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Boob Costume


By far the BEST costume I have found so far, LOL!

From PrankPlace


Dry Cleaning

My friend gave birth on Christmas, she had a little baby girl!

Anyways so my mother and I went to the hospital to visit her, I was sitting on the couch with her older sister (R)  and my mom and we were discussing R’s dress.  Then my mom was like “Eee that store in Arrayah has nice things and I think its having a sale”

Me: What store??

Mama: Hatha Dry Dry … shisma!

Me: Laundry?!

Mama: eee hatha uhwa (thats it)

R: YEah I find a lot of nice things there, its a nice place.

Mama: Ee wala, I stopped by Dry Cleaning (ya3ni Laundry) today oo i got a couple of things.

A Laugh a Day

From the Arabtimes

4 crash chasing girl

Kuwait : Four youths driving luxurious vehicles ‘ a Hammer (LOOOOL), a Jaguar, a Mercedes and a Rolls Royce ‘ were involved in a collision on the Arabian Gulf Street, reports Al-Anba daily.
Without going into details the daily quoting eyewitness reports said the accident took place when some of the youths were chasing an unidentified female motorist. [LINK]


 Damn idiots, these fools follow anything with long hair.