Back in Kuwait

Finally! I am back in Kuwait! I have been here for a couple of days but I have been out of the coverage area. The day I arrived I slept for 13 hours, I have not slept that long in ages!! As I was trying to fall asleep tawa, ga3adt atgalab bas il noom mo yayly chan astaw3ib laish .. ana mayta min il yoo3! I’m really starving for some reason, Anyways … I have good and bad news .. but I will start with the good news ..

1.  I PASSED THE CLASS!!!! I emailed the prof and the head of the department and I stated my case and my side of the story, basically telling them that its not fair for them to fail me I dont think I deserve to fail and they passed me. (Intlxpatr was right, negotiation does work haha!)

2. My friend Nwair is graduating from jam3a .. YAAAY!!!!!!

I think thats the good news for now .. now on with the bad news .. well its bad news for me …

Coming back to Kuwait I flew Emirates airlines because I found a really good deal and I had to take it.  So I checked in on time, shopped a little in Terminal 3 of heathrow then headed up to the lounge.  As I was sitting enjoying staring aimlessly out of the window at the planes coming and going I heard my name over the speakers.  so I went to see the main reception of the lounge and the lady working there told me that while trying to load my bag into the plane the tag was lost which basically meant that my bag was lost.  I had two suitcases and one of them was lost.  The one that got lost had my nice shoes and if you know me, you know how hard it is for me to find shoes.  I would go into a store tell them my size and get laughed at. the bag also had the stuff I got for my mom and other people, and most importantly it had my new straightner! I had just bought it two weeks ago oo jaad ma 6ala3t qeemta! I don’t even remember what else was in there, bas I know most of the stuff I bought on the last day I was in london was in that bag.I am SOOO angry at Emirates Airlines, I mean how could they lose a bag an hour after I checked it in! And they still cannot locate it.  Before I borded the plane they told me that they will probably locate it once I get to Kuwait, and still no news at all.  You know what   kills me, its not the amount of money I paid for my things, but some of the things I got were found while I was lost.  I’d be walking around trying to find a specific place and on the way I find these cute little boutiques and I end up going in and getting stuff.  I am so frustrated!!!! I want to go into the place where they have all their unclaimed bags and try to find mine!!

On a completly other note, I arrived at around 9:15 PM, and when I came home there was machboos deyay waiting to be devoured by me.  Akhhhhh I ate like a little girl (yeah right).  Yala ye3t baroo7 ashoofli shay akla.


I’m like the ring leader I call the shots!!

Seriously … F**** my bad grade …. I just left the britney spears concert and I had an amazing time…I love her!! Sorry no pics this time! There was a spotlight on her at all times that any pictures were horrible. Our place was amazing and the concert was awesome. She rocks!!!!! Videos are coming soon I promise.

I can’t believe it

I was checking my grades today and I failed one of my classes.  I have never ever failed anything before in my life, EVER.  All through my undergrad years to me a C+ was a fail! and I FAILED THE CLASS THAT I THOUGHT I DID SO WELL IN! The only assessment in that class is a research paper, and I thought the paper I wrote was very good.  I based my writing style, my research and my analysis on the grading criteria that they gave us, and I failed.
I am one point away from the passing grade, I can’t believe he didn’t give me that one point.  That means I have to write a whole new paper at the same time that I am trying to research and write my dissertation.  I am still in shock, oo wala 7ada thayeg khulgi mani em9adga.

Guess the celebrity

Guess where I was last night….

Did you guess who that is?  I got videos that I will upload later… one way to sum it up .. AMAZING!

Remembering the 90’s

Its almost 2 in the morning and I totally hibernated last night so 7adi not sleepy, out of sheer boredom I was on this site [link] looking at “you were a child of the 90’s” when I decided to make my own list of 90’s thing .. some what kuwaiti style ..

