First off, I would like to wish my few readers a very happy new year.  I hope this year brings the best to everyone.  🙂

During the 3eed el ath7a holiday a friend of mine and I went to London.  I took a couple of days off work and went before the 3eed rush started.  It was actually a wonderful vacation, very relaxing, woke up extra early, walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather at that time, saw the christmas decorations and met up with random friends.

On the plane to london there were 5 guys with us (i think) all with shaved heads, I even thought to myself, 7aram their heads are going to freeze unless they wear a hat, thank god for long hair :p  thats not the weird part of the trip, the weird part was my friend and I kept on bumping into them the whole trip! Ya3ni ish-hal 9uuudaf! Even people with me at work, in the same building I rarely bump in to them, if ever!

The first time we saw them other than the airport was at the movies.  My friend wanted to watch New Moon and I was tired + hungry, we entered the theater and the lights were off so we sat in the first seats we saw.  I went out to get popcorn and when I came back my friend told me to notice the people infront of us, wela it was the same guys that were with us on the plane, ga3deen in the row eli jedamna.  6ab3an they heard me complaining before the movie started at how hungry I was and how stupid the movie is lol!

Two days later I decided I wanted to go to Bicseter Village, so we took the train and spend a couple of hours shopping.  3ala akher sa3a we were walking to the last store we wanted to go to wela some of the guys were right in front of us, ya3ni out of all the days and times we are there at the same time.

A couple of days later my aunt and cousin told us to meet them in selfridges oo 3ala ma we were waiting we decided to do out tax free, as we walked I saw them and I got madry shloon ya3ni bas khalas I just wanted to laugh in their faces cuz seriously ya3ni lol!

And on our last day in london I was in a hurry and needed to get some stuff so as I was rushing through in selfridges (again) pushing people out of my way (cuz they are tall and in my way) wela ashoofhum again.  Ya3ni sij sij sij random 9udaf! Ya3ni I dont bump into people this much in Kuwait! Actually I rarely bump into people like this in Kuwait.  Soo Weird!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anonymous
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 18:18:24

    maybe fate wanted u to bump into them . i believe it meant something good u let it slip 😦 and its not necessery of a romantic nature it could be anything else


  2. Hamad
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 03:12:14

    I agree with the mysteriously anonymous person above me o_O

    *pokes mysteriously anonymous person*

    Yep… pretty anonymous…

    But yeah!

    Five guys that you’ve seen exactly five times if you count the airport/plane.

    That says something x_O

    Cool blog ^-^


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