My bank stopped my card due to “fraud issues”cuz I went to Dubai back in February.  I didn’t know this was happening cuz I dont have my kuwaiti line on.  SOOO IM BROKE, well not REALLY I have money in my kuwaiti account I just cannot access it.  So I have NO cash on me, I cant pay using my card, and well im STUCK 😥 I called them I’m still waiting for that damn light at the end of the tunnel!!

Ikhhhhhhhhh this month has NOT been my month, and by month I mean the past 30 days.


One week down.

I just finished my first week of school, and saying I am overwhelmed is a HUUUUGEEEE understatement.  The amount of work given is so much its not even funny!!!!! But I WILL get through and my plan is to become a nerd and graduate with Merit or Distinction (INSHALAH!) I NEED to get this, so plzz all id3oooly 🙂

I really really really hated where I was, well I still hate the dorms cuz ppl are loud/drunk all the time, I don’t mind it if they keep to themselves, but when they are screaming and knocking on doors at 1 or 2 AM then I get annoyed.  I am trying to get out of here and find an apartment and inshalah i will i cant stay here anymore!!!!!

Anyways Portsmouth is a really cute place, its really tiny but I like it so far.  My course is ALLL arab guys except for 1 english girl who is a part-timer, I be-friended her in induction week, but she is only there on Mondays.  I have class 2x a week, Monday and Tuesday from 1-8, kinda long but at least ihave the rest of the week to study.  This semester we have 4 classes, Total Quality Management & organisational behaviour, Performance Evaluation, Research Methods and Management Systems/Change Management. Two classes have exams and all 4 have essays, WOOHOO?!?!?

I met some of the UAE guys from my course and they are extremly helpful and seem to be like true gentlemen.  To be truthful, I was surprised when one of them came to talk to me during one of our breaks, but at the same time I was kind of happy that they tried to get to talk to me, cuz I would have probably not approached them.  They really gave me good advice and tried to help me out, they seem like really nice guys.

Anyways, I really miss my mom, and my dad calls me everyday, im glad my mom doesnt call me everyday cuz everytime I hear her voice I feel like crying ;p LOL i KNOW im a loser! But i got so used to being with her ALONE for the past two years that its so hard being so far away from her for so long now!!

I also love waking up and finding txts from my friends, i miss them to bits and pieces, everytime I watch the hills I remember our hills gatherings, and whenever I walk around I think OOOH I should discover places to take my friends when they come visit me (tooooooomz this is for u ;p)

Btw Nwair if ur reading this, im waiting for the fedex of the sisterhood !!!!

In honor of mirim – I MISSF!