Tis the Season for Change

What killed me the most during the elections of 2006 was when asking some women whether this would vote for a women candidate their reply was always “NO” and their reasons were so SO stupid that I couldn’t even find the enegery or will to argue with them.  One of the most repeated excuse was “Men have been in the parliament for a long time, and they haven’t been able to change anything what is a women going to change.”  or “A women doesn’t understand politics, its a mans place” (this really pissed me off, what are we STUPID?  Are Margeret Thatcher, Hilary Clinton, Condi Rice, Benazir Bhutto (allah yer7amha), etc better than the Kuwaiti women candidates??????????? ” A women should concentrate on her home, if she gets into the parliament this will take her away min bait’ha oo 3yalha” (ummm most women running have OLDER kids, have a VERY good career and/or has no kids! .. o0 il khitamiya “ISTAQFERALLAH, Shloon adakhil il marah il majlis waga3idha bain il riyaayeel”

At first I tried to talk some sense into them, that no one knows the issues of women except for your fellow women.  Kuwait has been a free, independent country for more than 40 years, and yes the rights of women have been getting better, BUT the road is LONG.  There are so many other rights that we need and truthfully need to get, and I don’t see these men caring at all, liana that will give them less power over their wives, sisters etc. 

I think its time for a change, I hope AT LEAST one women makes it to parliament, but I think we need more.  We also need to see younger new faces that are promising.  A lot of the former MPs talk talk talk and then they make it into parliament and they do nothing.  Then its election time again and they talk talk talk again and make fake promises. 

What issues are important to you this election?  Which candidates do you with to see in the parliament?

I care about the rights of kuwaiti women,  state of education in Kuwait, the medical care (hopsitals and such), the inflation rate, the prices of land,  removing isqa6 il qurooth from the agenda .. the thought of them dropping the loans is scary .. I dont want to know what will happen to the economy.  Among other issues ofcourse.


Might be a Controversial Post

What would you do if your friend told you they were gay?  Would you stop talking to them? 

I read this article in Kuwait Time [Link] and that is what got me started on the gay issue, then my thoughts started to flow.

A couple of weeks ago we had a really extremly heated discussing about the gay “scene” in kuwait.  There were talks that they were going to close down Messila Beach because of the amount of lesbians that go there, and its their “gathering” place.  Some ppl thought that it was a good thing, that it was a first step in Kuwait .  In my opinion, I think its just foolish, the thing about Kuwait is that we don’t try to fix the problem from the root, we remove the top layer only and expect it to go away.  If we close down Messila, they will find another place to gather.  Are they going to close down schools, cuz I think thats where everything starts?  Are they going to close malls?  Restaurants? 

First of all, gays have been inexistance for a very very very very VERY long time, and I don’t think that closing down one or two places is going to fix it.  Ya3ni okay there might be some issues with the whole gay issue, that its 7arram, and its ruining society (there are a lot of bigger issues that are ruining society I don’t see them crying about that!!).  But there are some ppl that are

1. Born with it (extra testosterone or extra estrogen) or another health issue .. born with both organs instead of 1
2.  Have had an experience in their youth that scarred them for life
3. Have issues at home and are trying to find a venting place
4.  Like Greyshorts said .. they are “summer lesbians”  they do it out of boredom and/or sexual frustration

Yaboon “yimni3ooon” gayness.  We use that word A L O T in kuwait “Mamnoo3”, bas il mamnoo3 marghoob right?  They banned alcohol, does that mean it doesn’t exist?  No, it still exists in black markets, it might be harder to get then if it was legal, BUUUT its not regulated, which means that any one could buy alcohol.  Ya3ni if I was a 15 year old little kid I could call a dealer and buy alcohol.  He doesn’t care i’m 15, as long as he gets that cash in his hands to hell with what I do with the stuff he’s giving me.  Not only that,ppl started to make alcohol in their homes and sell them, now the person who buys it will have no idea what he is drinking, the percentage of alcohol in there, if it will make him sick. Okay I know he;s not supposed to be drinking it in the first place but well a lot of ppl in Kuwait drink.

I hate that word .. Mamnoo3 .. Banned .. Min3aw this and Min3aw that .. what the hell is that going to solve?  You’re just going to keep banning until you have nothing to ban and no problems solved!  I don’t want to solve a problem for 5 minutes and then have it erupt like a volcano.  We all want quick fixes but we all know that doesn’t happen.  Revolutions/changes might seem like they happen over night, but they don’t they take years and years of planning, and it should be long lasting.

This lead to a friend bring up another very valid point.  A couple of years ago, they tried to solve the “ti7irishing” issue by banning guys from entering malls and places and leaving them for families only.  Again they removed the frosting off the cake, and it just made it tasteless.

