Ye Shall Ask

Since Purg says I ask a lot of questions.  I will copy This Lady and let you guys ask me the questions. 


ABC’s of Planning

Ever since your a kid in school they teach you to PLAN.  Before you write a paper you make an OUTLINE!  Its not really rocket science, or is it!!!!

From the Arabtimes today:

Church, cafe blocking way

KUWAIT CITY, March 17: ‘Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Mussa Al-Sarraf is determined to remove all obstacles facing the First Ring Road expansion project,’ Al-Rai daily quoted Assistant Undersecretary for Road Engineering Affairs at the Ministry of Public Works Hussein Al-Mansour as saying. The Minister instructed officials to find solutions to the problems, especially for buildings which block the road’s expansion like the church near Jahra roundabout and a cafe, he added.

According to Al-Mansour, the ministry will not be able to complete the project due to these obstacles and ‘it is likely to cost the ministry a lot of money as the contractor will ask for compensation for the delay.’ He said the ministry is waiting for a temporary location for the church and is trying to find alternate arrangements for the cafŽ to hasten the execution of the project ‘which will help in easing the traffic problems in the country.’

ya3ni seriously speaking that is probably the stupidest thing I read in a while.  I really hope they planned before they started the project.  it wasn’t like the Church OR the cafe were built over night, they have been there for years!!!!!! Fa ya3ni when they started this project they should have studied the area before digging and trying to fix!

Oh yeah .. Inshala i7iloon il majlis!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really REALLY hope taht if they dissolve the parliament, the voters will LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND NOT VOTE FOR TEH SAME IDIOTS THEY VOTED FOR!!!!!

I don’t know how much faith I have in people, especially those who sold their votes for 1000KD or an LV bag.  But if they didn;t learn from their mistakes, and voted for the same people, they shouldn’t be given the right to vote cuz they are just too damn stupid.  Ya3ni you see what these fools are doing in parliament, why put them back? 

Do you ever wonder…

Before I start this post, I would like to point out that we do not have weather emergencies in Kuwait.  We don’t have blizzards, tornado’s, extreme thunderstorms, hurricanes etc.  Which basically means we do not get any days off because of the weather.  But seriously I think the government should rethink this and give us the day off when it becomes so dusty, cuz it sucks driving in dusty weather and I cannot breathe!!


1. What is more important nature or nurture?

2. Do you think family is over rated? (as in extended – aunts uncles etc.)

3. What would be your FIRST reaction if you walked in on 2 ppl doing it (your driver and maid maybe?:P)

4. Who do you think will win 2nite AC Milan or Arsenal?

5.  What percentage of the Parliament members actually care about the intrest of Kuwait as whole and not their individual interest?

6. Guys – Would you ever marry a girl whos older than you?

7. Girls – Would you ever marry a guy who is younger than you?

8. Why do parents sing nursery rhymes to their kids and create a problem if something bad is on TV, have they not heard the words to nursery rhymes.. THEY ARE FREAKY!!

9. Why are childrens stories so scary?!? Hansel & Gretel used to freak me out!!

10.  Why are kids becoming less nerdy/creative these days?  When I was a kid I used to love to create things, my brother and I used to have every imaginable creativity toy ever.  From Microscopes, to ant farms.  I also realized my friends were like that too, and now the kids i see all they want is the latest bratz doll.