The Maaaaaaid Escapades!

I get home after work yesterday and the maid is in a neck brace! WTH! I thought she fell while cleaning something or what not.  When I asked her whats wrong her eyes started to well up and im like oh dear lord .. anyways here is the story …

She was cleaning my mothers room when someone knocked on the door and they started knocking louder until she heard them, when she opened the door it was the driver of the ppl who live downstairs (the owners of the house) he tried to push her into the house but she ran down the stairs and he followed her down, he started to beat her up and she made it into the street, that is when a man saw them and moved them apart and hit the driver.

My mom gets a phone call while she is at work from the DRIVER (not ours but the one that beat up the maid) my mom at this point had no idea what was going on, but the driver told her the maid was outside talking to a guy.  My mom told him to suck it and closed the phone (okay im lying she didnt say suck it, bas basically she told him to go to hell), two minutes later the maid calls my mom crying hysterically telling her what happened. 

My mom leaves work, calls the owner of the driver, tells her what happened, takes the maid to the hospital gets a medical report, takes her to the makhfar etc etc.

So my mom thinks that OUR driver has something to do with it, he doesn’t like our maid much liana mo gader imasheeha seeda, he can’t take the car keys when my mom travels, she doesn’t give him all the food he asks for (yabee iwakel il fireej kila 3ala 7sabna!!)

Anyways we don’t know if theres a deeper story here, but basically the poor lady got beat up.  Bastard.



I know I complain a lot about my maid, but yesterday was seriously the icing on the huge 7 tiered layer cake.  Naggs came over at around 8 PM and I asked our maid to cut cucumbers for us.  Okay fine, all day she didn’t do anything, my mom is travelling and for my lunch she made pasta, so through out the day she probably spent a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes working. 

She brings out the cucumbers, and me and naggs order pizza, which arrived just a little bit later.  I asked her to go get the wallet from my room and shes like “Laa ka inty friend 3indaha floos” !!!!! Wth?  Seriously?  So I made her go get the wallet from my room.  6ab3an the WHOLE time shes imnafsa.  Watever.  We finish dinner, and naggs asks her to make tea, and she tell her “You didn’t finish your pepsi and now you want tea” ISHTABEEEEEN INTAY?! 

Uuuugh, to add to all that she closes her door and sleeps at 9:30!!! Okay you know what, had there been more ppl living at our house oo e7na imkadsheenha then I would have understood all this.  I mean its usually ONLY ME and I am usually NEVER home especially when my mom travels I hate being home unless ppl are coming over.  o0 7athrat’ha ma ita3ib nafs’ha, all she makes is pasta for me, and cuz I am not much of an eater she will keep it for the next day.  And since I don’t feel like her da3ala I don’t tell her to make me anything else. I hate her.  I cannot stand her. 

And now I know that shes being overly di3la, I want her to go to another house in Kuwait and see how long shes going to last there 3ala hal attitude il ZIFT malha!  It takes her 4 days to do my laundry, and when I ask her where it is she starts crying oo tells me that she can’t do it over night.  I told her I am not stupid, it takes a maximum of 2 hours to do laundry.  Madry laish my mom likes her so much, theres nothing much to her, she “acts” stupid, shes lazy, infaisa oo not a hard worker. 

I compare her to my friends house help and seriously between them all she is a queen.  Wai3 wai3 WAI3 I cannot wait for my mother to come back.

Oh yeah and the driver calls me saturday morning he tells me that he cannot deal with her (the maid) any more, that shes crazy and all she does is yell blah blah blah.  I told him Okay kaifik.

Once, a while ago, my mom was out of town and I was sleeping in my room.  I woke up to the sound of screaming wela its the khadama yelling at the driver.  I was SOOO pissed off, I could hear her all the way in my room (i had TWO doors closed between us).  I’m not 3a9abiya, but I nearly threw my laptop at her. 

WAI3 seriously just thinking of her pisses me off. I am so angry right now.  I just want to slap her all the way back to where she came from.

I can’t deal with her!!!!!!

I have had it with our maid, I’ve been annoyed by herr for a while.  Actually I can’t stand her, she annoys me, her voice annoys me, and I hate dealing with her.  Shes lazy and comes up with the lamest excuses.  I have been telling my mother to get a new maid for months now, but she keeps on telling me that this one is good and there is nothing wrong with her.  Yeah sure. Whatever, my mom NOW realized that shes not “good” shes just lazy and the best actress there is (after she found out she spent 300 KD talking on the fone)

The stick that broke the camels back was yesterday, I finaly got around to taking my winter stuff out when I realized that alot of my winter clothes were missing.   I asked her about it she said that they were all there.  I thought I made a mistake so I looked through EVERYTHING and went into the other room and went through the closet again and realized that I wasn’t wrong, my stuff ARE missing.  2 Jackets and 5 sweaters.  One of the sweaters was my favorite .. I was in love with it, and I was waiting for winter so I could bring it out. 

I asked her about it and she said “I don’t knwo its all in there” then I said no it is not, where is it.  Then she starts the same recording of “I didn’t take it I swear they won’t even fit on me” When she said that I got even more angry because I didn’t accuse her of taking it,  so I told her that I didn’t accuse her of taking it but where could it have gone! Are my clothes magical and they just went for a walk? Clothes can’t just get up and leave!!

I called my mother and asked her if she had gotten rid of any of my clothes and she said NO, so I went back and told the maid that I called my mother and that I want my clothes found.  I don’t care what she does.  I want them.  Its not really about the clothes, I can order them again (EXCEPT FOR MYF AVORITE SWEATER WHICH IS NOT THERE ANY MORE) but its just the whole concept of her losing my clothes, HOW!! Its not like I live in a 20 bedroom house with a million closets and hidden areas!!!!!

Had it been one jacket or one sweater I would have been sure that it was my mistake.  That I had left it at a friends house or something, but now I realized that its not my fault.  GOD I’m still annoyed as I am typing this! She pissed me off like no other!

A couple of weeks ago I went and got a couple of dresses, I wore one of them ONCE the next time I wanted to wear it I gave it to her to iron and there were holes in it! AAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Not only that, but she is LAZY!!! My mother travels a lot, so when she does I rarely have lunch at home so I tell her not to cook.  Therefore I’m out of the house from 7 for work until around 6, then my friends would come over.  When I asked her to do anything she does it with the worst attitude and crappily AND shes in bed by 10! I know I KNOW shes sleeping all day, cuz when I come at 6 she’d be sleeping!  Its not like she does anything!! I’m so SO SO frustrated right now!!!!!!!!!!!