake.  Naggs came over at around 8 PM and I asked our maid to cut cucumbers for us.  Okay fine, all day she didn’t do anything, my mom is travelling and for my lunch she made pasta, so through out the day she probably spent a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes working. 

She brings out the cucumbers, and me and naggs order pizza, which arrived just a little bit later.  I asked her to go get the wallet from my room and shes like “Laa ka inty friend 3indaha floos” !!!!! Wth?  Seriously?  So I made her go get the wallet from my room.  6ab3an the WHOLE time shes imnafsa.  Watever.  We finish dinner, and naggs asks her to make tea, and she tell her “You didn’t finish your pepsi and now you want tea” ISHTABEEEEEN INTAY?! 

Uuuugh, to add to all that she closes her door and sleeps at 9:30!!! Okay you know what, had there been more ppl living at our house oo e7na imkadsheenha then I would have understood all this.  I mean its usually ONLY ME and I am usually NEVER home especially when my mom travels I hate being home unless ppl are coming over.  o0 7athrat’ha ma ita3ib nafs’ha, all she makes is pasta for me, and cuz I am not much of an eater she will keep it for the next day.  And since I don’t feel like her da3ala I don’t tell her to make me anything else. I hate her.  I cannot stand her. 

And now I know that shes being overly di3la, I want her to go to another house in Kuwait and see how long shes going to last there 3ala hal attitude il ZIFT malha!  It takes her 4 days to do my laundry, and when I ask her where it is she starts crying oo tells me that she can’t do it over night.  I told her I am not stupid, it takes a maximum of 2 hours to do laundry.  Madry laish my mom likes her so much, theres nothing much to her, she “acts” stupid, shes lazy, infaisa oo not a hard worker. 

I compare her to my friends house help and seriously between them all she is a queen.  Wai3 wai3 WAI3 I cannot wait for my mother to come back.

Oh yeah and the driver calls me saturday morning he tells me that he cannot deal with her (the maid) any more, that shes crazy and all she does is yell blah blah blah.  I told him Okay kaifik.

Once, a while ago, my mom was out of town and I was sleeping in my room.  I woke up to the sound of screaming wela its the khadama yelling at the driver.  I was SOOO pissed off, I could hear her all the way in my room (i had TWO doors closed between us).  I’m not 3a9abiya, but I nearly threw my laptop at her. 

WAI3 seriously just thinking of her pisses me off. I am so angry right now.  I just want to slap her all the way back to where she came from.


All sorts of Irons

It is back to work! 🙂

I sat down at my desk and I look behind the computer, wela my manager had removed one of the French phrases off the calendar and hung it up with a sad face drawing on it … It says C’est un emploi mal rénmunéré – It’s a low paying job.


After I came back from Dubai, I went to the shalaih the next day to be with the girls.  Had a good time, but of course I woke up before them all, I think I am an insomniac 😛  Anywhoo, since I knew they would be asleep for a little while more, I found a curling iron and decided to work a little on my hair.  Bad idea.  As I was looking at my self in the mirror, I mistakenly (stupidly??) let it touch my forehead, and I burned my forehead.   Right on the top left corner.  When I pull my hair back it shows.  It hurt for a couple of hours, but it stopped hurting now, it just looks like I got into a fight. 😛


Do you guys mind household chores?  I don’t mind cleaning anything or doing the dishes or even cooking.  I love the smell of laundry, but my only two issues are vacuuming (if the vacuum is heavy) and ironing.  Always hated ironing.  It takes patience, something I don’t really have.  All through out college I never owned an iron.  Especially in the US, it was cold most of the time so I had a huge jacket on top.  BUT if something needed ironning I did these three things …

1. hung the shit up in the bathroom before taking a really hot shower, and hoping the steam from the shower would help the wrinkles fade a little.

