Mudeer elta2zeeeem!

It has been almost six months and I have been in a constant state of battling with my manager.  Suddenly, he became threatened by something, not only by me, but by our whole department, oo beda ekhanbig bil shighel oo bil ta3amul.  He became the manager from hell, he seriously needed super nanny to teach him how to act with other people.

The thing is, I like to think that I am a pretty nice person, I get along with almost anyone (ma gelt EVERYONE cuz I know its impossible).  Yes I do have an attitude problem sometimes and I can be rude, but at least I am admitting it.  At work though I am very very nice and polite, unless a7ad edoosni 3ala 6araf.

It all started when he took away the team that was supposed to help me do my job.  I work in Quality Assurance, in an organization of almost 700 people.  For the majority of the year I worked ALONE.  I am not questioning my ability to work or to comprehend my job or anything, but come on! How do you expect to create a quality environment when you only have one employee working on it.  I am not superman, batman or even wonder woman.  He gave me such menial jobs that I refused to do them, I wasn’t his secretary and I did not study and better my self to do a job that is not mine.

I used to complain to people about my job by they all told me that its fine, it work, everyone has some bad experiences.  So whatever I just ignored him and did what I wanted to do.  He was SO RUDE eb ta3amula weyay, he would talk to me in a way that made me seem like I am an idiot.  That got me really pissed off, but I still stayed quiet.  I started to hate going to work, and the icing on the cake was when the auditors came and he threw me into the ocean without teaching me how to swim.

I managed the auditors as well as I could, but when the audit report came I thought it was compelete and utter BULLSHIT, and I fought it, and tried to get it changed, but of course he didn’t believe me.  He set up a meeting with me, him and the auditor to discuss it, and in the meeting he would stand against me and make me seem like I am the one thats doing everything wrong, oo ana eli ma afham.  Seriously, does he really wanna get on my bad side *SNAP* *SNAP*.   I was FUUUUMMING.

Then he goes to tell some one else in our team that I do not know how to work.  Ana asfa bas hatha min his lack of management skills. He would give me a small task, and set up 73026183082736 meetings to discuss it til the point eli ana azoo3 el task.  We had quality auditors to audit us in May, and we discussed the report after they mailed it to us.  3 months later we are still discussing the report.

One day in irmuthan he sent me a meeting request for 1 1/2 hours to discuss the report that we have discussed to the point where I dreamt about it.  We talked about it so much, that if I took a test, I would probably ace it.  All the items that were stated were closed from my side, but anything pending was from his side.

So I walked into the meeting and I told him that I will not spend an hour and a half discussing this meeting, I won’t even spend five minutes, I don’t want to sit in this meeting.

He tells me he is my manager oo I have to follow his orders .  Oooooooh hni 3ad zadat 3a9abeeti.  Kaan ermuthan, 7aar mooot oo 9ayma.  Oo foog kil hatha metnasya eb umin yabat mudeeri.  Chan agoola No i don’t have to do anything.  We talked about the report so many times, there is NOTHING PENDING from my side.  Kil shay ana sawaita, UR jobs are pending, Ur the one delaying the work.

Chan agi6 el report eb wayha, oo getla yal zift oo 6ala3t min el maktab.  I know that wasn’t the best reaction, but I have had it all.  I lost all class that I have, I lowered my self to something lower than ever.  Bas agoolikum shay, 6ala3t eli eb galbi.

6ab3an from then til now sababli akthar min azma nafsiya, magdar at3amal ma3ah.  I ignore him completly, oo etha abi ay shay mina a6arish a7ad ekalma.  Re7t H.R oo getlihum eni I can’t deal with him, oo kent baqadim estiqalti, but I ended up staying cuz I actually like the rest of the team (especially u Hanadnad :p)

Fa since hal ayam nuwab el ta2zeem wayed bil news, qarat eni asami mudeerna “mudeer el ta2zeem” liana emda7erna oo emsabib a2zma eb 7ayat el qisim kila.  

Maaaaaaaa77777iiiiii oo Sallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal oo 6a3oooooooon esheeeloooona ooo eridoona deeeeerta!!!!

Slay7uuuuu6 akher el ziman, hal ashkal e6afeshna kilina.

Laa, wel mushkila yet’thamar etha kaan qisim kila Kuwaityeen, egool e7na man3arif neshtighel.  

Zaaaaaqooooooooooooooom eb ba6naaaaaaaaaaaa.

سليمه تصكَه زييييين!!!!!!

السوْال يطرح نفسه

Shino aw mino elslaima?? oo bet9eka eb shino!?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chandal
    Dec 16, 2010 @ 18:19:50

    temper temper


  2. Danderma
    Dec 16, 2010 @ 18:40:40

    I am sorry to hear about your work mishaps… the last encounter you had with your manager is pretty bad… zain ma wadach el t7qeeq!!!

    Do you truly see your self continuing your career in your current place? Yes every workplace has it’s bad things and no work place is perfect of course… but your situation is poisonous… if i were you i would start looking into somewhere else to work at or at least change departments in order to have a healthier work place…


  3. Jacqui
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 15:19:27

    Allah e3eeenich babes khasatan hal athwal.. de3la o elawe3 il chabd aslan oho ili 6afash 3/4 of the mowathafeen if you don’t remember hehe :/

    Yalla enshalla elsena elyedeeda e6afshoona o terta7on mina :s


  4. GH
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 21:23:42

    LOOOL u cracked me up! I kinda feel guilty for reading this sorry if it’s invading ur privacy la Bas jad jad u cracked me up I didn’t ever think of u as a person with an attitude:p 3ajabteenee!!

    ur boss needs to get a life! Makhith ma’alab ib 3umra:p I say ignore him n just deal with him professionally which also means nafsay 3laih :p besides ignoring him might just complicate things for u specially since he sounds childish

    Goodluck with that ;*


  5. eshda3wa
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 21:02:14

    its soo hard working with someone you dont like, elmafrooth elqesim kila yshtiki 3alaih

    walah join forces n stand up to him !


  6. 79ai9
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 11:48:56

    wallah ya Chirp i would have done the same thing!! bas it’s the feeling after lama itredeen ilshighil and ur collegues(weh excuse ilspelling) bas wainhum chan 6ali3o ili fi chabedhum b3ad? i’m proud of u-it took gutts and good for u! o thanyat ha ish hal lisan ili yigool into ilkuwaitiyeen mat3arfoon tishtaghloon :@ maalat 3alaih yi7a9ila ina Kuwait even considered gvng him the privilege of working there! wallah min what i read chinna 3arfa min ay deera o 9adgeeni hal awadem mayinfa3 weyahum il6eeb ma agool ila 3asa rabi yiwafgech and don’t u ever change for any1 temay as u r 🙂 9ij lain gaalaw ya sheen ilsirj 3al begar wai3!!


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