Reaching my limits

I am a nice person.  BUT when someone does something that gets them on my bad side, Little Miss Nice Person goes out of the window.  I become RUDE. 

Since I am in a professional environment, I am holding back as much as possible, but there is SO MUCH a person can take before snapping.

If you think sending an email to me and CCing all the GMs is going to get you somewhere, your wrong honey.  I think its starting to show that you are not capable of doing your job, and that is why your project is failing, not because I am not doing my part of the work, I am doing my part and your part.

GOD I HATE HIM!  Seriously, I want to just slap him silly.  I am SO frustrated right now.  Who the hell does he think he is.  When I tell him that things are PENDING due to high level manager approval, he goes and cc’s the whole world. 

Its enough that i embarrassed him once, and because he was SO completly wrong and trying to show me in the wrong light, trying to put all the blame on me?  Well get off your high horse and please get your work done.

I am good at what I do, and just because I am at an entry level job does not give you the right to step all over me.


Il tighebey.

After reading eshda3was post about her room mates pregnancy and the reason why ppl hide things in Kuwait, I heard something that just pisssed me off yesterday.

There are things that if kept quiet for a while, its fine.  Ya3ni if I was going to get engaged or married and it was just the first steps of it, I wouldnt want everyone to know yet.  I would tell my best friends though but thats it.  If I was pregnant same thing.  If i was going to open a business, I would wait until I was at the final stages of it then let ppl know, just incase at the begining talks fall through or something.

But if its something that is beneficial to ppl then WHY SHOULD YOU HIDE IT! Laish you guys want benefit only for you!?  The more good you give to ppl, the more God gives to you, thats my belief.  I am also a very strong believer in Karma, if you do good, the world will be good to u, and the other way around. 

Also why lie if the truth is going to come up later on?  La oo after you lie you have the “face” to come and pretend that all is fine?

Okay this didn’t happen to me, but it happened to someone I know …

Sara+Noora are extremly good friends. 
Sara tells Nooora to travel with her during the 25/26 holiday that we had.  Noora tells her “noo I can’t im traveling with family, I can’t ditch them, we’re going to blahblah town”

A week later Sara finds out she might have work in Blahblah town, and when she tells Noora, Noora replies “Ooh yeah, we might cancel the trip”

The vacation passes, and Sara has not heard from Noora in a while.  While Sara was out to dinner with other friends she see’s other girls that are part of their “Yoga” classes.

“Hala Sara, Where were you, why didn’t you come with us to the Yoga retreat during the Holiday! Noorah was there, we were up in the mountains it was amazing!! You really missed it!”

Sara: !?!?!??!???!?!??!

… Ya3ni allah ikhaleeekum shay yiswa ina itghaboona?  These ppl seriously I don’t know what goes on in their heads.


I think I will abstain from writing about the upcoming elections.  I am feeling a lot of anger right now and I might regret what I write.

After my NEAR accident yesterday I am praying that more choices open up.  I have decided to apply to more Unis for grad school.  To broaden my choices, and because I am changing the major I want to study.  I want to study what I want, if it ends up being a mistake, then its okay at least its MY mistake and I will be paying for my own mistakes.  I don’t want to live my life regreting the choices just bcuz the “older” ppl think thats what is right.

So my near accident yesterday.  Driving to see my dad, my mood is already the worst its been in the past week, this guy comes speeding like a maniac in his SUV (and I am in a SUV also).  He’s flashing his lights for me to move, and unless my car can become a helicopter I am pretty sure it was quiet obvious that I CANT GO TO THE RIGHT smart ass.  Anyways, so I stay put cuz I wasn’t about to kill myself to make room for that piece of shit bastard (yes I am still angry) when he thinks hes too good for everyone and goes into the emergency lane, and swerves his car to hit mine.  Thank god his measurements were off and he didn’t hit my car cuz we were both going pretty fast.

I am in an angry, pissy, horrible mood.

ABC’s of Planning

Ever since your a kid in school they teach you to PLAN.  Before you write a paper you make an OUTLINE!  Its not really rocket science, or is it!!!!

From the Arabtimes today:

Church, cafe blocking way

KUWAIT CITY, March 17: ‘Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Mussa Al-Sarraf is determined to remove all obstacles facing the First Ring Road expansion project,’ Al-Rai daily quoted Assistant Undersecretary for Road Engineering Affairs at the Ministry of Public Works Hussein Al-Mansour as saying. The Minister instructed officials to find solutions to the problems, especially for buildings which block the road’s expansion like the church near Jahra roundabout and a cafe, he added.

