Back in Kuwait

Finally! I am back in Kuwait! I have been here for a couple of days but I have been out of the coverage area. The day I arrived I slept for 13 hours, I have not slept that long in ages!! As I was trying to fall asleep tawa, ga3adt atgalab bas il noom mo yayly chan astaw3ib laish .. ana mayta min il yoo3! I’m really starving for some reason, Anyways … I have good and bad news .. but I will start with the good news ..

1.  I PASSED THE CLASS!!!! I emailed the prof and the head of the department and I stated my case and my side of the story, basically telling them that its not fair for them to fail me I dont think I deserve to fail and they passed me. (Intlxpatr was right, negotiation does work haha!)

2. My friend Nwair is graduating from jam3a .. YAAAY!!!!!!

I think thats the good news for now .. now on with the bad news .. well its bad news for me …

Coming back to Kuwait I flew Emirates airlines because I found a really good deal and I had to take it.  So I checked in on time, shopped a little in Terminal 3 of heathrow then headed up to the lounge.  As I was sitting enjoying staring aimlessly out of the window at the planes coming and going I heard my name over the speakers.  so I went to see the main reception of the lounge and the lady working there told me that while trying to load my bag into the plane the tag was lost which basically meant that my bag was lost.  I had two suitcases and one of them was lost.  The one that got lost had my nice shoes and if you know me, you know how hard it is for me to find shoes.  I would go into a store tell them my size and get laughed at. the bag also had the stuff I got for my mom and other people, and most importantly it had my new straightner! I had just bought it two weeks ago oo jaad ma 6ala3t qeemta! I don’t even remember what else was in there, bas I know most of the stuff I bought on the last day I was in london was in that bag.I am SOOO angry at Emirates Airlines, I mean how could they lose a bag an hour after I checked it in! And they still cannot locate it.  Before I borded the plane they told me that they will probably locate it once I get to Kuwait, and still no news at all.  You know what   kills me, its not the amount of money I paid for my things, but some of the things I got were found while I was lost.  I’d be walking around trying to find a specific place and on the way I find these cute little boutiques and I end up going in and getting stuff.  I am so frustrated!!!! I want to go into the place where they have all their unclaimed bags and try to find mine!!

On a completly other note, I arrived at around 9:15 PM, and when I came home there was machboos deyay waiting to be devoured by me.  Akhhhhh I ate like a little girl (yeah right).  Yala ye3t baroo7 ashoofli shay akla.

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hasan.B
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 00:06:31

    Oh! I am flying from london tomorrow via the emirates! I hope they dont screw my luggage and best of luck with yours!!


  2. dandoon
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 10:28:02

    7imdillah 3alsalama!:D

    one time my lost bags maw9ilaw ila a MONTH later, when i had given up hope ina bashoofhum again! i really hope ur bag turns up! xx


  3. Swair
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 11:19:24

    Welcome Home! You’ve been missed :*


  4. Abdulmohsen
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 11:59:45

    7amdillah 3ala ilsalama! I hope you liked the dusty welcome party!

    mabrook 3ala ilnaja7! now that is great news!



  5. Daddy's Girl
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 17:16:36

    Welcome back honey :*

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! u passed!!!! ma 3ndohom salfa 3la one grade u fail!!!

    ama 3n il bag… shino y3ni one hour after check in it was lost?shino hal le3eb?

    ana lo minich chan akteb a loooong letter to the BAA

    last december when enroute from zurich to london they lost our bags, next morning wella il bags 3ndena at home b3d ib rasm il khedma

    hal mosakha il zayda shino b3d… shino y3ni u have to engrave il tage into ur bags?!?!?!?!?!

    id3ee insha2 allah it turns up before u go back to the UK…


  6. Intlxpatr
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 18:53:01

    WWWWooooooo HOOOOOOO on you, Chirpie! Don’t you feel great; you didn’t take FAIL for an answer, NO, you fought for your pass and you won, WOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Sleep well.

    The bag – it’s just things. Annoying but replacable – hey! You’re in Kuwait! 🙂


  7. Jacqui
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 20:19:15

    Welcome back babes hehe so does this mean you’re going back to work soon? 😛 Or staying at home? 😛

    Do I have my email buddy back 😛


  8. Cooookies
    Jun 20, 2009 @ 01:02:14

    Yaay congrats for passing ! Great news !!

    A DUST -cough- Welcome back ..

    hehe 7emdella 3al salama =)


  9. abi-omi-abi-oboy
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 11:26:32

    el7emdela 3al salaaama!!

    O mabroook 3al najaa7 ;*


  10. Linus
    Jul 16, 2009 @ 22:44:07

    Hehe totally understand what you mean!
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Kuwait.


  11. eshda3wa
    Jul 17, 2009 @ 13:41:35

    7mdela 3al salamaaa

    so how does it feel being back for a while now?


  12. Daddy's Girl
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 22:49:21

    Chirp how are u?!

    Imbarak 3leech il shahar o 3asach min 3owadah insha2 allah o intay ib se7a o 3afiya hon :*


  13. Summer
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 19:15:39

    7imdillah 3alal il salama!
    i really like your blog!

    visit mine ;p


  14. limewire
    May 01, 2010 @ 06:34:32

    lol cool info man.


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