Ugly Naked Guy – London Edition

Since the weather has been gorgeous in London, all sunny, light winds and its actually quit warm, we decided to put up the christmas lights in mirims house, and head out to lovely pre easter lunch.  Mirim, Wrr, Nwair (YES SHES FINALLY IN LONDON!!!), and me went to Strada on Baker Street.  We were sitting outside, me and wrr facing the street and mirim and nwair were facing us.  We were people watching, and talking about random topics, when Wrr looks to her right and says “oh my god isnt that man cold”, we all turn around and see a man in his mid-50s walking down the street, with black work pants, a belt, no shirt on, and a huge jacket that was wide open for all the world to see his white hairy glory.

We turn back to each other and go back to our conversation, then the man walks behind us and stops right behind mirim and nwair and says “Excuse me” … Me and Wrr just stare at him, and nwair didnt even look back.  Mirim turns her head to the side and looks the man from his white karsha to his face and says “Yeeesss?”…The man put his hand on his side (takha9ar) oo he laughed a very stupid laugh like “ha ha ha2 ha2 haaa2”.   I dont know about the rest of the girls .. but when the man was standing right there I was SO SO scared.  I was scared he would throw our food on the floor, or rob us, or bang mirim and nwairs head with each other.  Bas as soon as he walked away, I scream laughed so hard, then I noticed that no one was laughing so I tried to keep it in.  I look next to me wela Wrr had tears in her eyes from holding her laugh in.  So I burst out laughing again.  I laughed about this story the whole day.  I really think that the guy was drunk or something.


Anyways I BOUGHT A HARMONICA! YAAY I am sooo excited! I learned how to play the first part of “Under the Sea”