DONE! :)

I’m done with finals!! Iff ma beghait akhalis il semester!  I hope I did well! I think I nailed one exam, it was SO easy 3ad inshala she doesn’t grade too hard! I really really hope I did REALLY good!

I have a 12 day break now, but I’m not going back to Kuwait, I’m staying in London with Mirim. I really want my mom to come at the end of feb, I miss her!

Anyways my brain is fried from all the studying and writing I did for the past 26 days,  so I can’t write a decent post.  So I will leave you with one of my favorite songs ….. ENJOY!


A bunch of whys.

What is up with the sex related spam? I used to get medication spam before, but now its all X rated stuff. Anyways, I have been noticing a trend, and that trend is people being nosy into finding out who bloggers are. I don’t understand why its so important to find out who a blogger is, or why you have to go and tell them ” HA HA I KNOW WHO U ARE” (plz say it in Ralph from the Simpsons voice). When I first started my blog almost 2 years ago, it was sort of my escape, ya3ni maby agool OMG IT HELPED ME, bas u know what I mean. I never really wrote personal shit, but I wrote what was on my mind, even if people didn’t care to know. It was the place where I would a6ali3 kil 7arity so I wouldn’t crack and start yelling at my friends for stupid reasons. Ya3ni sometimes I would type up posts then save them just to vent. The bloggers that are writing the Kuwaiti love stories are talented, write well and well they are good reads. So why do people have to go ruin it for the writer and the readers by being all nosy and finding out who they are. Ya3ni i am assuming, bas a7is these stories are their door to la la land, for a while at least. I’m probably one of the nosiest people out there. Ya3ni if I was sleeping on the couch and my friends were in the living room discussing something, and in the middle of my sleep i hear something interesting, I’d probably open one eye, ask them what they are talking about maybe give my 2 cents and go back to sleep. Bas I don’t find it important to find out who bloggers are because mala da3y, let them be, let them go into their la la land world without anyone talking about them. Ish-hal fethawa please! Khalisaw il sewalif ya3ni? —– Anyways something else I was wondering about. Nothing relating to blogs or blogging, but to kids. Mirims apartment is right behind a school, and from the hours of 11-1 the kids are outside playing, and when they play they scream bloody murder. I swear i9arkhoon like something is wrong with them. Its not only them, even my cousins kids when they play they scream chena wa7ed 9ar fee shay and they scare the hell out of me. WHY DO THEY DO THAT! I miss my cousins Kids 😦 My dad called me the other day, he was telling me about one of the kids, 3abood, hes 4 … His mom takes him, his sister and their cousin to go learn quran I think twice a week, anyways so one day she told him yala get ready and hes like “la mama la bas maby.. maby aroo7 aghani ilyoom” LOL!!!!!

Jumping on the bandwagon

Mabrook 3alaikum Obama.  I wasn’t a huge fan of him when he was running, I loved Hilary too bas she didn’t make it.  Anyways lets see the change he is going to bring around.  One thing I highly doubt is that the stance america has in its foreign policy will change drastically, Obama or no Obama, the US basically had the same FP for ages now, and the rich lobby groups won’t let it change.

Anywaaaaays on to a somewhat light subject.  I had three essays due last friday, each one was 3,500 words, and I had to have academic journal articles as sources .. at least 12 on each paper.  Can you guys say dead? Yes that is what almost happened to me.  By the end I was barely making coherent sentences, so I called in the troops.  Mirim and her friend (who is now my friend) taquito.  At one point i nearly had a nervous breakdown but it all went well il7imdila and i turned in all my assigments on time.  THANKS MIRIM AND TAQUITO!


Everyone is writing lovey dovey stories.  I like them, I read them, I got addicted to them, not to all of them though im not a fan of too much drama and stuff, anyways, so I think I wanna start writing my own story … I think i’ll call it .. “The day I realized he was an asshole” .. love story .. no its not, at least I dont think so.  I still don’t have a story line or a plot or characters or anything, I just want the guy to be an ass ….


Okay bye

The day I got harrassed

I usually leave Portsmouth to go to london at around 2 in the afternoon, making sure I reach London when its still light out so when I walk to Mirims place I don’t get too scared or jump at every shadow.  So one day I got really bored and decided to leave Portsmouth at 8.  The train station is not that far away from my apartment, a 7 minute walk max, and there are two ways to reach it, I either walk through the shopping area, which I usually do, or I take the shorter way and I only do that if I have someone walking with me.

Anyways I walked through the shopping area, and there were still a lot of people walking around there cuz theres a cienma, a bowling place, restaurants and bars around, and as I got to the end of the area next to the ATM machienes two teenage looking girls start walking next to me.  One was on each side of me, know if you have seen me before you know that there is no way in hell I can fight, and the girls were taller and bigger in size than me.  I am really tiny and petite, and in the past year I had lost a lot of weight so I am kind of thinner now.  So I just stopped and they stopped also and started to grab me to pull me along to walk with them, telling me I should go with them.

I took my fone out and called one of the guys in my class and he wouldnt answer, and I called another guy in my class and HIS FONE WAS OFF! The girls stood there trying to get me to walk with them for 5 minutes and finally walked a couple of feet ahead of me and started to yell for me to follow them.  The rest of the area to the train station is a long dark road which i wasnt going to walk down alone.  LUCKILY this random girl comes up to me and asks me if these girls are harrassing me and i said yes, so her and her boyfriend walked with me to the train station.

