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Boob Costume


By far the BEST costume I have found so far, LOL!

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Perfect Gifts

In december I wrote that I met with the guys of Reminicing Kuwait to make the perfect present for T’s birthday.  I picked up the painting from them yesterday and I was amazed.  The whole ride home I couldn’t help but be so enthralled by it.  I like art, but I never realized how amazing it could be when it meant something to me personally. 

When I met with them back in December, I gave them a little information about T and told them that they could do whatever they pleased, but I wanted them to copy one of the paintings they had done.  (If you go to my old post you will see which one).  I also told them that I only want to see the final version because I don’t want to make any changes to it.

After 2 weeks of waiting, I realized what I had done, but I didn’t want to go back on my word.  So I didn’t contact them and ask them to see it, but I was kind of getting nervous of what the final painting was going to look like.  Kent ga3da 3ala a39abi until last night when I went to pick it up.  I was amazed and SO SO SO excited to give it to T. 

My excitedness didn’t go to waste, T loved it.   I suck at keeping secrets, and I am SO proud of my self to keep this secret this long.  I also had other gifts and I stayed strong and gave them all at the same time.  Yaaay my willpower is becoming better! 😉 

Working with Ali and Hamad was amazing, they are extremly professional and really nice guys.  I didn’t give them a specific date that I wanted the painting but I gave them a time range, and it was done almost on the day they told me it would finish.  When it was not ready they did not beat around the bush trying to make me wait, they told me that it wasn’t ready on that day, and I would get it the next day. 

Ali and Hamad thank you thank you so much!!!!

If anyone is looking for the perfect gift, I recommend you visit their website and/or contact them.  Its not some common gift you could get at any store, and it shows that you put a lot of thought into it.  I hate recieving AND giving thoughtless gifts so if any of you need a really meaningful gift and are stuck in rut, this is a safe route to take.  All my friends who saw their work thought it was one of the best ideas!