2. Automatically took it out of the dryer and hung it up or carefully folded it.

3. Iron it out with my hair straightner!! (Genius I know!!!) 

I once took out my jeans from the dryer and one of the foot openings was crumpled up and I didn’t have time to put it back in the dyer, so i turned my hair straightner on the hottest it could go, waited a couple of minutes and “straightened” my jeans.  It really does the job 😉

I am Back!

I am back from Dubai.  Had a blast to say the least. I felt as if I didn’t have much time to DO much, but I did enough. 

I arrived Thursday morning, by the time I got to the hotel it was about noon, Tooomz met me at the hotel, and we waited for my mom to finish her meeting and meet us back at the hotel.  We were checking out from Fairmont (or my mom was) and moving closer to Jumairah.  My mom came and picked us up, and with her friend we headed to lunch at the Noodle place in Emirates Towers, really good food.

After that Tooomz and I headed over to the Mall of the Emirates to shop around.  Everything was on sale which SUCKED, couldn’t find a thing to buy.  My feet started to kill me, so we headed over and got Marble Slab icecream .. mmmm i forgot how much I love icecream!!!   We then went and got tickets to watch “27 Dresses”, it was a fabolous movie.  I thought it would be too chick flicky for me, but it was just perfect.  James Marsden, WILL YOU MARRY ME?! Damn hes FINE.  By the time the movie finished, it was midnight, and I was falling asleep while I was walking. Headed back to the hotel and passed out.

Next morning I tried to get my mom to take me to Burjuman, cuz I wanted her to get me this necklace from a store there, but she made me go to Mall of the Emirates again BOOHOO 😛  Walk around some more hoping to find ANYTHING to buy since I was rejuvenated after a good nights sleep.  Couldn’t find much, got 2 dresses.  I found really hot shoes, the smallest size they make is 36 😥 

After my mom hinted for the 100th time that she wanted to go see Bab Al Shams resort, we finally relented and said okay we’ll go with her.  So mommy dearest, tooomz and I took the almost hour drive to Bab Al Shams Resort hotel.  Its amazing, not a place I would stay for a long period of time cuz it is int he middle of the dessert.  But for a person who wants to relax, its the perfect place.  We sat in one of the restaurants, up on the rooftop had some food and stuff.   It was fun.  That night I watched “The Kite Runner” with my mother.  She couldn’t stop crying in the movie, aaw 7abeebti ;* hehe

Saturday, went to brunch with a friend and his friends, very interesting bunch. Then I met up with an old friend with the Sharjah days.  Actually he was my closest friend during my stay in Sharjah.  I haven’t hung out with him since then, but I have seen him twice or three times for 5 minutes each since I left AUS.  I always knew that I missed him, but i never realized how much.  I was waiting for him and I saw him approach from his reflection, and it hit me how i missed those days!  Whatever enough with the sappiness.

We went out to early dinner.  We were hanging out after dinner, and a group of ppl sit in the table next to us.  I hear two names being repeated that were very familiar to me, so i turn to my friend and I told him, I KNOW THOSE GIRLS.  So he turns towards them and asks them if they are Flana oo Flana and they said YES, so I was like did you guys go to this school for elementry school in kuwait and they said YES.  So i’m like I am FLANA, and the reunion began 😛  I have not seen those girls in 13 years.  We have not been intouch for 13 years, and it was just such a weird coincidance that we were at the same place at the same time. What is even weirder that I was asking my mother if she remembered them just the day before!!!!

I came back to Kuwait on Sunday, I had to be here to celebrate National and Liberation Day.

Ooh yeah, the first store I stopped in was Virgin, and I went straight to the book area.  I felt like a little kid in a candy shop, I couldn’t stop! lol SO right now I have a bunch of books that are waiting for be read….

