The Baby Shower

At the end of May, we (my friends and I) threw a baby shower for our friend K.  I offered to have it at my house because I love planning parties and playing host, as much stress as it causes me, I just LOVE IT.  I stayed for a couple of days thinking of a theme for the baby shower, and finally it came to me, HAWAIIAN THEME!  Okay I don’t want to say her wedding was “hawaiian” themed, but her flowers were colorful and the koosha was different than the typical white flower or pink flower ones, so I kind of made my baby shower to match in a way.

It was only close friends and family, and seriously I had a blast having everyone over.

Everyone who entered wrote a little note, and it was hung up like little baby clothes, you could either write a note for the baby or for the mother 🙂

Also everyone who came in got a hawaiian lei to wear around their necks, by the end of the party most of us had it around our heads :p

This is when you first entered, before anyone wrote a note, well actually there is one note written and it was from me ;p

The cake, which was so adorable was from Little Treats.

Ofcourse it wasn’t all just sitting talking and eating, we played games to make it more fun.  There were two games that I made them play.  The first game, people had to get into pairs, one person is the mother while the other is the baby, and the “mother” had to put diapers on the baby, and the baby had to crawl til the end of the hallway and back and the first person to do that got a prize (a massage voucher from Spa Time).  When we were shopping for stuff for the baby shower, Mirim and I found adult diapers in the Diaso store in Soog El Salmiya.  the next game was also the same “mother” and “child” and the Mother had to feed the child from the bottle :p  The first baby to finish the bottle was the winner and they also received a voucher from spa time.  Then for those who didn’t win, there was a raffle (everyone who entered wrote their names down) and we made my little cousin pick a name out and the winner got the third massage voucher.