Weekend madness

Last Thursday I made plans with my American friend to do dinner. Then I thought I should invite Nwair and some other friends to introduce them to her, as she is only in kuwait for a little while and I wanted her to meet different people in Kuwait, especially Nwair, who is seriously the funniest person I know in the world (Mashala mashala tuuff tuufff).

Anyways so dinner plans got amended and an extra addition was added, we decided to go to the shooting range, shoot a couple of rounds (LOL) and then head to dinner.

First of all, the shooting range is probably the scariest place in the world. I was so scared and jumpy it was’t funny, and the gun was pretty heavy, I got a 9mm, seriously I don’t know if I could go again, although I do want to know how to handle a gun.

After that we went to dinner at Gaucho Grill in the palms, cuz I was craving their rump steak, but they didn’t have it! Anyways the whole point of this post is to ask the question, who the hell okayed the Plams?? Its a hotel, with a gym and many restaurants and they only have 5 parking spots! seriously?? We got to the parking of The Palms at about 8:15 PM, we drove around and were stuck in traffic (in the parking) for about an hour. I usually don’t give my car to valet, and neither does Nwair esp since her car is new as well. I have had bad experience with Valet, they have brought back cars bumped and scratched and I don’t want to deal with that.

After the longest time I came up with the idea that we park the car at Nwairs house, which is relativly close 2 the Palms and have the driver drop us off. So all 5 of us piled in to the van and got dropped of at the Palms like high school girls out on a field trip.  I think I enjoyed the ride in the Van more than dinner itself (I kid), but seriously it was hilarious.  The driver looked like he was our dad, and our friend sitting in the front chenha our mama.  We turned the TV on to see was on, and I was expecting it to be Barney or something cuz its the “kids” van, wela faj2a its some old kuwaiti masra7iya min alf oo sitimya oo 76uba.

But seriously, the palms lazem elagoon lehum 9erfa! ya3ni Mu 9ij ena they have all these facilities and not enough parking. Ya3ni is it min el baladiya or is it min el takh6ee6 (hehehe 6ee6). Or is it a marketing tactic? build only a couple of parking spots to make it seem like the place is busy, therefore attracting more people?! Who the hell knows, but all I know is that more parking should be built in so many different buildings in Kuwait. Oo Salamatkum!


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  1. Nwair
    May 18, 2010 @ 07:44:51

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ! a7ebech wala ;** baba rathy :p and the ghbaar storm uw how baytna 9aar malja’ and ur CIA agent friend who thinks were crazy :p


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