Let me plaaaay among the stars!

So I have Frank Sinatra songs stuck in my head, I can’t stop singing them now, and kind of out loud, at work hehe.  Oh well.

I went to The One with Fay yesterday and I bought a couple of things to spice up my desk area.  I got two cute bowls and filled them with chocolate and candy.  They’re not that big though.  I also got picture holders, but I put two postcards there, I need to go look for pictures at home.  I also have a glass elephant (for good luck), a little box thing of Minneapolis that keeps all my pins inside, and a candleholder xmas tree given to me from my boss’s desk hehe.  I I need to make my desk look a little nicer, its so BLAH.

So any plans for Valentines day?  Its in 2 days! 🙂  I’m not a huge fan of that day, even though I know its commercialized and all about spending money for no reason, it sucks not getting flowers 😛  LOL Did I just sound lame or WHAAT?

Well I am going to bake (inshala) for my friends and i’ll probably take stuff with me to work.  So far whats on my menu is

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Cupcakes and Golden Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting
  • Brownies
  • Heartshaped Sugarcookies

Mirim is coming over and we’re baking together (aawww) hehe .. I don’t know if I will make EVERYTHING above, but I will try.  brownies are the easiest to make.  Everything is actually easy, I just don’t like the frosting part, because by that time I am so tired and/or bored.

I don’t know how I am going to spend v-day, probably with mirim and the crew, or with my cousins for dinner. 


P.S – Everyone better be at the Womens Society in Khaldeya today!! We don’t want our private schools segregated. 


The Cake Dilemma

I made the cake yesterday!!!!!! It was almost a disaster.  For some reason I can rarely get my presentation be nice in any dessert I make. 

Anyways, after work I headed to Sultan Center and got all the ingredients, went home and started to bake.  I did exactly what the recipe called for.  When I took cake #1 out of the oven I realized that I should have used a bigger pan and not what it called for in the recipe, cuz this cake was THICK and it was supposed to be a double layer cake .. umm uh oh .. anyways I took it out of the pan, and left it to cool.

The 2nd cake was fine, it wasn’t too thin or two thick so I put it in the freezer so it could coool quickly.  Then Naggs calls me and asks me when I’m leaving, when I told her around 7:30, she was like woow thats late.  So I freaked outa nd started rushing.  I put both cakes on top of each other (with the ferrero rocher frosting in the middle) and started to make the nuttella frosting.  DID NOT COME OUT AS PPLANNEd.  The nutella frosting was like water, so I decided to just make another batch of the ferrero rocher frosting because it holds out much better.  I forgot to let it cool and just put it on top of the cake.  I went to wash up and change and when I came back the cake had collapsed.  Not all of it just one side, it looked like a crazy mess. 

Anyways I took it to their house and made them eat it.  I didn’t try it, so I can’t tell u if its good or not, but they all said it was goood.