Ai Caramba!

Ai Caramba! or bil kuwaiti ..  Ai garamba3!!

Its 5 something AM and I should really be asleep, but I’m not.  I am reading celebrity gossip and wondering why in the world would they give Audrina her own reality show! Did they even air Whitneys show yet?  I stopped watching the Hills a while ago, a bit after leaving kuwait.  Its not the same with out the girls around me commenting about everything in the show and then discussing what went on :p


Anyways, the other day I was thinking (and it was also on House MD), what is the real purpose behind a sperm bank, ya3ni I know ena its to get women who are not married pregnant but there are so many repercussions that come from this!!! This might be a one in a million chance, bas a half brother and half sister could not knowingly fall in love and marry each other! wai3 araf! My arguement about this sounded so much better when I said it out loud to mirim and taquito today.  Bas ya3ni you guys know what I mean.  Its just crazy.


I cant wait until spring break, 2 more weeks! I really need a break! Madry shfeeni a7is I’m burned out.  Nwair is coming and will be here during our spring break, I CANT WAIT! I’m really excited for her to come 7adi walhana 3alaiha.  Me and her have similar taste so all the things I wanted to do oo ma7ad 3a6ani wayh, I can do with her.  Like going to see Grease on stage! Karaoking, anything that requires a lot of iste3ba6 ;p


elmajlis en7al again.  il7imdila i’m not in kuwait this time.  I have an exam on the day of voting.  I am NOT getting my hopes up about the upcoming majlis.  I can’t wait to see whos running, if its the same ppl ba6ig rasi bil 6oofa.  Fy some oldies in the majlis that just need to give it up.  Lazim isawoon rule ena u cant be in the majlis more than a number of terms liana mo sij how many terms some of them have been there.  La oo il moshkila they don’t do anything beneficial to the country, only to them and it pisses me offf!!!!! UUGHHH we need good advisors 7ag il Amir we need smart decisions, we need LONG TERM plans and short term plans.  We need to concentrate on big issues such as the deteriorating health care oo education system ba3dain we look at small issues that really dont matter.  We need people who think of the consequences of the laws BEFORE they pass them.  (I know I’m probably being repetitive from my older posts bas shasawee its always the same issues).  Whatever, I’m not going to bother my self with it this year (or so I say, bas watch me harrass everyone with msgs to update me every 5 minutes ;p)


Anyways since I’m still bummed about not going to the MJ concert, I decided that I will be going to the beyonce concert, so we bought tickets and we’ll be going inshala.  Now I need to convince someone ANYONE to come with me to the Britney concert.  PLEASE! Ya3ni ma 3indi mani3 I go alone, bas i’d rather have someone with me.  Mirim is out of the question, she calls me a teeny bopper for listening to britney and others … I don’t think wrrr will be here wela chan ehya yaat ma3ay.  SO MAKO A7AD! Anyone willing to come with me? Yes? Yes? PLEASE!!

I love alllll types of music, I try not to discriminate with my music taste, bas my true guilty pleasure is really ghetto rap.  Exactly why I like ghetto rap, I have NO idea.  Its meaningless, wayed minhum 9oot’hum mo 7iloo, they are too vulgar and very degrading 2 women, bas I really enjoy listening to it! LOL oh well.


Since I have taken up cooking again, shakli basawee im3adas hal weekend itha medani.  Bas i found an iraqi restaurant close 2 Marlybone road that makes realy good marag bamya, oo they give you ma3booch type filfil also when you buy from them.

And while everybody in Kuwait just got to work, I will be attempting to sleep.  Go away insomnia.

OOH ofcourse I can’t leave without asking you guys a tottally random question … Do you think people made paper planes before the invention of the airplane??

Hasta luego!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tooomz
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 09:45:39

    I can’t believe I wasn’t your #1 to be invited to the Britney concert.


  2. B
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 18:04:53

    i didnt know audrina is getting her own show!! and yeah whitney’s show aired and the finale was this week! the season was short but it was pretty good 🙂
    + i wish i could go to britney’s concert!!


  3. Zabo0o6a
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 20:45:41

    Britneeeeeeeeeeeeey 😦
    I wanna come !o 5l twaley audrina la kaf !
    tbe6 chabdy hal bnaya !


  4. Silver
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 00:48:12

    britney 3ad..!!



    sij laih galaw…

    ai caramba!



  5. eshda3wa
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 21:20:25

    oooh id totally go with u to any concert!

    and do NOT miss grease!
    its soooo good!

    ull love it!

    as for the majlis… its gna be the same exact ppl

    were gna have the same exact issues

    oo nothing will change

    i am NOT lookin forward to it.


  6. Chirp
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 13:03:50

    Tooomz – ur always first on my list for britney, BUT u were one the ppl that used to make fun of me for liking her 😛 So do u wanna come?? 😉

    B – ee i read it on perezhilton, fa madry itha its for sure. 7iloo show whitney? COME TO BRITNEY i need someone to come with me 😛

    zabooo6a – hahah 7adha ibu6 chabdi, shes 7ad umha airhead

    silver – shfeeeha britbrit ?? 😛

    eshda3wa – haha come to london oo we’ll figure something out 😛 allah i3eenkum 3ala all the laftaat ily bil shiwari3


  7. Austrotec
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 20:08:48

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