My brother left last night, and although we fought a lot since I came back from vacation I miss him already :s  Its so weird not waking up and finding him in the living room reading the papers and fighting with him over everything.

When I came home today I found a little lost kitten meowing her heart out right outside our house, she was SOO tiny she was was a little bigger than my palms.  I felt SO bad because I think she got lost from her mother and she was scared so I took her into the house. My mom wouldn’t let me keep her, cuz I’m not an animal lover and its a street cat.  So she made me put it outside again.  I feel so guilty though.  I put her food and water, but I think she’s so tiny that she would die from the heat or something.


How to waste ur day – brought to u by Wataniya

My internet is from Wataniya.  I woke up two days ago and the internet wasn’t working.  I go look at the router and it wasn’t lit up so my brother and I went to Wataniya to see what was wrong with it.  After waiting for a bit the guy tells us that the issue is with the power supply and not with the router, but they don’t sell the individual power supply and we would have to go get it from somewhere else.  He told us to go to a store called Cameo in Ibn Khuldoon street in Hawalli, and as most of u know Hawalli is HELL at night, and the heat of Kuwait is Hell during the day, so no matter what you do, your stuck in hell.  Anyways we go to Ibn Khuldoon get lost a bit and find the store and they tell us they don’t have it.  We go to a couple of more stores and they don’t have a power supply.  So we give up and head home. 

 The next day (which is today) I met up with a friend for lunch and after we were done I decided to go and search for that DARN power supply.  I went to the Lawazim il 3a’ela store in the jam3iya and they didnt have it, so I went to the computer shop, they didnt have it either.  I walked around Re7ab, couldn’t find it there.  They told me to go across the street to the electrical shops and I went to like 3 different stores and they didn’t have it.  THEN they told me to go to the satellite stores and they would have it.  So I went, and walked around the satellite stores until one man told me to go to a store called RTC or something and they had it there, I really don’t know how I found the store,  but I did, and I finally got the power supply I needed after spending a very long time driving around hawalli, going to different stores and ofcourse wasting my good time.

I don’t understand why they don’t keep extra power supplies in their storage area, or why they don’t have one specific store they deal with so they can send their customers there.  Ya3ni I had to waste my time driving around kuwait trying to find a power supply for the stupid router, and on top of all that its HOT.


1. I got a blackberry curve and I don’t know how to use it.  I don’t even know why I got it, I could have spent that money on a dress, or boots, or both!

2. I went to Mayas with MIrim and Jenna today and the food was really really really good! Mirim raved about it so much and I believe her now!.

3. Today was “Dalaaag S’haaaail” ili fahamta is that since its so freaking humid today our winter is not going to be cold.

4. We got a new khadama today!!! Our old one maskeeena got talayof bil ra7em (something in her uterus) and was hospitalized for 4 days and now she wants to go back to india to get the surgery done!  We’ve had our differences but I will miss her 😦

I can’t stop listening to this song

Jim and Monicas Wedding Reception Picnic Thing

One of the main reasons I times my trip at that specific time was because my friends Jims wedding reception thing was in July.  I had missed his wedding in Mexico and I wasn’t about to miss this.  I stayed in Minneapolis for 1 week.  THe first 5 days I stayed kind of close to campus with my friend Lil D, and during the weekend I stayed at a hotel in Downtown, to be walking distance from everything. 

Anyways Saturday the 26th Me and D were picked up at the hotel by Jims friend Donnie and his wife, where they took us to the rest of the group on theother side of downtown to a bar/restaurant called the LOOP.  We chilled there a little until the bus arrived.  We took a party bus all the way to the reception, which was 40 minutes away in Hudson, Wisconsin.  It was so much fun. There was a pole in the bus where the guys showed us their talents and shook what their mama gave them. 

When we arrived at the Park where the reception was held the guys put on the song Rockstar on fullblast and taht is how we showed our prescense to the rest of the guests ;p   It was more of what we would call an “istiqbal” here in kuwait, except its not even close to istiqbalat il kuwait, it was extremly laid back.  Jims father was grilling the burgers and hotdogs and you could also make ur burritos.  There was three different kinds of cake that had really good icing (i have an icing obsession).

My friend Danielle sleeps more than anyone I had ever met in my life, an hour in, she went and took a nap on the bus, so I was left alone.  I mingled around, I knew some of the guys there, but I got to know the rest, they were great! I had a blast.  We as the sun was setting and by the time we reached downtown minneapolis it was dark, we stopped in St Paul for a bit though.  Me and D went to change and we met up with the rest of the group at a place called the Loon, and I knew that other friends were going to be downtown on that day, so I met up with a bunch of different ppl.

One of the coolest things ever was there was a Mariachi band at the picnic!!!!!!!

I have a bunch of videos but I don’t know how to upload them 🙂

Books and Vacation

Since I am officially on holiday since the 10th of July, I decided to give my brain somewhat of a holiday as well, since I will have to work it hard when I start my Masters program in september.  So my readings this vacation have been pretty much on the easy side.  VEERYY easy side. 

 I finished “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and I loved it.  I couldn’t put it down, every word I read I could imagine, all her problems her issues, her ups her downs, the food, the meditation everything.  It made me want to just put my life on hold and go to Italy and enjoy the food and life and learn the language.  I always wanted to do that but instead of Italy I wanted France then Spain, and now I Want to add Italy to my list.  Live 4 months in each country and learn the language. 

I finished reading the book in Minneapolis, so when I reached the airport to fly back to California,  I had nothing to read on the plane, so I stopped into the bookstore and started to browse when I found a book called “My Horizontal Life.  A collection of One-Night Stands” By Chelsea Handler, and at that time I had no idea who Chelsea Handler was.  ANyways I thought it would be a funny read so I bought it, and started to read it, and man was it funny, I was laughing out loud on the plane.  When my friends picked me up I showed them the book and that is when I found out who Chelsea Handler was, she has a show on E! now that my friends watch religiously, so I started to watch it also, cuz my friend Tivo’s it and we watch it at night right before we sleep. When I was done with that book, I bought her other book “Are you there Vodka, its me Chelsea” , omg shes hilarious, crazy, and just funny.  I finished that and now I am starting “Second Galance” by Jodi Picoult.

I’m on vacation for the next month, I leave Kuwait the end of September, and my anxiety is SKY HIGH, I try not to think about it, and the only thing thats keeping me cool is knowing that Mirim and Jenna rnt too far away.  It’ll be fun, I just need to get my act together and actually STUDY.

Minneapolis Pics

Okay I have no idea what i did here. BAs here are my mineapolis pics.

Umm how can i put them in normally.  I didn’t upload pics in a while so I dont know exactly what I did and how they came out to be like that :p HELP!!!!!!!! 🙂

Star Sighting

Two more days in LA.  I don’t want to leave 😦

I saw Rihanna and Chris Brown on Melrose.  No pics, but his bodyguard asked me if I was Indian. i told him no im from Kuwait chan igooli “yeaaah thats whats up”.


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