Cook with me Kuwait!

I love reading cooking blogs and trying out their recipes.  I just find so much enjoyment in looking at pictures of food.

So without a big introduction, I would like to introduce a new blogger to the blogging world.

Cook with me Kuwait [Link].  Its a new cooking blog, and I hope that she continues with her posts cuz I know how much of a good cook she is!


Weekend madness

Last Thursday I made plans with my American friend to do dinner. Then I thought I should invite Nwair and some other friends to introduce them to her, as she is only in kuwait for a little while and I wanted her to meet different people in Kuwait, especially Nwair, who is seriously the funniest person I know in the world (Mashala mashala tuuff tuufff).

Anyways so dinner plans got amended and an extra addition was added, we decided to go to the shooting range, shoot a couple of rounds (LOL) and then head to dinner.

First of all, the shooting range is probably the scariest place in the world. I was so scared and jumpy it was’t funny, and the gun was pretty heavy, I got a 9mm, seriously I don’t know if I could go again, although I do want to know how to handle a gun.

After that we went to dinner at Gaucho Grill in the palms, cuz I was craving their rump steak, but they didn’t have it! Anyways the whole point of this post is to ask the question, who the hell okayed the Plams?? Its a hotel, with a gym and many restaurants and they only have 5 parking spots! seriously?? We got to the parking of The Palms at about 8:15 PM, we drove around and were stuck in traffic (in the parking) for about an hour. I usually don’t give my car to valet, and neither does Nwair esp since her car is new as well. I have had bad experience with Valet, they have brought back cars bumped and scratched and I don’t want to deal with that.

After the longest time I came up with the idea that we park the car at Nwairs house, which is relativly close 2 the Palms and have the driver drop us off. So all 5 of us piled in to the van and got dropped of at the Palms like high school girls out on a field trip.  I think I enjoyed the ride in the Van more than dinner itself (I kid), but seriously it was hilarious.  The driver looked like he was our dad, and our friend sitting in the front chenha our mama.  We turned the TV on to see was on, and I was expecting it to be Barney or something cuz its the “kids” van, wela faj2a its some old kuwaiti masra7iya min alf oo sitimya oo 76uba.

But seriously, the palms lazem elagoon lehum 9erfa! ya3ni Mu 9ij ena they have all these facilities and not enough parking. Ya3ni is it min el baladiya or is it min el takh6ee6 (hehehe 6ee6). Or is it a marketing tactic? build only a couple of parking spots to make it seem like the place is busy, therefore attracting more people?! Who the hell knows, but all I know is that more parking should be built in so many different buildings in Kuwait. Oo Salamatkum!

Worst Possible Light

I was flipping through my over priced and over censored Marie Claire magazine yesterday when I started to read an article about an Irani girl who was jailed and beaten in Iran for wearing a mini skirt at her friends house and for mingling with the opposite gender.  At first I was angry then as I read the article, I realized that there was a small error.  They were talking about Athan and they said that Islamic prayer takes place three times a day, when in fact it takes place five times a day.

Although it may seem like a small error maybe from the journalists point of view, but to me it discredits the whole article.  First of all, Marie Claire is owned by Hearst Publishing, one of the biggest publishing houses in the US, and Islam has been in the news since 2003, if they did not learn anything about it, or dig deeper to learn a little bit more about the religion, they should go back to journalism school.  Also, at the begining of the article the girl states that she had a Quran in her bag, so if she was actually pious, how could she make an error, if it was her really narrating the story.  I mean from the minute any muslim person is born we know that prayers happen 5 times a day.

This entry is not really about that small error, I would like to know why they always show us in the worst possible light.  By “us” I do not only mean Arabs or Muslims, but on the contrary, everyone who is NOT American is shown in the worst possible way, or at least the culture they are brought up in. 

I understand that this is reality and I do not know what is going on in Iran and everything, but I am SURE that there are women there who are fighting for their rights, why do they not write about that ?  Yes, I know that people have to know the bad and the good about the world, but you know what, they write more about the bad than the good, especially about how women are treated in other parts of the world.  And as we all know, half the time, do not believe what is written in the press.  It is usually over hyped and complete and utter propaganda.

