April Showers Bring May Flowers

Last week my mom gave me money and told me to transfer it into my american bank account so we can order some stuff online.  I then put it in my q80 account and from there I transferred it to my US account.  Or so I though.  I kept on checking my account and was wondering why there was no money in there … Then my friend logged on yesterday and thanked me for the money!! Seriously where was my mind when I did the transfer.  He then just deposited it into my account. 


Are the L’Oreal 7amam zaits better than the old fashioned ones they used to put in the salons before??


And McCain is NOT another Bush, he is not making fake promises that he will not be able to keep when he is in office.  I don’t have to agree with all his issues but I think he is good.  I don’t like Obama at all, I used to like him, then I realized that he is all talk, maybe it is because he is young and he has no history in politics we cannot know what the future will hold if he is president.  He cannot be too idealistic about the presidency, once he is in there, most of what he is saying during his campaign will not be done.  There is a lot of hidden agendas in politics, we all know that. 

This is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion.  I read their stances on the issues, and I must admit that although Obama says what I want to hear, I know taht most of the things cannot be done.  Therefore the candidate with the most logical plans is the one that I agree with.

That doesn’t reflect anything on me being a bad voter when it comes to the Kuwaiti elections.  I am going to vote for candidates who in the past have proven to really have the interest of Kuwait on the top of their agendas.  I know that there are 2 candidates that I am for sure going to vote for, nothing will change that.  They are in no way shape or form related to me, but they have done things that made me respect them greatly and I believe that they will make Kuwait a better place.  The other 2 votes I have, well I am still not sure who I am going to vote for.  I will need to wait and listen before I make my decision.


On a lighter note, I broke my nail sometime last week, it broke really short to the point where my thumb looked like my moms funny thumb .. It broke in levels so now my nail is growing in levels and it kkeeps on breaking .. crap ..


I am listening to my Ipod and a song by Mike Jones came on .. haha I remember once we were sitting in our living room in Mpls, Me, my friend and  my room mate .. So I just blurted out “Mike Jones” and my friend said “who” and I said again “Mike Jones”  and we repeated this a couple of times (like in his song) and all of a sudden my room mate screams out MIKE JONES GOD DAMN IT MIKE JONES, WHAT DIDNT YOU HEAR .. LOL!!!!!!!!!!


You guys know the show “Made” on MTV?  I always wanted to be Made into alot of different things, but if I had ONE choice I would want to learn how to dance .. Hip hop (hib a hob) style .. ya3ni krumping oo the stuff they do in You got Served oo stuff like taht .. WOOW I would do anything to dance like that .. All I can do is stupid dances .. like the robot .. and the “carleton” (from fresh prince) .. and what else

What would u guys want to be Made into???

Totally random .. but I love the Movie & soundtrack of .. “Now & Then”

Peace out!


All I want for Christmas!


THe earlier video I posted wasn’t Available anymore 😥 Thanks N. for pointing it out to me.  I hope this one shows.