  1. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order – Samual Huntington
  2. Fashion Babylon – Imogen Edwards-Jones (I read the Air Babylon and Hotel Babylon)
  3. Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. If I am Missing or Dead – Janine Latus
  5. Confessions of  a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon
  6. We Need to Talk About Kevin – Lionel Shriver
  7. Daughter of the East Benazir Bhutto’s Autobiography
  8. One Hunderd Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  9. LOng Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela
  10. The Reagan Diaries
  11. For One More Day – Mitch Albom
  12. Suite Francaise – Irene Nemirovsky

Dubai Dar el 7ay

I am leaving, for the weekend.  If you need anything from dubai let me know.  And No I will not bring in alcohol! ;p


Mary Jane

I was watching Brothers & Sisters (season 1 episode 14 i think) when the mother was caught getting stoned in the car, which leads me to todays topic …. Mary Jane. 

I always wondered which genius person looked at the cannabis plant and said HEY LETS SMOKE THAT!  I know that its been there since the begining of time, and in the past (a really long time ago unfortunatly) it was used by RELIGIOUS PPL! 😉

I read somewhere that the word Ganja comes from the Ganges River in India.  I read the story in the summer, and I completly forgot it.  But the basic gist of the story is about two Hindu dieties that were fighting on the Ganges or something, one of them gets hit and his blood brings out a cannabis plant.  Which brings the name Ganja…something like that.  Please if anyone can find the story let me know 😛

It was summer vacation (1999), and I was 14, and I had gone to summer camp in TASIS, Lugano.  I was living with 2 italian girls, one dutch girl and one korean girl.  They were pretty cool, I am still in touch with one of the italian girls!  Anyway, I was fast asleep in my bed when I woke up to a really really weird smell.  I asked who ever was awake wat the smell was and she tried to get me to go back to sleep, and then they finally told me that Antonella and Luisa (the english girl from the dorms next door) were on the balcony smoking “marjoooanaaah”.  I freaked out, I didn’t wanna get in trouble, but I went back to bed LOL.  So from that time I knew what marjooaaanaaaah smelled like.

Fast forward to 2005, I was in minneapolis, my friend and I decieded to go watch a movie.  We get into the elevator, and it was pretty crowded in there, when the smell hit us.  My friend (who was on the other end of the elevator), trying to be smart tell me in “arabic”, “Umm Chirp, matshimeeen ree7at hashish” (Chirp don’t u smell hashish).  It got kind of quiet, then the two african american guys started to giggle, yes they giggled :P.  It was the funniest shit ever when it happened. 

It was my last semester in college, and I had just walked into our apartment buiilding after my night class.  As I was walking down the hall way the smell kept on getting stronger, I turned to my friends and I was laughing telling her that it reeked of pot, and those ppl are so stupid.  As I turned the corner to get to the elevator area, I see two cops, the manager of the building and the security of our building standing infront of one of the apartment doors.  Uh-Oh, they are screwed!  Two days later, I walk by the same apartment, and the door was wide open and parents were inside doing some packing … how horribe is that?!  If your going to smoke up, at least do it smartly. 


GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!!! MY BAG ARRIVED! YAAY!!! It arrived yesterday while I was having lunch 😀  I might be posting pics when I go home.  I just have been tooooooo lazy 😛

I told my mom I wanna join a gym, and she asked me when I will have time to work out.  Its true, but at least I wanna work out once or twice a week, its almost ba7ar time!!

I still didn’t hear back from the British Council, its been 2 1/2 weeks!!! God I am FREAKING out, kind of, on the inside.  I am always freaking out.

I still really want a Carrera!

I also wanted to be a drummer in a rock band 😛

I always wonder how people have enough trust in their maids to leave their kids with them.  Especially really young kids who can’t speak up.

I also wonder whether the mothers feelings get hurt if her kid would rather be with the maid than her.

I also wonder why the maid has to be with the family when they go out for lunch or dinner etc etc.

I’d rather have a small house and a huge garden, than a huge house with no garden.  Or an average house with a garden.

December 2007, I felt an emotion that I had no clue what it was, I think it was an extreme level of anger.  It scared me. 