-Birthdays at hungry bunny.
-remembering when the first mcdonalds opened in Kuwait oo the line for drive through was so long
-lunches at Chi Chis
-Khiran Resort was the place to be
-Remembering when Fridays opened
-BBS carnivals were cool
-Home Alone and Macaulays screem when he put the after shave
-Mr. Bean
-making our own “slip and slide” by closing off the garage door, wetting the whole area with the hose and making it slippery with two (or more) bottles of baby johnsons shampoo
-Cartoons like elsanafir, elshanakil, ranzi etawa, lady lady, captain majed, grandizer, floona, bombo, sally, etc.
-Kooshballs madry kooshkins in different colors
-Baby G watches in all different colors
-The watches that were able to turn off the TVs (Remote control watches)
-Air Jordans and Space Jam. Michael Jordan was the shit back then
-habbat titanic
-gergai3an was normal and not over the top
-Nerf balls/Nerf Guns
-trying to copy how Michael Jackson danced
-owning tapes .. and making maqa6i3 with the two deck tape players/recorders
-“enta shafar gaayr 3adi”
-tetris on gameboys and sonic on sega
-JTT was hot
-Boys II Men, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and N Sync
-Thinking your grandmother was like khalti gmasha
-you hear the song “Di Di” by cheb khaled at every single party
-Mighty Ducks
-At one point or another .. we all tried to break dance .. dont deny it
-Cienma ilsalmiya, il7amra and qurna6a
-Fudruckers ely 3al ba7ar
-The days when Orbit had good shows, or what seemed to us back then as good shows
-People weren’t addicted to their computers, phones, and electronics in general … cuz not everyone had them
-But everyone had a baijar
-it was cool to wear overalls, with one of the buttons not closed
-we weren’t allowed to play outside during wagt elgayla .. oo kena nan6ir ra3i il barid na6ra
-on the way to school they always had the song “9abaaa7ch allah bilkhair ….”
– Flute lollipops that came with sheet music
– The orginial Beverly Hills 90210
-Everyone had a favorite Ninja Turtle, and we had to eat pizza
-The Video Club
-Maseerat were remotely safer.
-Ice Ice Baby Ice and Vanilla Ice’s dancing.  Informer.  MC HAMMER!!
-6al3aat firqaat Miami oo aghaneehum il 3ajeeba
-Walking to the baqala after school.
-Archie Comics
-Majed Comics
-Lulu il9agheera
-flannel shirts were the coolest thing to own worn on top of your overalls with all the buttons open
-The balls ily kena neshtereehum that had different smells ily 3ala grape or strawberry etc.
-Going to play in Muthana, khaleejiya and downstairs in mujama3 zahra
– Watching The Fresh Prince and Full House
– Rollerblades
-Madeenat il tarfeeehiya oo the dancing videos
-Fawazeer Sherihan (was that 80’s or 90’s?)
-IRC and ICQ .. I dont think I need to elaborate
-“hathaa hoo il mooooj elazraag la tu6ib fy ba7raah taghriiiig” the kuwaiti soccer team was good :p
-COOLIO and Gangsters Paradise
-Bill Nye the Science Guy
-Slaaaiman el6ayeb
-Keth oo khaaal oo when inti9ar il sharra7 oo dawood 7sain were a funny duo
-3algaaaaaaam mur wimdalgam
-Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps, Baby sitters club, rewayaat 3abeer
-Wrestling .. WWF .. Razor Ramon, Shawn Michales, Diesel, Bret Hart, Undertaker LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (btw Razor ramon labas the 123 kid 7afatha )
-Maktabat ilmanar ily bilsalmiya .. yam il video club
-wearing the hats ma3kooseen .. nafs will smith in fresh prince
-Yukon bab wa7ed
-habaat Guess ily ib mujama3 mariam
-Mortal Kombat
-When habbat il forwards bedaw :p
-Birth of 3arabenglish … IRC language
-Windows 3.1, ba3dain 9aar windows 95
-Cienmat il fanar awal ma ba6elat. lazim na7jez gabil 3 or 4 days 7ag il weekend
-Intermission bil cienma hehehe
-Macarena, Men In Black Dance, Mr Boombastic Shaggy
-Mission Impossible and Speed
-Mambo Number 5
-Khabbat Y2K
-3abdallah elbari wel ba7ri
-Aqua Park  oo bunjee jump ib 7adeeqat il shi3ib
-Ice Skating oo il aghani ily kanaw i7e6oonha
-Cargo pants, ripped jeans in the knee, dirty jeans oo the yellow sunglasses
-7abeeeeebi ya nooor il 3aaaaaain
-Diana 7adaaad “amaanaaih lady”
-Mandaaaam 3alaaaaik daam3 il nadam ghaaali
-M7amad liblooshi – yaa naar shibyy
-Fathaa2eyaat oo cienama2yaat
-O.J Trial, Hard Copy, Emergency 911, COPS LOOOL
-The Price is Right, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, that jam3iya game, nesait isimha.
-“did i doo thaaat??” Family Matters , Steve Urkel
-Friends & Seinfeld hehe
-Renegade … Kent amoot 3alaih
-Stickers and sticker books .. esp scratch and sniff stickers
-Elmers glue LOL
-Eljazeera elkhathra kanat gezzz
-Nintendo … Donkey Kong and Super Mari Bros.
-When Demi Moore shaved her head for G.I Jane
-Jurassic Park and Free Willy
-2465050, 565373(weyahum)1
-a lot of ear piercings
-En6aliq 6
-Nokia – oo the snake game ooo the samba ring tone
-Jim Carey kil aflama .. The Mask, Ace Ventura
-Tupac Vs Biggie
-Jumanji … Didn’t they ban the game from fantasy world or something?
– Mercedes “Shabaaa7”, Shafaar caprice, Wanait Splash,
-Arnold Schwarzzenager .. I WILL BE BACK .. oo all his movies :p
-the lollipops of the 90’s .. Pushpops
-Mujama3 elnugra wilsalmiya elqadeema hahahahahahah!
-Alanis Morrissette (this is for mirim), destinys child, Mariah Carey
-Baywatch .. or Pamela Anderson to be specific and the Hoff .. David Hasselhoff … “don’t hassle the hoff” ;p
-The khitameya of my post will be “Cotton Eye Joe” … Where did you come from where did you .. where did you come from cotton eye joe. Oo Salamatkum
Okay ta3abt wana afakir oo eni I ask people to help me.  If you have more to add .. lemme know! 🙂