Chirpy and the Egyptians and other random things

Before la I start this post, I will give a little background :p  When I was a kid, 6 years old to be exact, we were in Egypt as a final stop and then the Gulf War happened.  We stayed there for 3 months and during that time my beautiful mother put my brother and I in a school, ya3ni so we dont miss out on anything.   Anyways fa being 6, and surrounded by egyptian people my accent turned ma9ri.  My cousins still make fun of me about it.  Laa ya3ni from what I remember kent ala3li3 bil ma9ri.

18 years later, and in London, I was with my mother and her 3 friends, one of their daughters and her husband, all egyptian.  And I was talking to them about something, oo kent 7adi meshta6a bil salfa, oo ga3da atkalam bil kuwaiti, when my mom tells me to pause and look at their faces, and all their faces kanaw 3alamat istefham. They were staring at me like I was speaking chinese or something.  I made my mom translate.


On another note, there is something really bothering me.  I’m pretty much really nice to everyone, and if I really like you or care about you I would do anything for you, sij sij anything.  There was someone really close to me, extremly close to me.  If anything happened they would be the first to know about it.  Of course we’d fight over stupid things but we’d still talk about it and get over it.  11 days ago we got into a stupid arguement, and we haven’t talked since.  I tried calling, msging and I got nothing in return.

I am SO hurt its not even funny.  Every msg I get I hope that its them.  I hate it when I get ignored, I’d rather you told me you hated me and didn’t want to ever talk to me than ignore me.  The thing is, like each and every single one of my friends I have done everything to make them happy, probably even more, so I don’t understand what is happening.   I replay the arguement in my head but nothing is making sense, it was so silly.   Its killing me!

I try not to think about it, try to keep my self busy, but then something small would remind me and I’d start tearing up.   I swear everytime I think about it, its like the air has been knocked out of me and it just plain hurts.  I hate it 😦

I miss u 😦


Join me in my happiness!

I am SO happy right now. I was so nervous about my grades for the last month, but right now I can calm down.  I got 2 Merits and a distinction so far!!!!! In the class that I got a distinction I nearly turned in the paper late bas Mirim and taquito motivated me to finish it and turn it in on time.  At that point 7adi I was freaking out and nearly had a Mariah (ya3ni nervous breakdown), bas they made me work and I did it! Wala I am so proud of my self!!!!

Ooh my blog turned 2 years old last month, I forgot to celebrate its birthday!!! Happy Birthday Chirp Stories!!!!


When I was food poisoned and holding on to dear life on the porcelain throne, Mirim called the NHS (national health services) hotline to see if I should go to the hospital or not, cuz they really can’t give you anything for food poisoning, your supposed to “starve it”.  So when she was talking to them, they told her that any questions they tell her she has to ask me cuz the nurse on the phone had to hear me answering.  So the nurse asks the usual questions, name, age, ethnicity, then she asks “Is she pregnant”, mirim laughing asks me the question and i shoot daggers at her and I scream NOOO.  5 minutes when the phone is handed to me she asks me the same question! At that time i was annoyed because she kept on asking me the same questions, bas now that I think of it I find it funny.


I have been watching a lot of House and Greys anatomy lately and I have come to a realization, I want to be an organ donor when I die.  Hopefully my organs will be all healthy.  I also don’t want to ever be left on life support.  Would you guys consider being organ donors??


Whats your biggest fear?

The biggest one on my list is losing the people closest to me.  Like really close.  My second biggest fear is being raped.  I watch too much Law and Order SVU i know but still its so scary! Just the idea of it.


I have one more question …

If you were a prison warden and one of the people on death row gets a heart attack, would you take them to the hospital and save them, just to bring them back into jail and kill them a couple of weeks later?  And if you were the doctor working on prisoner,would you try your hardest like you promised in the oath you gave?

In a nut shell

So in the past 5 months I got food poisoned 4 times, I think I am going to turn vegetarian!  I hate hate hate throwing up! It hurts!

I went to watch Russell Peters today, hes hilarious, I couldnt stop laughing, I love how vulgar he is!! HAHAHAHAHA

Hope everyone had a good valentines day!


Its snowing in london!

It snowed today in London!!!!! I was feeling really sick and down and Mirim woke me up and told me it was snowing lightly.  By the time I got up, showered and met up with the rest of them it was snowing harder! The snow changed my moooood! I AM SO HAPPY NOW!!! I LOVE SNOW! I MISS IT!!!! Its no where close to the snow we used to get in minnesota, but it made me happy!!!!

Some pics of the snow