I miss my old life  (Before 2004). 

I think that people are free to do whatever they want in their life as long as it doesn’t hurt others.  Its God who is going to be their judge, not me, not you, not anyone. 

If I am sad or stressed I can’t eat.

I think knees are very ugly.

I am a strong believer that personality changes how a person see’s another person.

I used to watch crime shows in the states and freak my self out.

Love Law and Order:SVU.

I’m not the same person I was when I graduated college.

Vanilla Cupcakes from sugar and spice, and Ferrero Rocher will ALWAYS make me smile!

I still don’t own a scale!! hehehe

The French quote of the day is “J’aimerais travailler pour une organisation humanitaire” …”I’d like to work for a humanitarian organization”.

When I first start on something (learning a language, photography .. etc), I get so frustrated beacause I can’t get the hang of it so quickly, that I almost want to quit.

I don’t know whether to fight for what I want, or quit before getting hurt. 

Everytime they used to put the video of the song “With You” by Jessica Simpson, I almost always ordered Chicken Wings from this place called Big 10.  (Its all jessica’s fault she makes me crave them when i see her pretending to eat them”.

I love the view from my cubicle :p

I think I should get back to work right now 😛

Because we need to be put on leashes

For those of you who don’t read Arabic news papers, or missed this article on Friday in Alqabas .. heres the first paragraph of this very controversial and extremly uneducated press release from Jam3iyat Al Islah. (LINK)

وتساءل أمين سر الجمعية في بيان تقلت «القبس» نسخة منه «ماذا تريدون يا دعاة الاختلاط، هل تريدون المزيد من اللقطاء والزنى والاجهاض بسبب الحمل السفاح أم مزيدا من الأمراض الجنسية جراء اختلاط النساء بالرجال والفتيات بالفتيان؟».

Basically the Secretary (i think that is what ameen il ser means) is questioning the Anti Segregation advocates, asking them why they want mixed schools, do they want bastard children, pre marital sex, and abortions, or do they want more STD’s becasue of the mixing of women and men.

Sij sij sij dirty minded!!!!!  I think that the basis of each person is their parents.  If a parent knows how to take care of their child, and teach them what is right and wrong, and sending them to a mixed school will not cause them to automatically have pre marital sex.  If you don’t trust your self, then your just a dirty and pathetic and a pervert!!!!

I don’t think that mix education is what causes that, ya3ni is he trying to tell me that ppl in non mixed schools are not prone to anything?  That they are perfect?  That they do not have sexual urges or they don’t act on their sexual urges?!?!?  Ya3ni that is the most uneducated press release I have read in my ENTIRE LIFE.

I still remember when I was in school (and I was in a mixed school) my cousin who was in a government school used to tell us how there were girls who would give other girls flowers/chocolates and ask them out.  At first I thought that they wanted to be friends (i was quiet naive back then) then as I grew up a little I realized that it was not as innocent as I though.

What really pissed me off also, is that ever since Kuwait University had been created, it had been mixed.  Is he trying to tell me that all the children born during the time period that KU was mixed, were bastard children? 

What causes STDs and Abortions and unplanned pre marital sex is NOT mixed environement.  It is actually lack of education.  If people in this country took their heads out of the sand, they would realize that no matter how much they tried to segregate the girls from the guys, they cannot keep them away from each other.  It is human nature to be attracted to the opposite sex, and if they want to do stuff together THEY WILL DO IT.  There are a million and ONE places they could do it.  Unless you have a special police force that will look out for those stuff and cameras on every single street corner, apartment building and inside houses, and be all big brother over our heads, then ppl will still find a way to do it.

I think that “Sex Education” is important.  It is not going to cause the person to automatically go and do it, they give ppl less credit then they deserve, they make us seem like we’re animals on the discovery channel, and they only way they can control us and our crazy sexual urges is by keeping the two sexes away from each other. I think if people are going to go out and do it, they might as well be educated about it. 

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