I Spy with my Little Eye

Almost a year ago the guys at 4th Ring blog wrote that SNOG will be opening in Kuwait.

I was at Muhallab yesterday and saw that it will be opening on the same level as Fuddruckers and the cienma.

Honestly, I don’t really taste the difference between the Froyos! They all taste the same to me.


Dandermas “DATHRA Book” Book Signing – DONT MISS IT!

I am a HUGE fan of the Dathra posts and also a huge fan of Danderma and her blog!  When I heard that she had made Dathra into a book I was so happy and proud of our dear Danderma.

So everyone show your support and come to 52 Degrees today for the book signing! It will be from 7-10! See you all there insha’Allah!

I stole the invite that Jacquie made  for Danderma and posting it here.  I hope they don’t mind!