To get out of the usual boring weekend routine of eating, shopping and chilling my friends and their friends decided to do Klue. Klue is a treasure hunt/scavenger hunt around kuwait. We were two teams of 5 girls each, well we were supposed 2 be 5 grls each bas maskeena one of the girls on the other team got sick and couldn’t make it. It was sooo mcuh fun, I haven’t had this much fun in so long. I’m really competitive so the adrenaline rush I got from the game was amazing. We literally went around kuwait, from free trade zone to avenues to mashatel to imbarikiya, 7adeeqat el shi3ib and bil ghalaaaaa6 we went 2 f7ai7eel lol!! But we won!! ;p we named our selves team jlai3a … We even made shirts .. 7adna mishta6een ha? ;p

Klue is set up by Dhari Al Mouawad, you could read more about him and the game on http://www.p0ach.com … I would link the page directly but I’m blogging from my fone and I dunno how 2 do that. Anyways just search for klue and you’ll find it.

Or you could contact him through these methods
Site: http://www.k-lue.com
Email: k-lue@hotmail.com


Been so long!

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in almost 6 months.  Ma 3indi salfa and that is why I haven’t written in so long.  Not much has happened, I traveled, started work again, got a new car,  got an extension on my dissertation and the icing on the cake was that I embarressed my self on TV.

How did I embaress my self on TV?  I come home from work one day and shocked to have found our house turned upside down with cameras all around for an interview with my mom.  After a 5 minute negotiation with my aunt (which I lost) she forced me to get ready and be on TV with my mother.  Ofcourse I tried every trick in the book to get out of it, but I couldn’t, my negotiation skills are not as good as theirs ofcourse.  Anyways, when the cameras started rolling my heart was beating so hard I dunno why! I was SO NEROVUS and scared.  It was a bigger fear than when I speak in public (giving presentations and stuff).

6ab3an the guy asked me a question and I answered it in the WORST WAY POSSIBLE.  Ya3ni badliya min umaaah lool.  Ofcourse my friends ma ir7amooni min il ti3yb.  The interview was a couple of months ago and my friend and family will STILL not let me live it down :p  I was so nervous that what I wanted to say came out in a completely wrong way …. OOPS :p