Wain Seeda!!!

Since my Arabic writing skills are horrible, I will stick to English. Hey, at least I tried right? LOL

Anyways, this story kills me, every time I remember it I giggle to my self, sometimes out loud, which makes people around me reassert the fact that I am in fact a little weird LOL.

Anyways, it was in a time far far away, I was around 10 or so back then I think, so thats about 15 years ago (CRAP!), it was summer vacation and my family and I were in Lugano, Switzerland, where we met up with my Uncle (3ami) oo his family.  One of the days we took a short road trip across the border to Milan for shopping purposes, and back then I really did not give a rats ass about shopping so I was just there cuz I had to be there.

I still remember my cousins and their mom and my mom going from shop to shop and I was following them around just because, and at one point I got so hungry I sat on the floor of one of the stores and cried from hunger (yes I know I was di3la). But in my defense I was telling them I was hungry for a while, and they weren’t listening to me.

Anyways, on the way back to Lugano I ended up in the car with my uncle, his wife, my younger bro and my younger cousin.

My cousin that was with us in the car was addicted to french fries, it was a serious love story with his potatoes, no one could touch them, ever.

It was raining, and he wanted bo6a6, so we went through the McDo drive through to get him some fries, and of course we had to have some also.  As we were leaving the drive through, you could either turn or go straight, and my uncles wife was reading the map and telling him “Roo7 seeda roo7 seeda”, and he turns around and says “Shino seeda! wain seeda!!!”

6ab3an e7na the7ik and we couldn’t stop repeating it “wain seeda” and we had to tell the story to everyone and their mothers, and to this day I tell this story.

Yeah so I always realize the story is funnier when orated rather than typed, not so fond of telling stories this way.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chandal
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 15:05:17



    حسبي الله على ابليسج مت من الضحك

    الصورة جدا معبرة لوووووووووووووول

    ما هقيت قلبج متروس هالكثر

    great post
    i miss those good old days


  2. Mrm
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 14:44:57

    ya7mara kisartay kha6ri bichaaitay min ilyoo3!!! awww NO CHIRPY NOOOOOOO!!!! make sure im with u on these trips ill make sure u never go hungry again 😛


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