That didn’t solve anything.  Yes okay I might be able to shop in peace for an hour or two, but what are guys going to be banned forever?  No they weren’t, and truthfully as soon as a person would step out of the mall they would get harrassed.  So they found that rule to be worthless.

I know that I talked about a lot of different issues here, but they all deal with the same thing trying to solve the problems in Kuwait quickly.  They might seem like they have nothing to do with each other but they are all somehow interrelated.

To answer the question I asked at the top, I wouldn’t care if my friend told me their gay.  Thats their sexual orientation and their body.

p.s – after much thought and much debate, I am against legalizing alcohol in kuwait … for now .. we can’t regulate ANYTHING … ya3ni they can’t have rules tht will be followed which will make it easier for anyone to buy it.  Unless we have strict rules that are implemented (I am waiting for the day) then the legalization of alcohol will not be helpful Kuwait.


Laughter is the best medicine.

Every saturday we have lunch at my grandmas house, its not the whole gang but only my mom and I, and my youngest aunt and her family, and my uncle, and ofcourse my grandmother.

We were sitting having our tea after lunch, and my mom started being santa clause again, handing out the gifts she got everyone from India.  One of the things she got my grandmother was pure indian tea, so she started to read the back of the box out loud (it was in english).  My mom speaks english bas with an accent, ya3ni shes a typical kuwaiti mom and for some reason I always laugh at her, walaa i try not to ya3ni math7aak 3ala kilman 3indaa accent bas ya3ni with her I just can’t stop my self!! Anyway she said the word “among” in a really weird way so i just burst out laughing, SO LOUD and I couldnt stop, and I kept on repeating how she said it .. 6ab3an my aunt joined in with me. 

After a couple of minutes we quieted down a bit, but I was giggling quietly cuz I was remembering something else in my mind when my mom THROWS the box of tea at me LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, it was seriously unexpected and since I wasn’t looking at her I didn’t know it was coming, and it got me laughing again to the point where tears were streaming down my face. Just thinking about is making me laugh out loud (i’m LOLing) :p

Waaai omi anteeka, she seriously cracks me up, ya3ni 3alaaiha 6al3aaat mo 9iiij!!! When she came to visit me for my graduation, we were out shopping, I don’t remember what she said exactly but I remember that I was laughing so hard I had to sit down. 

The only other person that can make me laugh that much is Nwair, I think once (one of the only times I drive to get food in the shalaih) she nearly made me craash cuz we were laughing, and she was pushing me (don’t ask why!!).  LOOL Once we went to the small side sultan centers ili 3indi il shalaaaihaat, we were standing to pay when this girl almost sprints to the cashier and is like “seksuuuuz meee u have nail remover” “noo noo i mean polish remover”  .. I start to hear nwairs breathing get weird and I Know shes going to start laughing, I try not to look at her bas I swear once im with her its like a freaking disease … I can feel my self start shaking a little and I am holding the laughter in, when we burst out laughing (yeah in front of the girl lool), when we were leaving the girl was like “eeeeh mawa9eeekum 7ishaaw bil sayarah” bas she was laughing, which sent us into another round of loud laughing.


Reading this article [LINK] disgusted me at how LOW people can get and how they could use our religion for their gains!  What angered me the most is how these men who call them selves “religious” men use Islam to instill fear in people so they could do waht they please!  A child runs away for a reason and using the “wrath” of God to get what they want!! All I can say is allah yahdeeehum oo isame7hum.

Can’t think of a title!!

In the summer of 2006 I was working during the elections I made a group of friends.  At first I loved them all, I thought they were normal.  Anyways after a couple of weeks, one of the girls takes me to the side and asks me if she things our group is normal, and i’m like yeah wats wrong with u?  Shes like no theres this girl .. Flana .. we all think shes wierd, she just got to know u and shes stuck to you!! She’s always with you, the first at your house and the last to leave, doesn’t she have a family that asks about her?

I told her that I didn’t really see an issue with it, ya3ni kaifha maybe she just needs new friends in her life! Shes not hurting me, she doesn’t look liek the gossip type so why should I worry??

Anyways that girl was adamnt about trying to get me to move away from that girl!  She was like “don’t u see her as weird, we know nothing about her! She doesn’t talk all she does is listen!” blah blah blah blah.  She even got other girls to come tell me the same story!  She kept on going for 6 months trying to make me dislike the girl and push her away.

Ya3ni yuba what is wrong with ppl?  After telling my mom the story, my mom told me to be careful from ppl like that, esp that girl cuz she knows her mom and 6abi3 omha.  She wanted me to move away from the girl, so she can go behind my back and befriend the girl!!! I know that because she did it between me and another friend!!! So I stopped inviting her to our gatherings with MY friends because really I hate drama and problems. 