I would love it if they did an article of hard working women, who have worked hard to prove themselves and make a place for them in their fields.  Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain are full of smart women who have shone through in their fields, why are they not covered in articles that are read around the world?

The Graduate

I Did it!!!

I passed my Masters 😀 I am so overjoyed el7imdilla! It was probably the best email I have received in a while.


Anyways, about a month ago Mirim and I went on a mini europe trip, our first stop was London, where we spent a couple of days and I went to turn in my dissertation, then we headed to Amsterdam and then to Brussels and back to London.  I LOVED that trip, it was basically a trip of food food food, relaxing and walking around.  I had the best food in Brussels!

The funny thing was that the whole trip I had a feeling that my phone was going to get stolen, and up until I was in Heathrow checking in for my flight back to Kuwait, it was still on me.  All of a sudden, in the middle of trying to get everything done my phone goes missing! The thing is, I am not pissed about the actual phone, but the pictures in the fone, SO MANY MEMORIES!

I don’t understand why people steal phones, ya3ni you can get them for so cheap now, WHYYY STEAL A PHONE! Anyways KHEEERA!

Oo shay el thani that I don’t get, is when I told people I am going to Amsterdam they ask me why I’m going, theres nothing there its a country of “da3ara and mukhadarat”.  Um really?? There is so much more to Amsterdam than the red light district! First of all, its beautiful, I seriously felt like I was walking around in a painting.  You could walk for hours (like London) and just get lost in the city.  Second of all, their french fries are amazing.  Third of all, there is soo much history and I am a history nerd, especially when it comes to modern european history.

As much as I disliked studying in London, I MISS IT! Okay so the education system didn’t tickle my fancy, but everything else just made me gidddyyyyy, especially the food! Ghair the food hall in Selfridges, and the open air food market in Sloane Square on weekends, I love Pret a Manger and Marks and Spencer food! I miss walking around for NO REASON, and sitting on the train or the tube listening to music and making up imaginary stories about people sitting around me.

من هم “الماك شكن”؟

Who are the McChickens and where did they come from?

Eb9ara7a I have been contemplating this though for a while and I want to know how the term “McChickens” and “Chicken Nuggets” came to be.  Is McDonalds that American?  Okay ya3ni lama jeelna yekbar are we going to be Big Macs?

Ya3ni why couldn’t we have been Whoppers?  Okay I know that this term has been used for other body parts but still.  Or  laish mu Frappaccinos?  Ya3ni habbat starbucks akbar haba bil q8 (oo actually bil 3alam), oo kelmat mcchicken e6la3at after ma ba6elaw starbucks.

As a person who is labeled by society as a “Chicken Nugget” or “McChicken” (3ithrooni ma a3arif el farg), I would like to voice my disdain to being compared to a sandwich that is deep fried and full of fat. If I were to agree to be labeled with anything, I would rather be a coffee frappaccino, with whipped cream and caramel sauce on the top.

When they open taco bell here, I will start a revolution and call Kuwaiti men Beef Burritos, the dishdasha will be the bread on the outside, and their brown skin will be the beef.  If they are white then they can be chicken burritos.

Anyways I have always been in denial about being a true blue chicken nugget, but when did I realize that I was actually a chicken nugget (or McChicken), a couple of days ago I was listening to “El7imdilla oo Shifnakum” eghneyat ferqat Miami, and I realized that for the past 10 years I though “telgozayda” was one word! I JUST relized that they are saying “Wain Wain Wain Telgo Zay Dah” LOL! Okay I must admit I felt REALLY stupid! Bs 3ashan abarer mawqify, Miami always compes up with the randomest weirdest words, so I thought that was one of ebda3at’hum :p

Fa now estaslamat lil amr el waqe3 oo I finally embraced my chicken nuggetness, along with embracing my shortness.