All sorts of Irons

It is back to work! 🙂

I sat down at my desk and I look behind the computer, wela my manager had removed one of the French phrases off the calendar and hung it up with a sad face drawing on it … It says C’est un emploi mal rénmunéré – It’s a low paying job.


After I came back from Dubai, I went to the shalaih the next day to be with the girls.  Had a good time, but of course I woke up before them all, I think I am an insomniac 😛  Anywhoo, since I knew they would be asleep for a little while more, I found a curling iron and decided to work a little on my hair.  Bad idea.  As I was looking at my self in the mirror, I mistakenly (stupidly??) let it touch my forehead, and I burned my forehead.   Right on the top left corner.  When I pull my hair back it shows.  It hurt for a couple of hours, but it stopped hurting now, it just looks like I got into a fight. 😛


Do you guys mind household chores?  I don’t mind cleaning anything or doing the dishes or even cooking.  I love the smell of laundry, but my only two issues are vacuuming (if the vacuum is heavy) and ironing.  Always hated ironing.  It takes patience, something I don’t really have.  All through out college I never owned an iron.  Especially in the US, it was cold most of the time so I had a huge jacket on top.  BUT if something needed ironning I did these three things …

1. hung the shit up in the bathroom before taking a really hot shower, and hoping the steam from the shower would help the wrinkles fade a little.

2. Automatically took it out of the dryer and hung it up or carefully folded it.

3. Iron it out with my hair straightner!! (Genius I know!!!) 

I once took out my jeans from the dryer and one of the foot openings was crumpled up and I didn’t have time to put it back in the dyer, so i turned my hair straightner on the hottest it could go, waited a couple of minutes and “straightened” my jeans.  It really does the job 😉


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zainoba
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 10:35:47

    Welcome Back!

    I love cleaning and I also enjoy vacuuming but I soo hate Ironing! Well, I also didnt own an Iron when I was in UNI:) and I HATE IRONING and plus I suck at it!


  2. TAT
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 11:21:04

    one problem is I don’t have a hair straightener 😛 right now I have no hair oh well good info to have regardless


  3. Linus
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 12:41:25

    I love cooking, but leave the rest for the dishwasher 😀
    I don’t mind washing my car or cleaning it, but I hate doing things inside!
    I don’t have an iron yet lol! I’ve been wearing jacket so no need to get one lol!!!


  4. kaileena
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 13:42:07

    LOL I think your manager thinks otherwise!

    A7!! I’m sorry you got hurt =s, Brings me back once in New Years when I burned few strands of my hair by mistake

    I HAAAATE IRONING TOO! I can never iron..either I’m too soft on it (akhaf ti7tirig ilhdoom) and nothing happens or too rough on it which makes them more creased!
    Like you I wouldnt mind the tidying chores but the dusting and cooking is out of the question!


  5. G
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 13:55:35

    A hair Straightener never tried that before, but I do most of the stuff i need, if no ones home.


  6. EniGma
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 17:48:50

    I don’t mind chores, but since we have maids I’m too lazy to do them 😛 I used to do them when I lived alone though.


  7. intlxpatr
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 18:27:45

    I don’t mind ironing if there is a good movie on. I love the smell of starched clothes and linens. Actually, right now the maid does it.

    Vacuuming totally sucks! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Quand le chat n’est pas la, les souris dansent!


  8. G and L
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 20:10:33

    3ad ironing is the one thing i wouldn’t mind doing.. btw 7imdilla 3al salama (late i know! :/)


  9. Rashisha
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 09:09:26

    OMG… I Burned My face Sat Night Witha Curling Iron…. Mine Is Not Hide-Able thought its near my eye… it looks like someone punched me 😦


  10. Mrm
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 12:04:08

    im treating this as an agreement for you to do all my laundry…brace urself, its just a few months away.


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