3oqda? Marath nafsy?  il7imdila wilshikir!!!


My mom travelled last night 😥 I’m really sad ;s  I used to like her to travel a little before, ya3ni just so I can get some time off, bas now I have become extremly close with her and I feel lonely without her at home! ya3ni even though we treat our house like a hotel, its still nice to have lunch with her and chill with her before going to bed.


I am craving potstickers!! I think I might make some tonight.  I am also going to try making this chocolate pudding, inshala it turns out well!!!


I have a song stuck in my head … “wish3alaaaaamich yal asmaraaneyaaaa” I have been singing it for the past three days!!! Wil moshkila ina I only know the words “wish3alamich yal asmaraneya, yal asmaraneya .. then madry shigooloon”!! That song reminds me of T, hehehe T has to figure out or remember why that song is a reminder of them :p Miss youuu ;******



My Answers! Traa Laa Laa


When are we coming over your place for karaoke!? :p







Prophet: Paper or Plastic
for what?  It depends … Paper 😛 I dunno 🙂

Cat: The best thing in ur personality

 I can get a long with almost anyone :p

Zainoba: Why do your friends call you chirp

My actual nickname is Charpy .. then my friends sister ga6at badliya and said Chirp and it just stuck.

Hamitaf: Whats your star sign 😛 Song of the week.

I am a Virgo 😛
My song of the week is Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis !!

Zainoba: Are you in love or have you been in love

Once : )

Fadidra: How old are you?  What’s your favorite hangout place in q8? Did you get a new maid?

         I am 23 … My favorite hangout place in q8 is Caspers and no we still have the same maid loool!!

         Btw tha7akteeni 3ala akher so’al!!

Jacqui: Am I your one true love?

I am sorry love bas I have to say NO 😛

Big Pearls: What is the worst thing u have done?

The worst thing is that I am still unable to forgive my dad for his mistakes. J

Intlxpatr: You have a day all to yourself – anything you want is yours. What do you do? What is your favorite food?  What is your favorite restaurant?  How do you like your coffee?

         I would spend it lounging around by a pool with the ppl I love.  Or reading a book by the pool for 2 hours then having the ppl I love around me 😉

         My grandmothers food .. All of it.  Hareesa, yireesh, and Machboos la7am (meat machboos)!!!!

         My favorite restaurant is …. Villa Fairouz even though I don’t go much.  I also LOVE gaucho grill.

         Dark and rich .. just like my men ;p


Ge6awee: Whats the one thing in life that keeps you going.. gives you hope, that makes you never want to give up.. what is considered your life’s adrenaline?

         Seeing other ppl that made it in life .. especially my mom


N.- are your legs feeling better from the walk down the stairs ? if you didn’t live in kuwait, where would you live? how do you feel about going to space?  If you didn’t be in your field of work, what would you be doing?

NOOOOW they are HAHAH but they hurt for 3 days afterwards.
– Ummm, kind of hard, I want to live somewhere that has all four seasons.   But my dream is to be a person who lives somewhere different every 2 years .. I want to live in Italy (Rome), Paris, France, London, Seattle, New York.  I dunno I have so many places in my mind :p
– I would be so scared.
– Would have loved to work in the United Nations.

Prophet: Whats your mantra?
– Forget regret or life is yours to miss 😉 – From the movie RENT!!

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Seven Things I Plan to do…
1. Work on my Shyness! GET OVER IT
2. Get my masters (at least)
3. Eventually heading a nonprofit/ngo that helps children get education
4. Become completly fluent in French and master at least 2 other languages.
5. Have Eva Longorias Body 😉
6. Be a good mom (inshala!!)
7. Answer the worlds most baffling questions ;p

Seven Things I can Do…
1. Cook! 🙂
2. Pull allnighters/not sleep a lot and keep on working
3. Forgive friends who hurt me .. but once time only
4. Do the running man (and other dances as well) 😉
5. Be extremly LOUD
6. Totally tune out a group of ppl and make them think I am listening
7.  Get along with almost anyone (being diplomatic)

Seven Things I can’t do…
1. Not get excited over the little things
2. Love easily
3. Be nice to someone that I cannot stand (for legit reasons ofcourse)
4. Straighten my hair with a blow dryer and comb thing
5. Pretend to care when I really don’t
6. Lie, I suck at lying, I don’t know how to lie.
7.  Thats it, I try to not say “I cant do this”

Seven Things I say the most….
1. I’m Hungry/Yo3ana
2. Shino kan ghadakum
3. are you serious?!?!
4. 7ad umaaaah
5. Wayhich
6. Madriiiiii
7. Umbaaaih

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