Just Married + Best Surprise EVER

I’m Married!! And so happy to be married el7imdilla!

The below pics were taken from my american friends camera, the pics do not do my koosha justice. :p

I got engaged at the end of august, milacht in december and my wedding was in february.

eb9ara7a it didn’t really hit me until the day before my milcha, which was in December.  I had the day off from work, I went to the salon got my hair done, and as I was driving home I started to cry.  Seriously I just couldnt stop crying and I dunno why! I got home, ma kalamt a7ad, just walked straight to my room and bawled my eyes out.  “A” called me and started to freak out at why I was crying, he tried to calm me down, I wouldn’t listen.

Later that night I went to family friends house and when they saw me, they knew I was crying.  My eyes were puffy and my face was yellow.  They have known me long enough to notice that I am not doing that great. They asked me whats wrong and I told them that I was scared of getting married.  The mom tried to calm me down and told me that its not something to be scared of, its a new but good experience and that A is a great guy el7imdilla and I shouldnt be scared.  Then the father starts to talk … “eee al7een mako roo7at oo yayat with ur friends 3ala kaifich, mako shalaih, mako safraat meta ma 6aaag eb baalich” seriously was he trying to make me feel worse?? :p So i left and went home.

The next day was my milcha.  I went to the salon AGAIN, but before that I went to the avenues alone and just walked around aimlessly, I dunno why! I just needed to walk around, and I wanted to shop but at the same time my brain was racing a thousand thoughts a minute I couldnt concentrate on ANYTHING!  So I left and spent the rest of the time in the salon.

But seriously, from the minute ely malacht feeha I didn’t feel that feeling of weirdness that I felt earlier el7imdilla.

I had a BLAST in my wedding with my friends and family el7imdilla.  I can’t sum it up in words!

The person that did my koosha was Qasem Dashti, such a wonderful man to work with.  Honestly I barely did anything, I didn’t see my koosha until the day of the wedding when they were setting it up.  My mom did almost everything.

My  main concern was that it had to be a seated dinner and that dinner wasn’t served at 1 AM.  And it was a seated dinner, I think it was a 4 course meal, I didn’t choose that either , mom and her friends did.  Allah e3afi oo ekhali umi for all her hard work.

Another thing I wanted was that the cake was made into smaller cakes that people were able to take with them home, so that the cake wouldn’t be wasted.


Anyways SO! For THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!!! One of my friends 7anat 3alay to go to dinner at Edo me her and another friend.  She would msg me everyday to remind me about dinner, like literally “Dont forget dinner on Saturday!! Don’t be late” etc etc.  I seriously was thinking what is wrong with her!! She is so not like that!

So saturday comes along, and I head over to Edo, at 8, just like she said.  And I wait, and wait and wait, and THEY ARE BOTH LATE! Well one of them, Roo, thought I was picking her up, and as I parked infront of Edo she msged me.  I could have gone to pick her up but her Bday cake was in my car and I didn’t want her to see it, I was surprising her.

Anywhoo! Almost 35 minutes later, the door opens and they greet someone, I turned to look and it was my friend.  I was JUST about to yell at her for being late when I see a blond person behind her.  I look at the blond girl and back to my friend, wela its my friend/roommate Courtney from Minnesota.  Seriously I thought I was seeing things! I was in SHOCK!!! My reaction was nothing compared to Roo’s, hers was hilarious.  I was still shocked days later.  Its like we were back in minnesota, minus the snow and subzero weather.

That was the best surprise ever!! I love Kinder and Court for this wonderful surprise!!!!!


Yeah, so.

Thats it for now, from the lovely, yet weird life of chirp.

I will dedicate a complete other post about the HORRORS of apartment shopping in Kuwait.  Seriously, its one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are looking for something reasonably priced and nice enough to live in.  Is that too much to ask for?! Well I guess it is!! I’ll let you know in my next post!!