According to Al-Mansour, the ministry will not be able to complete the project due to these obstacles and ‘it is likely to cost the ministry a lot of money as the contractor will ask for compensation for the delay.’ He said the ministry is waiting for a temporary location for the church and is trying to find alternate arrangements for the cafŽ to hasten the execution of the project ‘which will help in easing the traffic problems in the country.’

ya3ni seriously speaking that is probably the stupidest thing I read in a while.  I really hope they planned before they started the project.  it wasn’t like the Church OR the cafe were built over night, they have been there for years!!!!!! Fa ya3ni when they started this project they should have studied the area before digging and trying to fix!

Oh yeah .. Inshala i7iloon il majlis!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really REALLY hope taht if they dissolve the parliament, the voters will LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND NOT VOTE FOR TEH SAME IDIOTS THEY VOTED FOR!!!!!

I don’t know how much faith I have in people, especially those who sold their votes for 1000KD or an LV bag.  But if they didn;t learn from their mistakes, and voted for the same people, they shouldn’t be given the right to vote cuz they are just too damn stupid.  Ya3ni you see what these fools are doing in parliament, why put them back? 

So you’ve had a bad day

I don’t know whats wrong with me.  I have been in a bad mood since the weekend.  I had a good weekend though but still my mood has been crappy!

Thursday I went to Gaucho with friends, it was fun, but still i felt BLAH.

Friday I went to lunch at my uncles house, were my cousins 3 year old son beat me up, fun and not fun at the same time.  Then it was Tooomz’s birthday were I sucked at Guitar Hero but rocked and kicked everyones butt at karaoke! 😉

Saturday, went to Brunch with some friends, them met up with mirim and the gang at mughal and had other adventures afterwards.  Even though I was really having a blast I just couldn’t get my mood to change and I think they all noticed cuz they kept on asking me wat is wrong.


You know what really pisses me off, that we can give other countries millions of dollars, bas 120KD zeyada for the ppl of the country is an impossibility.  With oil prices at a record high, I wonder where all the money is going.
-Are they repaving the roads??? Only the ones that don’t really need to be repaved!
-Are they fixing the schools??? Not really they still look like crap
-Are they fixing the hospitals?? Nope!!

I love kuwait I really do, bas I really think majlis il omah needs to be either done with, or given an ultimatum.

I also think that there should be a control group that is put to lessen corruption, and NO WAS6AS at all, ya3ni its kind of close to an impossibility bas we could try.  There should be real committees that study things and come up with ideas, mo bas chithi “120 KD” zeyada fot the country.

The person whos salary is 4000KD the 120 kd won’t really make a difference, unless he’s Scrooge and really wants the 120.  Bas to the person who’s salary is 300 KD the 120 KD might and will make a difference.

Bas what they don’t realize is, Kuwait doesn’t need quick fixes, although the people might think that they want it NOW NOW NOW, they don’t they need to have long term plans.  A 5 year economic plan, 10 year, 20 year etc.   I am not only talking about the economy here, bas also all other areas in kuwait, from health care to education.  There are committees, bas itha one person didn’t like ur job, they won’t put it through, and they wil go back to the same crappy books they have! (I am talking about education).

I have written this before.  I graduated High School almost 6 years ago (OMG!!!) so basically I was in grade 4 …14 years ago?! IS THAT POSSIBLE! Anyways for some odd reason I still remember our Arabic books,a nd I was with my cousins kids and the book is the same.  the cover and everything.  its quiet sad.  Esp when it comes to Arabic, because I know a lot of kids don’t like Arabic (I HATED it all through school) cuz they way it was taught to us SUCKED.  I am not talking about the teachers, but the curriculum given to them.  Our teachers were pretty good, but it was just SO BLAH.  It was all MEMORIZE MEMORIZE MEMORIZE.  Thats not the way to teach.

Instead of sitting in the parliament and fighting over dewaniyas, PLEASE fight over something worthwhile!!!   While the country is going down you guyys are worried about where you will hang out at night!  I’ll tell you stay home with ur wives and kids for a change.


On a completly OTHER note, I am DYING for bangs, but I am not one for committment, so I thought of putting extensions and cutting them into bangs.  Is that possible?  I don’t want them clip on but just put like real extensions.

