London Weekend!

First things first.  3eedkum imbarak!! 🙂

I took the train up to London this weekend to visit Mirim, and I had a blast.  Jenna and her sister came from the city as well so it was kind of like a small reunion!  It was so so so good to see them!

I walked around so much this weekend that my calves hurt, in one day me and Mirim walked the equivalent of 11 KM (she has a step counter on her fone and it tells you how much you walked).  Yes it is quiet a lot of walking.  I woke up the next day with really achy calves.

The weather in London was gorgeous and sunny (allah itamem!!!)

One of my sorority sisters is in london for her masters also, she was one of the older sisters, and I saw her when I was in London, I have not seen her in 2 and a half years!  My other friend from MN is in london also, I have not seen him in ages too but I will see him next time i go inshala.

While walking on Regent Street we saw this guy that was on the ground bleeding from his mouth and nose, I don’t know from where else though, he was on the ground and someone was trying to help him while waiting for the ambulance.  I don’t know what happened to him, it was so scary though cuz there was blood underhim tooo. 

Also it is really expensive here!!!!!!!

We went to mcdonalds for a quick meal one of the days and I wasn’t that hungry but I knew that if I saw the girls eating I would want to eat also, so I ask Mirim if she wanted to share a sandwich.  We got the Chicken Legend and then I realized I wanted it cut in half, so I asked the cashier if they could cut it in half. 

He looked like I had asked him what the square root of 376 was or something, everyone got really confused for some reason, I just wanted it to be cut in half.  So after 5 minutes of confusion they give me my sandwich back, and it is only HALF of the sandwich.  I got really frustrated so Mirim went up to the cashier and asked him where the other half of our sandwich was, and they ended up giving us another one.  We couldn’t stop laughing at how they got so confused when I asked them to cut it in half!!! We had an extra half after they gave us the new one, so we gave it to a random homeless person.  I have pictures but I don’t feel like uploading them right now, so maybe later! 🙂


Please if anyone knows a site where I can watch streaming videos of tv shows plz let me know or give it to me in the comment box! Thanks a million loves!! 🙂


Made it!

Right now I am sitting in my dorm room, its actually not a dorm ROOM its kind of a small tiny apartment.  I have a bedroom and a seperate kitchen and my own bathroom.  Its not that bad actually.  I still need to get settled in, I am buying my stuff little by little cuz I can’t carry everything on my own and truthfully I dont feel like getting everything done at once.

I still haven’t met anyone yet well i’ll take that back, I met a couple of ppl but they all stick with their group of ppl, that speak their own language and that kind of sucks.  But I guess I will meet ppl once the course starts, I have my course orientation next week.   I am actually really excited to start studying again (nerd I know!)

The weather is not that bad, and the area is quiet lovely but I already got a sore throat ;p

I miss my mother 😦 and I miss my friends too.


I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day in Kuwait! I am really starting to freak out now.  I don’t know what I am scared of, I think just the intial arrival and figuring my way around the area and all that.  Although I talked to Mirim and Jenna and they are having a blast and I told Mirim that I am going to visit her as soon as I feel lonely since she is not that far away, but still CRAP! LOL

I’m excited at the same time though, its going to be an exprience, I have never really visited the UK much, went to camp there ages ago, and once with my mom also many many years ago, so I am not too familiar with it or their education system.

Allah i3eeeni :p

The one where …

My mother nearly (allah laygool!) died!

So it was 6 AM and I was just about to got o bed … My sleeping pattern has become really messed up, anyways I was about to turn my laptop off when I smelled something burning, so I started to sniff around my room but realized there was no smoke!

So I jumped up from my bed and opened the door and at that same minute I saw the lights being turned from under the door to my mothers room area.  She opened the door just as I was reaching for it and the smoke came out.  I started to freak out at that point, and she started to tell me that she nearly died!

Well we both have this little travel steamer that we use to steam our clothes when we travel, and when our maid was in the hospital my mom used it, but turned it off but that was like a month ago! Anywyas it was still plugged into the wall.  And it burned!!!!!!!!!

Thank God it was on the Tijoory (the safe) and not on top of the table or on the ground on the carpet in the room! Wala allah 7afath-ha, alf il7imdila wala.  Bas seriously it was SO SO SO Scary!  Thank God also that she wasn’t in a deep deep sleep either!


Anyways my new favorite quote that I really REALLY like is … اذا دعتك قدرتك على ظلم الناس، فتذكر قدرة الله عليك  …. Which roughly translates to “If you are able to cause injustice on others … remember Gods ability on you.”

The Habanero & I

First off .. Thanks for all the birthday wishes ;* greatly appreciate it! 🙂

The first or 2nd day of Ramadan I headed to The Sultan Center with Mirim cuz she needed some stuff, and well I went for entertainment, but ended up buying stuff too. Anywhooo, while in the produce section I spotted a sign that said “Habanero Chilis” or something like that, and I got really excited cuz I love chilis so I bought a bunch to make into ma3booch and took it home.

I love spicy food, I love ma3booch and I usually can’t eat food unless its spicy.  I add chili peppers (or ma3booch) to almost anything.  I have become almost immune to spiceyness, where my friends wouldn’t be able to eat the food cuz its too spicy for them, and I would add more filfil cuz I can’t taste the chili.

Anyways I remembered the habaneros the next night and told our maid to make it into ma3booch so I can take it with me to my fathers house.  She then proceeds to tell me that the chilis I brought were infact not chilis, that they were “sweet” peppers.  I started to question my reading skills and I was wondering if I had picked from the wrong shelf…So I took a habanero out of the bag (its small and orange) and bit it all. After chewing it a couple of times I looked at my maid and nearly killed her, IT WAS SPICY!!!!!!! My mom was looking at me like I was going to die.  My throat was burning me, I felt like I could breathe fire, it was actually quiet funny when I think of it now, but seriously, don’t experiement with chili peppers.

Happy Birthday!

I’m 24!!!! 🙂


And to quote my friend ….

, . n o o r i y a . , .  says:wat?! u just keep getting weirder with age


Happy birthday to me 🙂

The dead fish

A couple of days ago (or was it just 2 days ago) I went to visit a friend since I haven’t seen her new house since shes been married, which I really REALLY liked (the house not the friend), and I kind of like the friend too :p Anyways we were three girls sitting around, talking and kind of watching TV when we hear this really wierd noise, it kind of sounded like a kiss but it wasn’t.  Anyways my friend (who lives in the house) was like ooh yeah its the fish, there is probably a dead fish (or something along those lines).

For some odd reason I got really excited and jumped up and went to their really cool fish tank.  Its not ANY fishtank its like a flat screen TV, but the fish tank edition, AAAAANNNND its mounted on the wall.  And THERE WAS A DEAD FISH, and the other fish were NIBBLING ON IT! It was a really disgusting sight, especially since it had its eye’s eaten!

So I got some pictures for you, I didn’t take all the pictures, my other friend did, shes a much better photographer than me, I will give her the credit.

There it is floating all aloneeeeee…….


Look at the fish nibbling on it.  I DIDNT KNOW THAT FISH ATE EACH OTHER!!!


o0 Salamatkum.

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