The Earthquake.

I had just finished showering and i was getting ready to go out when i felt everything moving.  at first i thought I was being paranoid and i was probably really tired.  Then i realized the world was still moving around me and the stuff hanging in the apartment were moving as well.

anyways I didn’t think much of it, I asked my friend if she felt anything when she came out of the shower, she said no.  So i thought I was being paranoid again.  We get into the car and i get a txt from my mom asking if im okay and to call her back.

then the txts from my friends in minnesota came.  I think it was a 5.4 earthquake but i just felt the earthmoving from under me.

yeah im back in los angeles


Minneapolis, MN

I didnt realize how much i missed minneapolis until i walked out of the airport. Its so good to be back. I arrived on sunday the 20th in the afternoon, then I went out to lunch with a couple of friends. Had to pick up my brothers car, go get some stuff fro Target, go visit some friends and then finally home at around 9. By that time I was so tired I passed out on the couch until the next morning.

My first full day here I shopped a little, then headed over to the Grand Ave in St Paul and just walked around the area for the longest time. Sat in a cafe and read a book til my friend came and we went back home. Since that day I have been meeting u with different friends its really really really good to see everyone!

I’ve been shopping around too, not THAT much but just enough.

Tomorrow is my friend Jim’s wedding reception. He already got married back in January I think but in Mexico, and now they are having their wedding reception thing here.

Anyways i’ll post pictures when i’m back in kuwait, cuz im using my ASUS right now and its really tiny and not fun to type long entries with.

OOOH yeah one more thing, I walked around campus again, oooh i miss it, but not in winter. LOL

US and A ;p

I’m in LA!!!

Will be heading to minnesota tomorrow.


So I guess I am back to blogging, kind of.  The reason behind my disappearance is acctually REALLY stupid. 

They took away my internet at work!!!

I am INTERNET-less and constantly bored that I started doing all the sudoku’s in all the newspapers! 🙂

I usually blog while i’m at work, in between doing my work and running around like a headless chicken, so when they took my internet away it slowed down my posts.  I do have internet at home, but home for me these days is like a pit stop.  Come home after work, eat lunch, shower, leave.  Come home at night kinda tired, go on line for a bit, read some blogs then sleep.  Weekends are spent in the shalaih.  :p


ANYWHOOOOO …. I really miss having the internet at work, I’m actually really pissed they took it away from me.  ITS ONLY ME FROM THE WHOLE DEPARTMENT! I do use it alot but I do get my work done REALLY FAST though. 

Anyways, I don’t know what else to say.