Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw

I should be studying but I would like to share these two videos, I am in love with both songs.  I was on the train last night and I was listening to them, and call me a sap bu they brought tears to my eyes ;p I know i know daloo3a 7adi bas listen to the words.

Tim Mcgraw – Don’t take the girl

Carrie Underwood – Just A Dream



Three Cups of Tea

I just finished reading “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin, and to sum it up, I think it is by far the best book I have ever read in my life.  Had I not been busy with readings for my masters program I would have probably finished it in one night.

My words are not enough to describe how great this book is.  I had goosebumps throughout the book (good ones), and I think my eyes teared every other book.  It is unbelievable what this man did to help the children (especially girls) in the poorest parts of Pakistan. Places that people would rarely think to help because we are so involved in areas that are popularized by the news. 

Not only did he do so much for these people, he put his life AT RISK for them, wala mashala 3alaih, a true hero he is.  He assimilated himself in the villages he went to, he didn’t go in as a pompous arrogant foreigner thinking that the people will bow down to him just beacuse he is there to aide them.  He learned their language and their traditions and befriended the people.  How amazing is that! Not a lot of people would do that!

If there is one book I would beg you all to read it would be Three Cups of Tea. 

For more information about the book click HERE.

Just by sheer luck and if Mr. Greg Mortenson ever falls upon my blog, I would like to thank him for all the good that he is doing in that part of the world, for thinking of people that are forgotten by their own governments.  And also thank his wife Tara for letting go months on end and risk his life to help educate the children of Pakistan.

Hello readers!

My beloved computer died this morning, oh the horror.  thankfully mostly everything is on my external, but I dont know what isnt.  My friend is trying to fix it for me.

My bank card is still not working, they actually had to cancel it and promised me they will send me a new one, bas they still didnt and I am bombarding them with emails, typical Chirp thing to do :p  So as of right now I am semi Penniless in Portsmouth :p All my money is in my q80 account, and I cant access online banking with out my card.  My mom cant go and get my money out or transfer it to me, cuz well I Have to be there. Anyways I will try to figure it out.

On the bright side, school is going great.  Most of the professors think I am a nerd, which is great! I am so happy they have that impression of me.  There are 17 people in the program, 11 Saudi’s, 5 Emaraties, 1 Kuwaiti (ME) and 1 English.  Only 4 out of the 17 are girls and 3 of the girls don’t live in portsmouth, I am the only one that does! Sucks doesn’t it.

My friend is coming to visit in december inshala! I am SOOOOOO excited for her to come! And another friends is going to London on saturday to stay with Mirim! FAJITA IM SO EXCITED TO SEE U! 🙂

Oooooh I got an apartment FINALLY! I will post pictures when my computer is up adn running inshalah.  Its great, with an amazing balcony and a nice view.  I am sooooo in love with it!!!!