GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!!! MY BAG ARRIVED! YAAY!!! It arrived yesterday while I was having lunch 😀  I might be posting pics when I go home.  I just have been tooooooo lazy 😛

I told my mom I wanna join a gym, and she asked me when I will have time to work out.  Its true, but at least I wanna work out once or twice a week, its almost ba7ar time!!

I still didn’t hear back from the British Council, its been 2 1/2 weeks!!! God I am FREAKING out, kind of, on the inside.  I am always freaking out.

I still really want a Carrera!

I also wanted to be a drummer in a rock band 😛

I always wonder how people have enough trust in their maids to leave their kids with them.  Especially really young kids who can’t speak up.

I also wonder whether the mothers feelings get hurt if her kid would rather be with the maid than her.

I also wonder why the maid has to be with the family when they go out for lunch or dinner etc etc.

I’d rather have a small house and a huge garden, than a huge house with no garden.  Or an average house with a garden.

December 2007, I felt an emotion that I had no clue what it was, I think it was an extreme level of anger.  It scared me. 

I miss my old life  (Before 2004). 

I think that people are free to do whatever they want in their life as long as it doesn’t hurt others.  Its God who is going to be their judge, not me, not you, not anyone. 

If I am sad or stressed I can’t eat.

I think knees are very ugly.

I am a strong believer that personality changes how a person see’s another person.

I used to watch crime shows in the states and freak my self out.

Love Law and Order:SVU.

I’m not the same person I was when I graduated college.

Vanilla Cupcakes from sugar and spice, and Ferrero Rocher will ALWAYS make me smile!

I still don’t own a scale!! hehehe

The French quote of the day is “J’aimerais travailler pour une organisation humanitaire” …”I’d like to work for a humanitarian organization”.

When I first start on something (learning a language, photography .. etc), I get so frustrated beacause I can’t get the hang of it so quickly, that I almost want to quit.

I don’t know whether to fight for what I want, or quit before getting hurt. 

Everytime they used to put the video of the song “With You” by Jessica Simpson, I almost always ordered Chicken Wings from this place called Big 10.  (Its all jessica’s fault she makes me crave them when i see her pretending to eat them”.

I love the view from my cubicle :p

I think I should get back to work right now 😛


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zainoba
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 10:23:09

    Gosh! Two days in a row Ive been the first one commenting on ur post. Im a fan of ur blog 🙂 go to my blog and read the post “My Boring Weekend”:)

    Mabrooook on ur bag!

    Nice Facts/Points, yalla get back to work as I enjoy my break!


  2. Eschew Obfuscation
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 12:43:59

    Cool. I didnt understand anything you said, though. I think I lost my train of thought like 5 times while reading your port 😉


  3. ::: ShoSho :::
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 13:18:23

    Nice Post!
    I don’t eat either when I am stressed or upset
    As for the maids, tell me about it! I don’t have one and I don’t understand why people leave their kids with them. I prefer to send my kid to the nursary than keep him with a maid at home. The first 2 years and a half of my son’s life, I stayed with him and took him everywhere with me.. now he’s in the nursary he’s happy..
    One scene in Kuwait that bugs me is when a couple are shopping and the maid is behind them with the kid! Why have kids if you are too tired to take care of them>?!!!


  4. ::: ShoSho :::
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 13:19:00

    I HATE my knees!!!


  5. Mrm
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 13:54:09

    this entry was too random for me. i dont know what, when and how to respondff.



  6. intlxpatr
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 18:56:48

    I was once SO angry that when the rage was over, my knees were weak and I had a shaking reaction, the adrenelin had hit and run and I was left a quaking wreck. Never again! I have never let rage overpower me again; I can’t stand the quakiness!


  7. Big Pearls
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 21:50:30

    I hate knees too!
    I can’t imagine being without a scale!


  8. Hamitaf La B
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 11:46:04

    Wow.. its like reading my own thoughts!!

    I wanted to be a drummer AND lead singer…
    I agree with the thing about the maids…
    I want a small one floor house w/pool and garden
    December 2007: anger, frustration and ultimate depression
    I miss my old life: summer 2006 😦
    If Im stressed I can ONLY eat ice-cream and chips
    I love Law and Order: SVU and every other crime show there is!!
    When I start something.. I end up quitting…

    I think I need to go back to work too…. 😀


  9. brokesaudi
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 22:36:31

    God could’ve done wonders with the human body, but he gave us knees.


  10. Jenna
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 09:18:08

    Ur cute and random, but thats y ur chirp!
    I agree with ur randomness..
    I think u need a “b3eer” ;p


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