You might find this story funny, but the amount of teens that carry knives here is huge, and I look young also.  So as soon as i got on the train I called my great friend mirim, who felt bad for me for a bit then when the AAWW ARE U OKAAAY part was over started laughing her crazy laugh, and turned around and told wrrr ofcourse.   So now I will never go to the station alone at night … EVER.   Or I will learn kung fu.


As I sat alone in my apartment, listening to music and staring at the computer screen willing the essay to write itself my mind wandered to many different incidents that happened in the past couple of years in my life, and it got me thinking of them and stuff that I don’t really comprehend.

How could someone cut someone off with out any good byes, or even answers or anything! I don’t get it.  Don’t they ever miss the other person?  Don’t they remember all the good the other person has done to them?? Especially if that person was a vital part of their life, someone they had around for more than 20 years! Imagine ib yoom oo layla just cutting them off, no communication nothing! Even when they see them anywhere they pretend as if they don’t know them and they don’t say hi to them.  Even though they don’t run in the same circle of friends, lazim fy that instance in a mall, restaurant, 3aza, 3irs etc. 

I don’t think I would be able to do that!! Ansa il jimeel ily sawooli iyah kila oo i pretend that they mean nothing to me!

Another thing I realized is that I am too nice, Waaaaaay too nice.  I need to change that.  I used to be mean, I used to say whats on my mind, be completly blunt and not care what other people thought.  I don’t know when I changed but I did.  Although in some instances my other side comes out, its only when I meet new people and I don’t like them.  Yes I must admit that if my gut feeling isn’t telling me I should arta7 to a person, I won’t, from the first time I meet the person, and 99% of the time I am right about people. 

Like so many other people, I expect a lot from my friends and from other people around me, only because I give so much of my self, but then comes the slap in the face when its time for the other person to reciprocate and they don’t and you don’t really wanna be like “But i did this for you, and this and this and etc etc etc.” so you just let it burn you from inside.  What do you do then?


One thing about me is, I am an emotional shopper, when I am sad, depressed, stressed, and any other negative feeling there is, I become tempted to shop, it doesn’t have to be for clothes either, I go buy food, stuff for the house/apartment, especially cooking stuff, I think we have a million cupcake pans and a million cake things back home.  I don’t eat, i can’t eat when I’m sad, even if i am dying of hunger i take a couple of bites of food then i get nauseous, I don’t know why that happens.  So I end up roaming the aisles of sultan center aimlessly filling my cart with stuff I don’t need.  I need to change that in 2009, I need to find a new hobby that doesn’t require me wasting money on things I don’t need.

I thought of taking up knitting, I need someone to teach me how to knit.  I remember my mother tried to teach me when i was around the age of 11 or 12, and I was so impatient and I just couldnt get it right so i threw the knitting needles and the yarn at the wall, and that was the end of my knitting lessons 🙂

On a completly other and lighter note I am so in love with the two youngest kids of the family, Basma who is my cousins daughter is 3 (turning 4 this year), she is a character! Shes hilarious.  I gave her older sisters my Sing Star games and she has all the songs memorized! WAY 3ajeeba! And the best thing about her is that she is not shy!!! I bumped into their family randomly at Maki one day and she came and sat with me and my friend and entertained us for a while.  I love how she runs to me everytime I walk into their house and hugs me!!!!!

The other one I am in love with is 7amooodi, he just turned 2, he is a christmas baby.  Uhwa 3ebara 3an khdood karsha oo makwa i swear all i do to him is kick him, pinch him and slap him (not hard dont worry).  I love kicking him and watching him fall adn try to get up just to kick him again LOL !!! I swear I am not mean its so funny!! Even though I still do that to him he still loves me :p One time his mom was putting eye liner on and he was in the room with her, and hes like “Mama, same same charpy!!” goolooly shasawee ib yahil imla7ith my eyeliner?!

Do I have to?

Since everyday is Christmas in Chirps world, do I have to take down my christmas tree??

It gives my apartment character :p


It kind of looks small in the picture, but its actually taller than me!!  ( i just stood next to it to check!)



And here it is all lit up!! : )




Happy new year everyone! I hope every one had a wonderful start to the new year, and I really REALLY hope that 2009 is MUCH better than 2008!! 🙂

I am back in Portsmouth, arrived here yesterday and I slept through my flight, the taxi trip and through the rest of the day LOL!!!!  It kind of feels good to be back in my apartment, I just wish I had my friends here with me :p

Had a good trip back in Kuwait, I cut my hair, SHORT!! I cant believe i finally did it and with out crying! Everytime I cut my hair short I cry.  But I am in love with my new look 🙂 Got so bored of me with long hair 7ada I needed a change.  All I did in kuwait was eat! I had 3 lunches and 3 dinners everyday!! I didnt think it was possible for a human to eat that much seriously. But at least I ate at all my favorite restaurants and houses, the only thing I didnt have was butter chicken from mirims house.

Did anyone have any new years resolutions?  Mine was not to have any new years resolutions :p

I need to start writing my papers 😦 But im procrastinating like no other! I am the queen of procrastination, i’m actually the queen of a lot of things too ;p Does anyone want to help me research journal articles on product management, product development and innovation and process design?? 🙂

I think I should get changed and head off to tesco to get me my groceries before I starve to death.  🙂

I miss my mom.

I hate bras.