Back in Kuwait

I am back in kuwait! Weh wa akheeran! Well not really wa akheeran I actually really like London, but I missed my family SO FREAKING MUCH oo I really missed home cooked food.

My flight was uneventful except that I sat next to a really tall guy oo his long legs took over my space, so every time i moved my leg would touch his leg and it got weird after a while so i sat in a very weird position oo I got a cramp in my thigh.  I couldnt tell him to move cuz he slept before we even took of!

I am a strong believer in what goes around comes around.  The other day my friend was walking next to my apartment oo kaanaat 7adha mindamja ib salfa, when all of a sudden she crashed into a pole. I laughed so hard at her maskeena iksirat kha6ri.  I know it hurt her but it was SO funny.  Anyways fast forward a couple of days later, I was walking in London with Mirim and her friend, and Mirim was right infront of us and I had a couple of bags in my hand, I really dont know what happened when I walked into a pole, but not head first, it was just my shoulders hit the pole REALLY hard.  I was trying to readjust the bags I was holding.  So you kind of heard *crinkle crinkle* 6AAAAKHHHHHHH .. AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII … Mirim didn’t see it happen but she started laughing so hard .. and she said “i didnt see it happening but i know that it was the funniest thing in the world” … zahba 7ag il tishimit.

My brain decided to go on vacation mode again, NOT GOOD! I have 3 assignments to write.  Each 3,500 words and 2 finals when I go back!

The grading system is weird,

anything less than 40% is a fail.

40-59 is a PASS

60-69 is a MERIT

70+ is a Distinction.

I think the ABCDF grading system is better!



Awalaaan 3eedkum imbarak mo2akhaaraaan! Asfeeen 3ala lig9ooor ;p

Anyways, my friend is here from Kuwait, she has been here for a week almost.  She fell in love with portsmouth she said its extremly “chill”.  Anyways she is one of the people that ask me the randomest questions in the world.  We were sitting watching TV yesterday when she turned to me and asked me …

“Chirp, if you were drinking a drink, ya3ni with alcohol, and you throw it on the ground…Then you light a cigarette and throw that on the ground, will it become a fire … Cuz you know alcohol is gas…”

I just stared at her cuz of akher comment, I didnt know what to tell her .. So I just laughed like I always do LOL! 7aram maskeena she said I was mean.


Why are hob nobs so freaking good! MO ZAIN MO ZAIN! I don’t wanna gain weight!!!!! I am addicted to them, Salt & Vinger walker crips oo diet coke … MY TOP THREE ADDICTIONS!!!!!

I put up a christmas treeeeee! I dunno if i said that in my last post! Its so cute!! Wedi asheeelha ma3ay oo akheth’ha liq8 for my vacation .. so if you see a crazy person carrying a christmas tree .. THATS ME!  😛

WHY IS PAINT BALL A FUN ACTIVITY?! Which smart ass invented it?  Its SCARY! The one and only time I did paint ball I hid the whole time behind the grass/hay stack thing with a friend, and the ONE second I put my head up to see what was going on I get hit with a paint ball right in the middle of my head/forehead oo i got a wonderful 9a3roora .. that was a long time ago though.

I remember they banned santa from saying HO HO HO in sydny australia last year … because it had a bad connotation or something.  Can they say HO HO HO now?

In between school work and school work ..

IS MORE SCHOOL WORK! 🙂  I am not complaining 😛 The amount of reading I have to do is increadible, but I am so glad that I love what I am doing and find it interesting to read about and analyze in my mind ;p  But sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I need a break, so I take the train up to London to see Mirim and the girls.

A while ago ( I think it was 2 weeks ago) or something Fajita came to london to visit mirim so we all went up to London that weekend and spent it with her.  As soon as she arrived from the airport, we all changed and took her out to lunch.  We stopped at an ATM machine so mirim could get cash, when all of a sudden this lady comes and enters the phone booths behind us and starts to tear down the pics of the naked ladies inside.  So we all thought that she might be some type of over religious person who thinks that its wrong for these ladies to have their naked pictures up.  Then she goes into the first phone booth again and starts to put up her own flyers, we didnt see what they were, bu since she tore the others down we thought that she had put up some religious ones like “JESUS IS OUT THERE” or “JESUS WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL”, so as soon as she left we all ran into the phone booth to see, wela she had put up pictures of her own girls LOOL, we assume that she was a Pimp(ette) LOL! what a way to welcome Fajita to london.

The next weekend the girls came to portsmouth to visit and they loved it.  I told them they would 😛

I am SOOO loving london now.  I just got back from my weekend stay there, and I am so so so inlove with all the christmas decorations.  I walk down the street and sing christmas songs to myself! HAHA. 

I just turned in my first essay, its only 1500 words, an article critique.  I have 3 more to go, each is 3,500 words and they are all different.  I am worried about my essay for the Total Quality Mgmt and Organizational Behaviour class though, that lecturer scares me, madry shloon 9ayra!

Anyways I should head off to bed! I think every one is excited for the 3eed holiday that is coming up 😉