1. I got a blackberry curve and I don’t know how to use it.  I don’t even know why I got it, I could have spent that money on a dress, or boots, or both!

2. I went to Mayas with MIrim and Jenna today and the food was really really really good! Mirim raved about it so much and I believe her now!.

3. Today was “Dalaaag S’haaaail” ili fahamta is that since its so freaking humid today our winter is not going to be cold.

4. We got a new khadama today!!! Our old one maskeeena got talayof bil ra7em (something in her uterus) and was hospitalized for 4 days and now she wants to go back to india to get the surgery done!  We’ve had our differences but I will miss her 😦

I can’t stop listening to this song


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rim
    Aug 25, 2008 @ 02:06:05

    go to zain and subscribe to the bb service .. register your device online .. set up your emails on the device .. add your other friends with bbs and start pinging them 😀 once you’ve mastered the pinging and bb messeging you can call yourself a crackberry whore like the rest of us and welcome to the club


  2. big pearls
    Aug 25, 2008 @ 06:47:04

    I tried Mayas, yes it is good:)

    enshalla the new maid te6la3 zaina!:)


  3. Mrm
    Aug 25, 2008 @ 22:59:33

    ma fahamt wala shay gala rim. i desperately want to, but i cant.

    shlon raji ra7at bidoon matgooleenli!??!!!


  4. vixenfatale
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 23:55:22

    shenoo mayas

    matchoof shar ur maid ^^


  5. Chirp
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 23:28:54

    Rim – alright i will try that :p

    BP – Inshala allah yisma3 minich

    Mrm – Rim is talking about the blackberry … and she didn’t leave yet ;p

    vixen – Mayas is an Armenian restaurant in Shiik, 7ada qawee u have to try it. and il shar mayeeech thanks!


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