HAHAHA this really really cracked me up


My friend Duu3

If you guys watch Taw il Layl on Al-Watan TV you would have seen my friend Dua’a (do3a’a) being interviewed in their “women in sports” night (I guess you could call it that)!

She doe’s Kyokshin (no idea of spelling), some type of Martial Arts, she has been doing it for the past 15 years, and I must admit althought I know nothing about Martial Arts I know she is very very good!  I am so so so proud of her :********

They played some of her matches/fights and her training on the show and it showed that she’s one tough girl.  And from some recent experience I must admit shes strong (and she wasn’t FIGHTING WITH ME I was the “hostage”)!!!!

Luffff u Do3a the Explorer!


 haven’t heard these songs in forever, probably since high school, they bring back so many memories!!

Min il far7a – Khalid 3abdilra7man

Entetharta – Khalid 3abdilra7man



I woke up knowing its wednesday, I don’t know why on the drive to work I kept on thinking it was thursday and I was actually excited about it being thursday!!! I was thinking I have to call a friend of mine to see what time she’s leaving today, then while walking down the stairs of the parking lot it hit me that its not Thursday its STILL wednesday, didn’t feel so good!!!!! hehehe


I have the calendar at work marked on my last day of work, which will be in 2 months inshalah.  I am still freaking out about leaving ;s it is scaring the hell out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why.  Ya3ni I know I freak out about the smallest things and I panic a lot, but seriously I can’t stop thinking about being “ALONE”.

I should stop freaking out….Really!! Bas madry laish everything I think about it I am close to saying bas khalas maby aroo7! :s I will be living in an apartment, so it will be harder for me to make friends!!!!!!!!!

On Voting

I voted! Did you?

Wala im not very happy with the results! Its like the same ppl are back again.  Ya3ni the ppl don’t learn?  

Yig3idoon yit7al6imoon 3an il deera wily ga3id i9eer feeha, oo they complain 3an il majlis and iridoon nafs il nas.  Ya3ni ako nas yistahloon, like marzoug il ghanim o0 3ali il rashid and il 9ar3awy.  Bas fy nas ABAD ma yistahloon kirsy il parliament!


A little election story

I went to vote with my mom, thank god ma kan ako za7ma, anyways so we go up to the door and there were two police(?) checking the jinseyas at the door, the guy on the right to my moms jinseya and the one on the left took mine.  My mom walked in while the guy was still checking mine (BUROOOD) anywyas i take mine and walk in quickly after my mother and I hear the police on the right saying
Laa7tha la7tha shloon dashaat!! hathy bit9awet! cham 3omorha, cham 3omorha” 

I just turned around and smiled and kept on walking.


Allah Yer7umik

Allah yer7umik bewasi3 ra7mitaah ya raab ya Shaikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

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The contents of my makeup bag are

Three different eyeliners (black, navy blue and aqua blue)
lip balm
powder bronzer
Rosy Bobby Brown lip gloss

My favorite makeup product is

MAC Black Kohl eyeliner

My perfume is

Herme’s – Eau Des Merveilles

My ultimate dream

To have the best family and to be successful.

How do I define womanhood

Strong, Smart, Beautiful, Motherly

My beauty product brand is

Still have not found the right one!! :\

Day cream

Still searching for the one that goes well with my skin

Essential beauty product

LIP BALM and sun block for my face.

Three products (besides solar) to bring on a deserted island

What the hell is solar?!?!
I want toothbrush+paste
sunblock&shampoo (unless i shave my hair off)

Woman with the best sense of style

Don’t know about the stars, but I can name a few ppl i know with amazing style.

My favourite fashion publication
I look at the pics in all, but no favorite.

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