Money is not made out of paper but cotton

All through out college, I was not excited to graduate, not because I didn’t want to come back home, but because I didn’t want to work in the “expect place”.  I used to talk to my friend Fay on an almost daily basis in the US, and she used to always tell me she wanted to graduate, she hated school and she always saw her self in the corporate world. 

I loved school, I loved going to class, writing papers, and even sometimes taking tests when I knew what I was doing.  I loved my geology lab and my horticulture lab.  Of course I complained from time to time about school because I barely took anytime off except for christmas break and 3 weeks during each summer.  Most of my classes were liberal arts and strategic communication classes which basically meant a shitload of reading, analyzing, researching and writing.

Its not that I hate my job, I don’t.  I like it, its interesting, it pays good, but its not ME. I never saw my self in the corporate world, or in the banking world.  I don’t feel like whatt I am doing is important AT ALL, or even creative, I feel like I am wasting my life, I am not helping out society in any way. 

I always thought I go into education, become a college professor.  Unlike swair, I cannot handle high schoolers, I applaud her for her amazing work :*  Or I would work in a non-profit or an NGO that deals with educating unprivalged children , and ending up in UNICEF or UNDP. 

Ppl here “kaseraw meyadeefi”, that when the real world hits me, I would want a job that gives me money.  But you know what, the money is nice, bas the feeling of unfulfillment is really not .

 P.S – DYK that when you eat meat and drink milk during the same meal the body does not absorb any of the milks calcium … so its better to have two hours between eating meat and drinking milk. (Got that off the C&G calendar that was given to me the other day.)

P.P.S – I miss you.

Because we need to be put on leashes

For those of you who don’t read Arabic news papers, or missed this article on Friday in Alqabas .. heres the first paragraph of this very controversial and extremly uneducated press release from Jam3iyat Al Islah. (LINK)

وتساءل أمين سر الجمعية في بيان تقلت «القبس» نسخة منه «ماذا تريدون يا دعاة الاختلاط، هل تريدون المزيد من اللقطاء والزنى والاجهاض بسبب الحمل السفاح أم مزيدا من الأمراض الجنسية جراء اختلاط النساء بالرجال والفتيات بالفتيان؟».

Basically the Secretary (i think that is what ameen il ser means) is questioning the Anti Segregation advocates, asking them why they want mixed schools, do they want bastard children, pre marital sex, and abortions, or do they want more STD’s becasue of the mixing of women and men.

Sij sij sij dirty minded!!!!!  I think that the basis of each person is their parents.  If a parent knows how to take care of their child, and teach them what is right and wrong, and sending them to a mixed school will not cause them to automatically have pre marital sex.  If you don’t trust your self, then your just a dirty and pathetic and a pervert!!!!

I don’t think that mix education is what causes that, ya3ni is he trying to tell me that ppl in non mixed schools are not prone to anything?  That they are perfect?  That they do not have sexual urges or they don’t act on their sexual urges?!?!?  Ya3ni that is the most uneducated press release I have read in my ENTIRE LIFE.

I still remember when I was in school (and I was in a mixed school) my cousin who was in a government school used to tell us how there were girls who would give other girls flowers/chocolates and ask them out.  At first I thought that they wanted to be friends (i was quiet naive back then) then as I grew up a little I realized that it was not as innocent as I though.

What really pissed me off also, is that ever since Kuwait University had been created, it had been mixed.  Is he trying to tell me that all the children born during the time period that KU was mixed, were bastard children? 

What causes STDs and Abortions and unplanned pre marital sex is NOT mixed environement.  It is actually lack of education.  If people in this country took their heads out of the sand, they would realize that no matter how much they tried to segregate the girls from the guys, they cannot keep them away from each other.  It is human nature to be attracted to the opposite sex, and if they want to do stuff together THEY WILL DO IT.  There are a million and ONE places they could do it.  Unless you have a special police force that will look out for those stuff and cameras on every single street corner, apartment building and inside houses, and be all big brother over our heads, then ppl will still find a way to do it.

I think that “Sex Education” is important.  It is not going to cause the person to automatically go and do it, they give ppl less credit then they deserve, they make us seem like we’re animals on the discovery channel, and they only way they can control us and our crazy sexual urges is by keeping the two sexes away from each other. I think if people are going to go out and do it, they might as well be educated about it. 

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